Don't hurt me!

He is out there... He wants me! Why me?! My mom? My dad? They are already gone, got into a wreck with a drunk coming home from a date night. My brother is all I have left.. besides 4 other boys that will do anything to protect me.


5. goodnight mayhem

Aaryn's PO V

When I walked downstairs Kaylee ran over to me

"What happened after I left?" She asks.

"I will tell you in the kitchen." I reply.

~After Aaryn tells Kaylee what happened~

"wow" she says.

"I know" I say "Well I gotta go back upstairs."

"Ok I will be up in a minute" She replies.


Kaylee's POV

~Later that night~

We decided that I would sleep in Niall's room with the door locked and they would sleep in Air and I's room with the door locked, hopefully no one will know of this arrangement. *KNOCK KNOCK* Crap. I guess I will have to call Niall. He picks up on the second ring 

"what?" he asks.


"Someone's at your door knocking" I reply.


"Ok put me on speaker"

"Ok your on speaker"


"What do you need?" 

"Open the door Niall I need to speak to you in private"  the person on the other side of the door says.

"I can't"

"Why not?"

"because you woke me up and I'm to tired to get up, can you please leave so i can go back to sleep we can talk in the morning." Niall whines

"I guess but  we talk at 8am sharp this is very important." The person says then leaves.

"Thank you Niall." I say.

"Your welcome, goodnight" 

"Night, tell Air I said goodnight"

"K, bye"


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