Being the Sister

Hi! My name is Emily Horan. I have long blonde hair and icy blue eyes. I am 19 years old. My brother is THE Niall Horan. *AHHHHH* Ya NO, he's an ass. He is 21 and is still in his band One Direction. I am also Singer though like him. I am doing amazing in my career. My parents died when I was 15 so I live with Niall. This is my story...


2. Family Tour:

I woke up at 7:30 a.m To my alarm blaring:





We all went and bought those two years ago and made the ringtone for each other. I walked to my bathroom and got in the shower. I was really tired and I didn't realize I was still in my pajama's until I grabbed the soap and tried to wash my body. I screamed and Niall ran in. The shower was made of glass so he saw right throught that I was in my pajamas. He fell to the ground laughing. I turned off the water. I glared at Niall who was crying cause of laughter now "Get the hell out you little Irish bitch". He got up and started laughing even harder after i said that. Once he got out i took off my clothes and got into the shower. Once I got out I heard talking. Great the boys were over. How the hell was I supposed to get to  my room. The house is 3 stories and my bathroom was on the top and on the second was the One Direction man cave and down the hall from the was my room so I would have to pass by them. They are practically my brothers so I grabbed my clothes and put them in the hamper then walked downstairs. Once I got down there I saw the boys except for Niall eyeing me. Niall rolled his eyes. I looked at them and laughed "Eyes up here boys". They all laughed as I walked away. I didn't like any of them that way and them the same for me. Once I got to my room I changed into this and grabbed my skateboard:

 I love skating more than singing. I walked out of my room and I had just realized that Harry and I had matching outfits on. I sealed "Twins" and everyone looked at me. Harry walked up to me and laughed. "Did you do this on accident" I laughed "Surprisingly yes I did". We both laughed as I looked over to Niall"Hey Ni I'm going to skate be back in 10"Without looking up from the telly he said "ok". I walked out the door and walked down to the sidewalk. I took a few pictures and then skated off. 


I walked back into the house. It was hot outside so I was all gross and sweaty. I gently put my skateboard down and snuck up to Niall. He was still watching TV. I jumped on him and made sure he would smell gross to. He screamed"Ewe thats gross Em"I laughed "I love you to brutha" He shook his head and went to his room. I looked at the boys "Wants some" They all shrieked like little school girls and shook their heads no. I took yet another shower and this time i brought my clothes with me. I did my makeup light and pulled my hair into a messy bun and put on:

Just to let you know the ring goes on my pointer finger. I don't even have a bf I just like diamond rings. I walked downstairs and heard whistles. I turned around and saw Taylor and Caroline standing there laughing. In my house we do a lot of laughing. I walked to my room and heard my phone ringing. It was Simon. 

S-Hey Emily

E-Hello Simon

S- I have some news for you

E- What would that be

S- You are going on world tour as of tommorow.

E- How long will I be gone 

S- One year

E-What about my brother

S-He's coming

E- Erm...What

S- One Direction will be your opening act the whole tour

E- Omg but wait can i bring two people with me?

S- Who?

E- Taylor and Caroline

S- Ya sure ill get their tickets right now

E-Do the boys know

S- No I forgot about that can you tell them for me

E- ya no problem

S- Thanks sweetie 

E- Thanks Bye Uncle Si

S- Bye Emily


I was so happy. I ran downstairs. "Meeting of everyone in this house in the studio now"I shouted. Everyone went to the basement. We call it the studio cause we have our movie room down their and the music studio. I walked down and met everyone there. "I have good news"I gushed. "Are you pregnant" Niall asked. I laughed "as if, WE ARE ALL GOING ON A WORLD TOUR TOGETHER"I screamed. "What about us" Caroline gestured to her and Taylor. "Simon said I could bring both of you"I squealed "AHHHHH"They both screamed. "How long is it" Zayn asked. "Good Question. One Year" I replied. "Awesome so your our opening act" Niall said. I laughed "As if You little mofo You bitches are MY opening act" I laughed. "Not cool" Louis said. "Hold your horses stripes. I just finished making my song called Here's To Never Growing Up and Your in it but never mind  that we must pack NOW!" We all ran upstairs to pack and Taylor and Caroline went to pack also. 

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