Catch Me {Niall Horan Love Story}

But you're so hypnotizing
You've got me laughing while I sing
You've got me smiling in my sleep
And I can see this unraveling
Your love is where I'm falling
But please don't catch me...


4. Date??

Alex's P.O.V: I woke up around 10. I smiled and looked around. I ran over to to Nat's room. "NATALIE! WAKE UP WE HAVE WORK TODAY!!" I screamed in her ear. She screamed and fell out of her bed. "Bitch." Natalie said, getting up from the carpeted floor. I shrugged. "The one and only." I winked at her. "Now get ready, we have work at 11." I said. Natalie nodded. "Yes, MUM!" She said. I rolled my eyes and skipped back into my room. I took a shower and checked the weather. It finally started to cool down so I threw on a crew neck sweater that said "Rich Kids, Nothing But Fake Friends" and my ripped jeans. I put on my high top Converse and blow dried my hair. I left it straight and walked into the living room. "Ready??" Natalie asked me, putting on her low cut Converse. I nodded and we started to walk to work. ** Me and Natalie sat at the counter and kicked our feet up on the counter again. We started to mess around and play the guitar and sing songs at the top of our lungs because no one was here. We laughed and skipped around the store. At the moment, we were playing tag and Natalie was it. I ran around the store and past the door. Just as I was passing the door, it opened and I fell into someone's arms. I looked up and saw Niall. I laughed and so did he. "Hello love, you ok??" Niall asked. I nodded and Natalie came running to me. She poked my shoulder. "You're it!" She ran into the break room and I laughed. "You guys are so weird." Niall said. I nodded and he kissed my cheek. My stomach filled with butterflies. I got up from his arms. "So what did you need??" I asked while putting my brown hair into a messy bun. "Well..." Niall shoved his hands in his pockets. "I was wondering if you want to go on a date with me tomorrow night...?" Niall asked nervously. I smiled and nodded my head. "Of course, Niall." I said. He smiled and kissed my cheek. "I'll see you tomorrow night then." Niall said. I nodded. "See you." I waved bye to him and he walked out the door. "I saw that." Natalie said. I blushed. "GIRL YOU HAVE A DATE!!" Natalie screamed, taking a hold of my shoulders. I laughed. I'm falling for Niall faster than I thought I would...
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