Diminishing Hate, Growing Love (One Direction Fanfic)

CREDIT TO MY FRIEND EMILY for writing this introduction kinda into the story because I was having difficulties :P

And also this story is inspired by a fan fic called Hired For Styles written by one of my favorite authors, @fanficsforbabes. My story is a different take on being hired to date Harry so you all should check hers out!

Since the first day of school, Emma has been dreaming of attending a world ranked college. For twelve long years, she has poured her heart into her studies to insure her spot at Harvard College in Cambridge but one obstacle stands in the way. Her parents have no way to pay for such a prestigious college. Emma runs out of hope.
Just when she thinks all is lost, she finds herself outside a One Direction concert at her high school. Everything about them makes her seethe with hatred: how they flaunt their money, feed their egos, even simply doing what they're paid to do. Who would've guessed that just sitting against that lonesome brick wall would chang


6. Disneyland

Beginning Author's Note

Okay guys I really wanted to post this chapter even though I asked for 20 reads and so far only have 17 on the chapter... AND I asked for 5 votes but have one. If you guys don't like this story or plot or certain things about the characters because I would really like to know. It's my job as a writer to take feedback and change my story for you guys to enjoy it a bit more and the only way I can do that is if you tell me what you don't like. Does it move too slow? I really need to know. So pleaaaaaaaaase I'm begging you, comment or inbox if you don't like it. And if you do, please vote. So without further ado, chapter 6:

~Chapter 6-Disneyland~

Disneyland was certainly the happiest place on Earth. Even as an 18 year old, I still enjoyed it like I was 8. The moment you walk into the park, wonderful memories flood back from all the great times you had here. That's what happened when I walked into the park.

Who cares that I was only coming here because I had a set up date with Harry? It was still Disneyland! And the fact that I haven't been here since before I moved back to California because of money issues made it all the more refreshingly happy.

Disneyland even has a distinct smell; it is like cotton candy, kettle corn, and happiness all mixed into one if that makes sense.

Nor have I ever seen one unhappy person here at Disneyland. I believe it's because once you walk through those clicky doors after showing the worker your ticket, it cleanses you of all anger you were holding coming in.

It even worked for me; being with Harry and showing off for the paparazzi weren't on the front of my mind anymore. So as Harry and I walked into the amusement park, I struck up a conversation just for the fun of it.

"How many times have you been here, Harry?" I questioned him, genuinely wanting to know his answer.

He turned his head to give me a strange look, wanting to know my sudden reason for talking to him. He still had a smile planted on his face for the paps but I could see behind it by now.

He answered the question anyway though. "Zero, this is my first."

I gasped. "You've never been to Disneyland before?! Or California Adventures?! You are a deprived child!"

What came out of his mouth next surprised me. He chuckled. He ACTUALLY chuckled. And for the first time being with Harry, the smile on my face was real.

Yaaaaa I know what you are thinking. Yes, I could be funny. Most of the time my humor consisted of sarcasm though.

I crossed my hand over my heart and changed my tone to one of taking a very serious oath.

"I take it as my honorary duty to guide you around Disneyland and California Adventures until you have fun and know every inch of every ride. I accept this honor willingly."

I finished with a bang, saluting, and Harry started laughing. His laugh was kind of nice actually. It was rough and low, but comforting, more comforting than the silence that usually hangs between us.

All of a sudden I grabbed his hand and intertwined his fingers with mine.

His face was one of utter and absolute shock. I quickly made up a reason.

"I saw a pap behind the tree over there." I sputtered out. His face relaxed but only as mine tensed up.

I lied.

I didn't actually see a pap. I don't know what came over me all of a sudden but it wouldn't happen again. I would make sure of it. Now that we were holding hands though and Harry thought it was for a pap, I couldn't just let go because he would definitely know something was up. So I played it cool and led him off to the first ride we would go on: the Enchanted Tiki Room in Adventureland, one of my favorites.

By now it was 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I took Harry everywhere, on every ride, to every restaurant, and even every food stand. I was as pepped up and hyper as I was when we came into Disneyland. I'd like to believe Harry was even enjoying himself.

We had some conversations here and there, most of them I talked about all the rides: which were my favorites and which ones I didn't like as much as the others.

When we did see paparazzi, Harry would occasionally whisper into my ear saying he saw one and I would laugh or giggle, pretending he was the funniest person in the world. There were even some rare occasions when he would kiss me on the cheek, (for the paparazzi of course), making me blush full scale like a tomato.

Being with him wasn't as horrible as I thought. I just had to try and not think of the horrible fact of what happened in England which made me hate him so much in the first place.

Right now, we were in line for Tower of Terror. It was one of my ABSOLUTE non-questionable favorites. I loved roller coasters of all types. I learned Harry didn't like them, he was petrified of them really.
But after begging and begging to go on it with me and threatening I would just go by myself, he joined me in line.

Harry and I along with a group of other people shuffled forward into the elevator located in the fabulous Hollywood Tower Hotel. This was one of my favorite parts of the ride: the story.

The TV turned on as the elevator went up and the story started. And so it told us about the bellhop and it's passengers at the Hotel that night that lightening struck.

The story ended, the TV shut off, and once again we shuffled out of the elevator doors to reach the gear/oil room.

After waiting for a bit, Harry and I were next up. We loaded the elevator for the ride and it took us to a dark room and retold the story. My legs got goosebumps and my teeth chattered; I was scared.

I looked at Harry out of the corner of my eye and his face showed fear as well. Since it was his first time on the ride he wouldn't know what to expect.

And then came the fricken plunge. The elevator doors opened and we were shot down. Harry grabbed my hand just as the picture clicked although he didn't know it was coming so my face was in bewilderment when it did click.

His hand was warm though, and I lifted it up along with my other hand and put them in the air, enjoying the rush of adrenaline the drops always lent me.

The ride ended and Harry and I exited, still holding hands. He looked towards them and immediately dropped his hand from mine, suddenly blushing like crazy. And that soon set my cheeks off making me blush and look away.

Did he not want to hold hands with me? Wait what was I saying? I hate Harry. With a burning passion... Or maybe it had slightly lessened... I mentally shook my head, knowing my foolishness. I couldn't fall for a guy who had ultimately forced my friend to try what she did. I couldn't think about it though and moved my thoughts.

The rest of the day carried on, us going on rides and stopping for bites to eat. I once again forced Harry to go on another roller coaster, because nobody could come to Disneyland/California Adventures and not go on California Screamin'. Like literally it shouldn't be legal.

And when we went on the Toy Story ride, we made terrific enemies. I beat his sorry butt by a whole 60 points. Yaaa so it's not THAT much but hey, I still beat him. And I rubbed it in his face.
It was currently 9 o'clock at night and it was time for the World of Color. I'd only been once to Disneyland when they showed the World of Color but it was a breathtaking sight.

The spurts of colored water began, them starting off with the story of Ariel. Her beautiful red hair flowed and her voice echoed through the hushed crowd.

I took this time to inspect Harry while he watched the beautiful lights. His eyebrows were scrunched up and his eyes practically scrutinized the light show, as if he was trying to break it apart into layers to understand it. It was a very concentrated look and his face spelled the words, DECRYPTING.

He was sorta handsome, although I would absolutely never admit it to anyone because that would break my barrier. The worst part was, I had fun today. I had a fun time and I was with Harry. My mind ran over the words again. I was with Harry. Harry... Harry... Harry...

I tried to force myself to cringe like I used to but my body just wouldn't do it and I didn't like that.

His head snapped to look at me all of a sudden. He noticed I was staring. He caught me. My cheeks flamed red. I tucked a random piece of hair that had fallen in front of my face to the side, behind my ear to keep it out of the way.

That intense look that was on his face for the light show now focused
on me. He was trying to figure me out.

I focused on his eyes, they were such a beautiful sea-foam green. I had concentrated on his eyes so long I didn't noticed how close his face had become to mine because he leaned in. His eyes then closed which made me realize what was happening. His lips brushed mine and parted. I didn't know what to do.
DUH DUH DUHHHHHH. Sorry for the cliffhanger guys lol :P so reaaaaaaally long Chapter just for you guys. did ya think about what I said in the beginning Authors note? I would really like feedback for my story. And if you vote for me and aren't already following me or have me following you ill follow :)

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