Girl Next Door

Basically Drew, Wes and Keaton live next to this girl they've been going to school with forever and they kinda have a crush on her, but she doesn't know. Will they finally tell her?


1. School

Wesley's View.

I woke up at 6am like i did every day for school. Maybe today Savannah would notice me. Ever since i can remember, I've had a crush on Savannah. She moved in next door to me when we were in middle school and i haven't stopped liking her since then. But she never notices me. She goes to my bus stop, and she's the reason i don't drive to school instead. I always debate with myself on trying to talk to her, but i always end up staying quiet. 'She'll never notice me' I always thought. She'd probably like Keaton, like every other girl. 'Today is the day.' i thought to myself. I'm going to talk to her. 'No chickening out Wes.' i told myself over and over until i gained confidence. If i'm going to talk to her, i might as well dress a bit better too. I put on a black neff hoodie with blue letters and a matching hat. I wore skinny jeans and black hightops. I sprayed some Axe and then headed on down the hall until i reached the kitchen. Keaton was already there, and eating a bowl of cereal. I grabbed myself a banana and ate it quickly so i would have time to brush my teeth.  

"Do you think that Savannah will finally notice me today?" He asked me looking hopeful.            

   "I dunno bro. I'm lucky if  i could even get her to look my way." I answered before going  to the bathroom to brush my teeth. After i brushed them i came back and grabbed my backpack.           "You ready freddie?" I asked him while grinning.                                                                                 "Ready as I'll ever be." He replied. I knew that i probably wouldn't get her to notice me today. She was one of the popular girls at school and everyone liked her. It was going to be hard to get her attention. We walked out of our front door together and he shut it behind him. My eyes moved across the street as i spotted her standing at the bus stop already. She looked beautiful- her long light brown hair was wavy and fell perfectly. She was even wearing a cute little dress. I found myself wishing i could think of something i could say to her, but i was at a loss of words. I walked up and she looked up at me- her bright hazel eyes shining. Then i saw a little smile.. Wait, why would she smile at me? We've never said 2 words  to each other! I stood a few feet away from her, but i could still smell her sweet perfume. I decided that i couldn't stand here any longer without talking to her. I turned around briefly to see Keaton giving me the 'What are you about to do' face. I decided i had nothing to lose.

"Hey Savannah." I managed to say.

"Hey Wes." She answered back. She knew my name?

"You look pretty today." I said sounding confident, but in reality, i was anything but confident.

"Aw thanks!" She said. She didn't sound as mean as people think she is. For the first time ever, i just had a conversation with her. I looked back again at Keaton, and like the idiot he was, just stood there listening to music. The bus came before i could say anything else. I got on and sat in the back with Keaton like i always did. Savannah always sat in the middle. When she sat down, she immediately began socializing. Then the bus began moving to the next bus stop. More people piled onto the already crowded bus. We eventually made it to school, a bit early too. We were held in the parking lot for awhile, but i didn't mind. I had a pretty good view of Savannah from my seat. Then Keaton looked at me and leaned over close so that nobody else could hear. 

"So you finally talked to Mrs. Beauty  Queen huh?" He asked with his eyes wide.

"Yeah." I said pretty proud of myself.

"She didn't seem as mean as people make her out to be." He pointed out.

"Yeah, well maybe she was nice cos I'm hot." I said with a grin plastered on my face. He just laughed. Then i realized Keaton would be able to see her for the next hour or so because she was in Chemistry with him. He got lucky enough to be put next to her, so he got to be her lab partner most of the time. She was  in my history class, but all we did in there was take notes from a powerpoint and i sit nowhere near her. Finally the bell went off, signaling that we were allowed off the bus. We headed straight to class like the rest of the kids. Nothing out of the ordinary happened during school. Before i knew it, i was back on the bus.

"SIT 3 TO A SEAT! WE HAVE AN EXTRA LOAD!" The bus driver yelled. I took my chance. Savannah was sitting alone. "Hey.. Can i sit here?" I asked her.

"There's plenty of other empty seats!" Her friend protested.

"Nah, it's fine. Go ahead and sit there." Savannah said. I'm glad she was nicer than her friend. She moved her bag and made room for me to sit next to her. Her friend rolled her eyes at me, but i didn't care. Then Keaton finally got onto the bus. He searched the bus for me and then squeezed in next to me. This forced me to sit so close to Savannah that we touched, But i didn't mind at all. She didn't even seem to notice because she popped her earphones in and listened to music. I looked down at her screen to see that she was listening to Chloe. Wait! That's my song! Her eyes met mine and she noticed i was looking at her screen.

"You like this song?" She asked with her eyes twinkling.

"Yeah, it's my song." I replied.

"Oh, yeah it's my favorite too!" She said misinterpreting what i ment. All i could say in reply was

"Cool." Then she suddenly caught me off guard as she said

"The guy who starts off this song is pretty talented." Did she know it's me? Or did she really have no idea? I nodded at her not really sure what i should say. I looked over at her to see her doing a cute little dance. She giggled when she noticed i was watching her. Before we knew it we were at our bus stop. She grabbed my arm to help herself get up, and i didn't move a muscle for the fear of making her fall. When she got up, i moved out into the isle and got of the bus. Keaton and I walked home with her only a few steps behind us. As soon as i walked through my front door, i dropped my bag to the floor. 'It's chill time!' i thought to myself. Drew walked to the front hall to greet us. "Guess what Wes did today!!" Keaton said, hardly controlling how shocked he was that i had actually done it. "What did he do?" Drew asked curiously.

"He talked to Savannah!" Keaton said. I stood there proud of myself.

"Woah what? You finally talked to her? Her sister Nicole is pretty hot though." Drew answered.

"But Savannah is really hot!" Keaton answered before i could. I nodded in agreement. We both liked her, and i knew  that wouldn't be good. But he couldn't even talk to her, and i managed to do that. Then i headed off to my room and took off my shirt. Then i grabbed my board. I walked back out of the door and started to skate down the street, when i noticed Savannah was in her backyard playing guitar. I could hear her clearly, and it was beautiful. I skated down the street and back trying not to miss a part.

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