Love Drunk

Alisha Lowe was best friends with Marcel Styles since fourth grade. Once they hit high school she became the most popular girl in school because she dated a senior freshman year. Marcel is classed as the geek, but one day he comes to school without his glasses and his hair un-styled and every girl in the school falls for him. Even Alisha. But she's not falling for the new Marcel, she's falling for the old Marcel. The one she knew and loved in fourth grade.


1. Characters.

Hello, cuties! So this is my new story! Here are the characters and what they look like! And their names and ages.



Alisha Lowe, 17


Kendra Lowe, 18

Marcel Styles, 18


Joey Michaels, 17


Tyler Michaels, 17 



So here you are! All the important characters! Hope you like this story! Love you's! 


Jenny Boo <3 :D  

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