Love Drunk

Alisha Lowe was best friends with Marcel Styles since fourth grade. Once they hit high school she became the most popular girl in school because she dated a senior freshman year. Marcel is classed as the geek, but one day he comes to school without his glasses and his hair un-styled and every girl in the school falls for him. Even Alisha. But she's not falling for the new Marcel, she's falling for the old Marcel. The one she knew and loved in fourth grade.


3. Chapter 2

Alisha's POV


I woke up to my phone vibrating on my nightstand instead of my alarm. I grabbed my phone. It was a text from a number that wasn't in my contacts. 


'Mind if I come get you at your house and walk you? -Marcel'


I smiled and texted him back right away.


'Yeah, sure :) You remembered my number?'

'Yea, easiest number to memorize :)' 

"I'll see you soon'

"Okay :)'


I rolled out of bed and over to my closet. I grabbed a sweater that had black moose on it, and black skinny jeans that were super skinny. I put them on and but my hair up in a bun on the top of my head. I put little pearl earrings in and but some liquid eyeliner and mascara on. I grabbed a bracelet that looked like a leaf and put it on. I put my boots on and grabbed my phone and walked downstairs.

After about ten minutes there was a knock at the door. I opened it and there was Marcel. But he looked different. He wasn't wearing his glasses, and his hair was all curly. His green eyes were greener, and brighter. He looked like he did in fourth grade, but better. 


"Hey, Ali. You ready?" He asked. 


"Yeah." I nodded and we started walking. 


"Do you have your glasses with you?" I asked with a big smile. 


"I guess you can wear them." He fake sighed.


"Yay! I love you!" I hugged him throwing my feet in the air. He took his glasses out of his back pack and handed them to me. "thank you!" I smiled putting them on. 


"You look better with glasses." Marcel smiled. 


"Thank you." I smiled back. We walked into school and every one looked at us funny.


"Alisha, who's that?" Some one asked.


"There's a new kid?" Another asked. I just ignored them and walked to Marcel's locker with him.


"So when do you want  these back?" I asked pointing to his glasses. 


"Whenever you get tired of them. I have contacts, I'll be fine." He smiled. 


"Hey, Alisha. What's with the glasses?" Tyler asked as her and Joey approached us. 


"They're Marcel's." I said pointing to him. "I get to wear them." 


"That's Marcel?" They asked in sync, shocked. I nodded. 


"Wow. So are you guys like dating now?" Tyler asked.


"Uh...." I was kinda confused by her question. Why would she think we're dating. I looked at Marcel and he just shrugged. "I don't know..." 


"Oh my God! You guys are totally dating!" Joey squealed as they ran off. 


"Um. Apparently we're dating." I said turning to him. 


"Hey, is that bad thing?" He asked putting his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him. 


"Still the same flirty Marcel. I see you haven't changed a bit." I giggled. "And no, it's not a bad thing at all." I smirked as he pecked my lips which I didn't expect but I kept smiling. 


"So we're dating?" He asked hopeful.


"Yeah, sure." I smiled, biting my tongue. 




Hello, cuties!!


So what do you think? Did I speed things up to fast? I think I did. OH WELL. I hope you forgive me! Love you guys! 


Jenny Boo ♡ :D

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