These Tears Always Win

Here I am laying in a corner balled up crying. Haven't eaten in two days nor have I walked out of my house in weeks. Anf it's all because of you Harry Styles. You broke myheart and beat it to a pulp. I'm not trying to go out and get revenge on you, I just want to hear you say that you love me and you never meant to leave me. Cause honestly I've cried everyday sense you were gone.

These arms are wanting you cause these arms ain't holding you, these eyes put up a fight but once again these tears always win.
These lips are missing you cause these lips ain't kissing you these eyes put up a fight but once again these tears always win.....


1. Realization Hit Me.

~Beep~Beep~ The sound of my alarm woke me up from my slumber. I rolled out the bed and trudged my way to the bathroom. I stood in front of the mirror and examined myself. Dried up tear stains on my cheeks, my hair looks like I came from the show Pokemon, and I have dried up snot tissues on my shirt and shorts. I sighed and went back into my room, and back to my corner where I've been for the past 7 months. Shocking right? I sat there and thought about howy life has changed because of him. I loved him and he just left me....I just can't get that through my head. Why did he leave me if he said he loved me? Then I felt them coming, I felt the one thing that I couldn't defeat rolling down my cheeks. "Come on Melonie, suck it up....don't let those tears win. " I said squeezing my eyes shut and clenching my fist together. One rolled down my cheek. "Stop it, stop it, stop it." Three tears rolled down. I sighed and gave up. Slowly one by one my the tears streamed down my cheeks and onto my shirt. After about ten minutes of crying I stood up amd walked my way to the kitchen. I guess I should eat sense I haven't ate in about a day and a half. I opened the cabinets and grabbed a granola bar. After I finished eating I walked over to the livingroom and sat down the couch turning on the t.v. I guess the news will do. "One Direction! We love you! One Direction! " the noise came from the screaming fans on my t.v. "The fans of the sensational boy band One Direction are outside waiting for the band to come out. This will be their last day here in America before they leave back home in London! " the news reporter said. Just after she explained all that unnecessary stuff about that band, my phone rang. ~ Incoming Call from: Bestieeee♥♥~ 'Hello? Mel? Are you there? ' Kensie asked. 'Yeah I'm here' I replied knowing that I sound sick and grumpy. 'What's wrong hun..... oh don't tell me that your still mourning over your break--' 'Don't say his name and yes I kinda am.' I said cutting her off. She sighed 'Well your gonna have to get over it. Cause it looks like he already did. Anyway we really need to han-' ' Wait how would you know if he's over our relationship or not? ' I asked confused. 'You've literally been sitting under a rock for the past seven months. Your ex has been traveling around the world with the rest of his really hot friends. ' She chuckled and began again. 'Yeah they call themselves 'One Direction' actually the--' 'Wait what? Why are they doing that?' Cutting her off once again. 'If you woulf let me finish speaking I'll tell you...Anyway they are the most talked about band. Oh and they should be coming to London tomorrow. ' Wait I remember hearing them on the t.v. just a second ago. 'Oh' that was all I could say. 'Well open unlock the door because I left the spare key to your house that you gave me at my house. ' She said in one long breath. 'Alright bye. ' I croaked out. 'Bye and stop thinking about him....just do you anywwy bye smooches!! 'She yelled through the phone. I unlocked the door before I forgot and went to my bathroom to take a shower. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I walked downstairs to my livingroom only to see Kensie on her phone texting. She turned and saw me, which made her run and tackled me on the couch. "Hey I missed you soo much Mel! " She said getting up and helping me up also. I sighed "Same stuff I've been doing sense the last time you came over. "I sat down and she sat right beside me hugging me. "It's ok Mel this stuff happens a lot you know. " she said rubbing my back in circles. She always made me feel better by comforting me. "I wonder if he still remembers me..." I said slowly fading. "Well only he knows hun.... only he knows. " ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heyy! So this is my new movella I really hope you like it! Please tell me if I should finish this or not because to me it sounds good :) anyway please like and favorite this movella if you do like it. Also if you haven't read my other movella it's called ' Don't Change Me ' read it please ! Love Cute_tink xx ♥
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