Teenage Dirtbag (Marcel Styles)

Marcel. Geek. Nerd. Loser. He gets bullied for everything. His clothes. His taste in music. His looks. His personality. Everything. Nobody cares about him. Or at least that's what he thought.


3. I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby pt.1

Hiiiiiiii. Okay, so I probably won't be able to update for awhile but I'll try ASAP right now I'm writing this on my notes bc there's no wifi, our wifi is very slow and that's the reason I won't be able to update for awhile. We have a very bad weather here in Chicago and it sucks ;( well yup just letting you guys get a head's up. Anywaysssss here's the chapterrrrrrrrrr Enjoy my little teenage dirtbags .xx


*Marcel's POV*


I heard the familiar doorbell ring all the way to my room. That must be Noelle! I checked my appearance, and my room. Dirty, but eh. I rushed down the stairs to the door and opened it to reveal a smiling Noelle. 

"Hiya!" She greeted me.

"H-Hi" I stuttered. Okay, I really have to stop. 

We stood there for what seemed like forever just staring at each other until she looked down to her feet. 

"Uh, aren't you going to invite me in?" she chuckled confusingly.

"Oh! Oh! Uh r-right" 

I opened the door wider and signed for her to come in. 

"Thanks" She mumbled sarcastically. 

I scratched the back of my neck as she took off her shoes by the doorway. 

"Nice place" She looked around, touching the frames that my mum hung. Looking at the pictures of me when I was 2 years old. I heard her chuckle and I looked down to my feet.

"Cute" she whispered loud enough just for me to hear. 

"So uh, w-why don't w-we go t-to m-my room?" I asked her awkwardly. 

She nodded her head and followed me upstairs to where my room was. 


Short filler! Sorry guys! But today's the only day I can update, FOR NOW. My wifi will be back soon and strong, stupid weather, and I'll update a long chapter hopefully but anyways I'll try to update little by little parts by parts bits by bits as often as I could. Hopefully it would upload. Anyways FEEDBACK would be really nice :) x


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