Confessions of a crazy directioner

So my name is Ann, I am a crazy directioner. My life is all about this 5 boys, some people call me crazy, and they are right....I stalk this boys all day, not really stalk them 'cause I never met them, but everytime I am on the internet I'm always seeing something about them.
I have a blog where I always post something about 1D:news,photos and fanfics...
But then my life change when I went to a shopping mall. This day One direction would be there to autograph the new cd.Everything change when someone hit me, it was an accident of course, on the head with the bathroom door...someone named Harry Styles...


41. I am back bitch

Harry's pov

It was monday afternoon and I was in moddest, I was in the sofa looking my Twitter time line...the elevator's door open and I couldn't believe what I was Lou and Anny but she was!!

Anny's pov

As the elevator's door opened I saw Harry's face...he just came running to us and said

"Wow! You!"

"Thank you!"I said

"What happened? The last time I saw you, you didn't want to get out of the house...and! Look at your hair! It is so beatiful! And are this new clothes?"

"Well I took your advice and decided to get out of the bed and live my life!I call Lou to help me to change my look! I cut my hair, decided to let it darker and brought some new clothes that makes me feel perfect with my body just the it is..."

"I am really happy for you Anny! I am really!"he said and hugged me" Come here I want to show you a new song that I wrote for you!"



We walk to a room that was like a studio. He talked to the guitar guy and he start playing a nice melody

"What is the name of the song?"


As he sang I just feel so good and the song is so beautiful!

"I love it!"I said when it finished

"It's good to know that you liked it and it's better to know that you are here!"he said hugging me. While he was hugging me Tiffany passed by us. I just look at her smiling and hoping that she could know what I was thinking "I am back bitch"

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