The Love of Sewer Rats Book II: Family Ties

the second book in my sewer rats series. mutants, sewers and love.


2. Trapped in Time

Antaeus awoke, sweating and shaken. Images of ice spears and baseball bats flashed, relentless behind his eyelids. Blood from a reopened wound dripped down from his forehead, blinding him in a red haze. He wiped his eyes and uncurled himself from his hunched over position in the corner of his cell. He then crawled forwards on his hands and knees to the centre of the room.

several large and many small pieces of reflective glass lay upon the stone floor. Each had a smear of blood from hands, knees, or wrists. A month after he had first arrived he had attempted to end his life many times. he would quickly faint from blood loss and exhaustion and then re-awaken, days later, cuts healed, back in his bed on the dungeon floor.

He would sometimes laugh hysterically at the irony that he, at first, had refused to eat because of the chance of his food containing lethal poison. Not for long though, the guards didn't appreciate his jubilations.

Antaeus picked up a small sliver of the broken mirror and sliced a jagged edge across the tip of his forefinger. he stood, knees weak, and added to the red inked tally on the back wall.


294 days...

This simple routine kept him sane, as the lack of sunlight meant his 'blood tally' was the only form of timing he had...Incorrect or otherwise...

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