The Love of Sewer Rats Book II: Family Ties

the second book in my sewer rats series. mutants, sewers and love.


9. Tale of Betrayal

Leon held his daggers in his hands and was stood to the left but slightly in front of Diablo, as if protecting him, but still subordinate to him. "We could just leave them up here and let the guards get them?" He looked back and up at Diablo as if waiting for conformation that his very breaths were correct and in time with his own.

"No." Diablo's voice was quiet but still Leon jumped a little."And do not be afraid, brother.. It is those I want to harm, not you." He placed a hand on his shoulder. Seth was outraged.

"Leon is not your brother! He is mine! Leon why would you-"

"Silence traitor!" Diablo interrupted. "You do not have the right to speak to Leon, address only me, if you feel that wasting your final breaths is worth some final words."

"Traitor?!" Vayu bellowed, "It is that filthy wretch at your side that is the traitor! How dare you accuse Seth of betrayal when it is his brother that is the real criminal!" Vayu raised one of his guns, aiming directly at Leon's forehead, when Edan stepped into his line of sight.

"Vayu, listen to me, if you kill Leon for the sake of an angry outburst, you will have murdered Seth's brother, traitor or not-"

"But he would kill us-"

"Be calm Vayu," He placed his palms on his temples and looked into his eyes, "Diablo has men at both the exits from this roof, if you killed Leon he would have no reason not to call them out here. OK?" he took his palms away from Vayu's head and stepped to the side. Vayu lowered his gun and Eva shared a look with Edan.

So that's not all he can do...

Diablo raised an eyebrow in Edan's direction but his poker face remained set. Eva knew that if he gave Diablo a reaction, like the typical bully he is, Diablo would be delighted at the chance to share one of his hardest kept secrets.

Seth started to slowly walk towards the pair across the roof, Eva was trying to keep Antaeus from going into shock from the sight of Diablo so she watched with desperation as he started towards them. no-one said a word, then she remembered.

Eva focused on Seth's legs then, much like Vayu's had, she froze them instantly. Seth turned his neck to look at her and she shook her head, staying focused on keeping Seth as far away from Diablo as possible. Seth spoke to Leon.

"Why would you betray us Leon? I'm your brother you could have talked to me-"

"Silence fool!" Diablo screamed, rage escaping through his composure.

"Leon, we love you, just come back to us okay? We all love you for who you are."

"Leon left you the moment i gave him the option!"He turned to Leon. "Deal with him."

A second of silence passed and suddenly Leon's knife was whizzing through the air. It landed, embedded up to the hilt in Seth's right shoulder.

"NO!" Eva's ice turned to heat in her anger and the only thing keeping Seth upright melted instantly. She ran to catch his weight and knelt on the floor with him in her arms. "He is your BROTHER!"

All eyes were on Leon's shocked expression. He lifted his right hand, blood dripping from the palm and fell to his knees in shock. He started muttering 'you said you wouldn't hurt them, you said you wouldn't hurt them,' over and over relentlessly. 

"I haven't time for hesitations." Quick as lightning Leon's second knife flashed across his throat. A thin line of blood started to seep liquid and Leon fell to the floor, his clothes and scales turned a washed out grey, and then so did his eyes.

Diablo had killed Leon, and Seth was dying also by his hand.

Everyone was in shock. Even the composed Edan was shaking. Diablo pressed a button on a remote he had retrieved from his back pocket and an alarm sounded. The guards would be here within seconds. Diablo laughed and then teleported. He was suddenly stood at Eva's back, he whispered into her ear so that only she could hear. "All we shared was a womb, and all we share is you."

Then he was gone.

Edan's voice tremor-ed. " OK everyone down the ladder, Eva take care of the guards, I'll carry Seth, Vayu you take Antaeus. Live now grieve later lets go." They all managed their responsibilities: Vayu and Edan taking their unconscious cargo and Eva throwing fireballs and ice shards at any guards who tried to get onto the ladder. They rushed down the eight stories of Diablo's castle, ran out of the grounds and didn't look back until they reached the safe house. Exhausted, they all collapsed.


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