The Love of Sewer Rats Book II: Family Ties

the second book in my sewer rats series. mutants, sewers and love.


7. Set a Date

Elliot was walking towards them flanked by Seth and Leon. Vayu took a threatening posture which, Eva thought, doesn't really work when your shoulder length blonde hair is stuck to your face and your clothes are fully of holes and dripping with water. She rolled her eyes at him, and his turned to slits.

"I thought that Leon wasn't due to be back until later this evening?" Edan inquired, having recently recovered from his fit of laughter. Seth answered.

"He encountered some difficulties with Diablo's men, he-"

"Seth," Interrupted Vayu, "Let Leon speak." Elliot walked towards Vayu, seeing his anger, and took his hand. He relaxed.

"Well, I uh, got some information. But, a patrol of guards saw me and chased me out, but i lost them..." After he had finished speaking Vayu muttered something inaudible about the only reason he had been chosen and a greedy double agent. Seth looked confused.

"I thought that you had told us the guard found your sleeping place, while you were sleeping in it?" Seth looked as if he was trying to solve an intensely difficult logical problem with only one brain cell.

"Um, yeah.. that's what i meant."

This time Edan spoke. "And they didn't kill you? How did you escape?"

"Um.. they err, must have been tired i guess..."

Now Eva was the one that was confused.

Sounds weird to me... maybe he did something stupid and is trying to cover it up... i would too with Vayu giving me those kind of looks...

"Okay," Edan continued, "so what did you manage to find out?" Leon looked at the floor, as if searching for answers. 

"Well um, the good news is that, Antaeus is still alive in the dungeons."

A sigh of relief rippled through every member of the group. Especially Eva.

"And the bad news is, that he's due to be executed." 

Again. As one. The group stiffened.

"When?" Everyone held their breath.

"On the 28th of July at dawn"

"What year?!"

"This year..."

"But... That's tomorrow!!!!"


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