The Love of Sewer Rats Book II: Family Ties

the second book in my sewer rats series. mutants, sewers and love.


1. Prologue: Faked Clones

“We are very much alike... you and I...” A tall man in a white suit and blood red tie circled a boy. Much like a snake encircled its paralysed prey, savouring the moment.

“How do you mean?” the prey failed in keeping his voice level. The suited man’s eyes twinkled.

“We have both been shunned and discriminated for who we are... the masses are scared of those they do not understand...” He stood and spread his arms wide. “This is what i have achieved, fuelled by the need to prove the masses wrong. I can help you.” He placed his hand on the boy’s shoulder, his claws tearing at the material of his shirt. “As long as you return the favour. What do you say? No-one will ever hurt you again...” The boy glanced behind him, as if worried that a ghost was watching his movements,  then took the man’s hand.

“I am certain you wont regret your decision.” They paced down a corridor and into the shadows.

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