The Love of Sewer Rats Book II: Family Ties

the second book in my sewer rats series. mutants, sewers and love.


8. Liberation Initiation

"We need to leave. Now." 

"But Eva-" Seth was concerned and the worry made his voice tremble.

"It's eight o'clock. Dawn is at about four am. That means that we have 8 hours until Antaeus, our friend, is going to be executed. Four hours to get to the castle on foot without being spotted. Two hours in and out means that it will be at least two am before we even leave the castle, and that's best case scenario! We cant risk Diablo's men moving him to another cell to prepare him for the execution!"

Edan placed his hand on Seth's arm. "I hate to admit it. But she's right. It's lucky that Leon got back to us so quickly." Leon's gaze seemed to be glued to the floor. "I suggest that Eva be accompanied by myself, Vayu, Seth and Leon. Gather what you need and nothing more. we leave in an hour." 


twenty-one hundred hours...


The Quintet assembled at the safe house within which a tunnel had been built so that anyone, who knew about it, could access the sewers by foot without having to climb ladders or swim through sewage. It was also the entrance nearest the center of town, where Diablo's castle was situated.

Edan had opted for his usual choice of a machine gun which he held on a strap at his back. Eva held only her sword and her training bracelet was not present on her arm. Seth had his knight-like sword and shield, Vayu had his pair of pink,Glock automatic pistols, and finally, strapped to Leon's hips, were two black hilted throwing daggers.

They set off, into the night...




They stood at the foot of Diablo's castle. A mansion fashioned to be the most impenetrable building in London, probably England, guess who was about to try and penetrate it...

Edan told Leon to scout the perimeter for an entrance and 10 minutes of anxious waiting followed. He returned and then proceeded to show them a ladder covered in overgrown vines.

 "This ladder leads to the roof," Leon explained, "But if u look about half way up, there's an open window, if we slip through there, we will be able to get into the dungeons."

Eva chuckled, "But aren't the dungeons... underground?"

Edan explained this time:" This is the most secure 'prison' in england. if you were designing a building, would you put all the people who your enemies, who live underground, are going to try and rescue... Underground?"

"Umm, i guess when you put it that way..." And with that the group sneaked up the ladder and  through the third story window. Into the dungeons...



The whole floor was made completely of stone. Stone walls and floors really confused the mind when you knew that you were 4 floors up. When they reached the cell marked 'A.Q' they knew they had found the right place. Eva simply unbolted the door - strangely there was no lock - and entered the room. An old bearded man was hunched in the corner. Eva thought that she had got the wrong cell and turned to leave.

"Evaaa? Is that you?" Eva turned back around and the man was stood facing her

It was Antaeus.

His beard had grown as if he had been in this cell much longer than the time he had been away and he was slim and drawn. Almost unrecognizable from the man she thought she knew six weeks ago.

"Oh it is you... Our Eva..." She saw his knees buckle and ran to support his weight. It was hardly any strain on her arms and she felt her eyes moistening at the sight of his weakened form.

"H-how did this happen?!"

Antaeus laughed and the motion made his body shake erratically. "It happens when you don't eat anything except for rotten leftovers for over a year Eva..." Eva sat Antaeus against the wall and stepped away from him.

"B-but you've only b-been gone for six weeks?" At that moment Antaeus' eyes widened. They looked hollow as if his head were a skull and his eyes mere empty pockets.

"Look at the wall... That is how many days i have experienced since I left-"

"You didn't leave! You were -"

"Just. Look."

Eva manifested a ball of fire in her hand, the only illumination in the room. Antaeus smiled a weak smile for a millisecond before shielding his eyes to protect them from the light. Eva held her hand up to the wall and what she witnessed made her fall to her knees in shock, she did not notice the shards of glass piercing her skin as she took in Antaeus' calender.  

Over 300 tally marks, written in blood, Antaeus' blood, marked the stone of the cell wall.

"They must have placed a time barrier on my cell. Some EMPs can create spheres which can slow down time in a particular spot. They can be used so that if an injured soldier is needed for battle, they can be totally healed, from the rest of the world's point of view, in a single day. Whereas the soldier can experience from a week to a month depending on the strength of the barrier. So that as you have only experienced 45 days, consequent of the barrier I have experienced seven times that."

"Eva! Soldiers! Coming this way!" Edan strode into the room and picked up Antaeus' limp form in a fireman's lift. 

"Hello Edan, nice getting her to let you train her, her fire skills are already impressive."

"Shut up Dumbledore. No time. I'm kinda in the middle of saving your ass."

The group had spotted the guards walking towards them and decided, the only way to get away without a confrontation they would probably lose... was the window, and the ladder to the roof...


Three hundred hours...


"Why aren't they following us?! They can't have missed us they were practically breathing down our necks when we escaped out the window!" Eva was confused, knelt at the edge of the roof, peering down at the ladder they had just came up. 

"If they have more guards at the other roof entrance, then they can just wait us out. There's no way down." stated Antaeus, thriving under pressure.Despite the fact that he was leaning against the roof ledge from exhaustion.

"But Leon said; where is Leon?"

"I don't think he would have said that,chuckled Vayu, " I know he's a bit dim witted but he must have at least two brain cells to get us up here without dying."

"You see how they mock you brother? All five of them in a life and death situation and they still find time to mock you. How do you say we dispose of them all this moment, what do you think?"

Eva didn't recognize the voice at first, but the shock and fear blistering Antaeus' features encouraged her to remember. She turned to look at the center of the roof behind her and the source of that shamless, deceitful tone.

There stood Diablo, in his trademark white suit and red tie; Leon at his side...






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