The Love of Sewer Rats Book II: Family Ties

the second book in my sewer rats series. mutants, sewers and love.


10. Her Final Toil.


I'm so glad that Seth is going to be okay! Physically anyway... I find it hard to imagine that if that knife had been... No shut up Eva, it wasn't just don't worry about it. There's no point worrying about something that didn't happen. 

And I'm never going to be able to imagine finding out your brother betrayed you and your friends, and then losing him in a completely different way altogether... I just hope that his 'therapy' with Edan is going to help. It does mean that he's going to have to tell him about his powers but, i don't see why it should be a secret anymore, everyone knows they are. Were. EMPs since the dam, thing. And it's a good thing! maybe he could help more people if he told them... I dunno.

There's a lot of things I can't imagine...

Antaeus is gonna be okay as well i think, Elliot has got him on this high protein diet and a few steroids to get his muscles back and working... Don't think he's gonna be able to fight again for a while though.

That riddle though...All we shared was a womb but all we share is you... What the hell does that mean? It's totally contradictory! Eugh it's probably just that bastard playing mind games... And i have more important things to be worrying about right now...

I just wish mom was here...

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