It's My Life

"It's my life, It's now or never, I ain't gonna live forever, I just wanna live while I'm alive, It's My life; My Heart is like an opean highway, Like Franky said i did it my way, I just wanna live while I'm alive, IT's MY Life." These words I kept saying to myself as I was packing my bags to move out. Ever since my rash decision my world has turned upside down.


7. Much Needed Support

Liam's POV 

This is huge news. I need to tell the other lads. I'm scared of what they will think of me now. The cautious title is no longer mine. In more than one way I am daddy direction. My whole world has just been shaken up. My life is going be changed so much more than I ever would have thought. 

"Liam are you okay mate," Lou says as he walks over. 

"Not really mate, I just some huge news"

"What is it Liam?" 

I look at Niall and hand Lou the envelope. I see the look on his face change as he reads the letter. 

"So you're going to be a dad," Lou states.

"Liam is going to be a what," Zayn asks as he and Harry come over to us.

"Do you all remember Rose," Niall asks and they nod, "She is the mother of Liam's child." 

"Wholly wow," Harry replies. 

"I don't know how this is going to work. I mean our careers are just starting." I start to worry. 

"It's going to be okay mate. We'll work something out," Niall says and puts his arm around my shoulder. 

"We should get going. I'd hate to be late for sound check," Lou says. 

We grab our things and head toward the arena. This is supposed to be the beginning of something big and I just can't be happy. This is so much. 


Rose's POV 

I am still in shock. I mean I knew all along it was his but somehow seeing it in paper made it much more real. This is totally mental and I fell horrid. Poor Liam is starting his dreams off on a bad note. I am debating on whether or not to go the concert tonight. Sera got us tickets. I really want to go but they are close to the front and I don't want to hurt Liam by me being here. 

"Hey there future Momma. Are you okay?" 

"I don't think that I should go tonight Sera." 

"Because of Liam?"


"Okay, are you sure? We were planning this whole day out." 

"I know and am not feeling to well right now. Go have fun." 

"Okay, hope you feel better. I'll have my phone with me if you need me." 

She kisses my cheek and walks out. I fall onto the couch and start crying. This day has been the day I have tried so long to avoid. I knew things were going to be tense once the results were back. A wave of drowsiness washed over me so I decided to shower, eat, and take a nap. My nap lasted about three hours. When I wake up I have a new text.

""I'm so sorry about earlier. I didn't know what to think. I'm here for you Rose. I mean it." 

"It's good to hear that Liam. Now you have a great show. I can't wait to hear from Seraphina how it went." 

"I'll talk to you later.  There are a few things that I want to work out with you." 

" to you then."

I still can't believe that Liam kept my number. I deleted his after everything went down. My heart fluttered a little as I hit send the final time. My mind is running in a hundred different ways. It's good to hear that he wants to help. There are too many dads out there that want nothing to do with their kids. Like my own for instance. It takes until almost eleven that night for my phone to go off again. I answer the phone half asleep. 


"Hey sorry to wake you?"

"It's okay. What's up?"

"So I was talking with the lads and they think it would be best if I introduced you as my girlfriend." 

"Your what?"

"That way once the baby is born it's not as much of a shock to the fans." 

"So you want us to date. How is that going to work? You're on tour and the baby will be here before you arrive back in London." 

"I talked with Simon and a few other people and there is a week break in the tour around your due date. I can be there with you then." 

"You told everyone then I take it?"

"All the important people. No press knows this yet." 

"Good the last thing I need is less room to walk with this belly." 

He laughs and my heart flutters again, "Oh Rose I've missed your way with words." 

"I've missed your laughter and jokes." 

"I've gotta go. Talk you when I get some more time okay? Text me any important news or pics okay?"

"Okay will do," we say goodbye and hang up . I fall asleep and this is going to be the fastest I have fallen asleep in a while. Today finally turned around and my world is in place now. I can feel the stress leaving my body. 

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