Can you keep a secret

Melissa Fay is just your average 14 year old girl. after tragic events occur she is forced to take over her parents job. To go undercover as an estate agent to find the real reason why the housing estates are being sold for a cheap price and why the owners suddenly go missing....


4. Chapter four



   I was let out of the hospital a week ago. But now only two weeks later from the 'accident' i am put to work for this so called agency. 

"Ah, Miss Fay nice to see you here," said a man behind a pure white desk as I arrived. Everything in here seemed pristine and pure white. 

"Um...." I said " Could you direct me to Mr Addison's office please," 

"Sure," The man said cheerfully. The man lead me down a long narrow corridor that had brown, mahogany doors along both sides. The man ,who I found out was called Drake, stopped in front of a door that had writing on a gold plaque above it. Drake knocked four times on the door and soon enough a rough, brittle voice  sounded 

"Come in," Said the voice. Drake wished me good luck as he turned on his heel and aimlessly wandered back down the corridor seemingly the way we had come. I slowly forced my frozen feet through the open door. I saw a man around the age of 30 wearing a black suit. His eyes a sparkling bright green, mesmerizing.

"Miss Fay how nice to see you," He said "My name is  Lukas Addison or Mr Addison or just Sir I don't mind,"

"Sir may I ask you a question?" I asked nervously

"Of course," He replied smiling.

"Ok....Um w-what exactly am I needed to do?"  I stuttered 

"Can you keep a secret?" Asked Mr Addison.

"Yes. Why?" I replied quietly.

"Just that I need to know, and that it is truly preposterous why your parents were harmed due to this mission," He replied solemnly 

"Preposterous? Sir what does that mean?" I asked confused.

"Preposterous my dear means absurd. So I meant that it is truly absurd that your parents were harmed during this mission, and that your fate will not be the same," He finished "You may go,"

I nodded and slowly made my way out of the room. As I was about to open the door I heard Mr Addison mutter "Hopefully," Under his breath but just load enough so i could just about hear. I don't think that I was meant to hear that.

As soon as I got out of the room I quickly shut the heavy door behind me as hot, salty tears started streaming down my cheeks. As I ran down the long hallway to the main entrance behind me I heard Drake shout

"Melissa what's the matter?"

but I shrugged it off and ran through the two glass front doors and out onto the street. It was raining heavily, but I didn't care so I sat behind a rubbish bin and let the tears run down my face as I thought about what Mr Addison's comment meant. Did it mean that I would end up like my parents like the rest of my family. Ice cold and stiff. I would end up dead.

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