Make me remember

For 7 month, zayn was searching for her, cuase she knows answers
For 7 month he failed finding her.
When he stumbles to a party at the night, he finds what he is searching for.
Will she know the answers?
How will zayn and his four friends be fine with the big trouble heading to them,
And now they have one mission: make her remember.


3. //-//

In the middle of the drive to home, she woke up. "Hey" I said, looking back at her. "Where am I?" She said, rubbing her left eye. "And who am I?" The car stopped, as I looked to Louis. "What the fuck do u mean u don't remember who you are?!" Louis screamed. She got a little scared, and hugged Liam so tight. Liam blushes, and Niall smiles. "Louis calm yo tits" Harry said. "What do you want from me?" She said. "Cause you know the answers" Louis said. I screamed at Louis, "dude, let make her first know she is save with us" "and who are you for fuck sake, to tell me what to do" Louis screams making me get to angry, that I exploded. " iam the fucking zayn fucking malik, and I am the fucking helper of the freaking boss!" I screamed. "STOP!" I looked around to see the girl crying and screaming us to stop. "Woah guys, calm yo tits" Harry reminded us. "Can I know what answers you mean?" She asked. We didn't knew either to be honest. We are just following the boss rules, so we don't know. " I am sorry, I have no idea" I said. "That's wierd, you are asking me something, you don't know what is the question" she complains. "Can you fucking shut up" I screamed. She got scared, and backed away next to Liam. "Fuck" I shouted. Nialler helped to chill, with vodiac. "You are amazing bro" he smiles.

 When we reached to our stupid home, Niall opened the door, and helped me get out. Harry came out next with the big hits and his face is really messed up. Then Louis, the the girl and Liam. I think she is in our age if u ask me.

 "Okay guys, this is our fucking home," Louis screamed, pointing at the home. The girl nods. "So will you tell me who am I?" We all went silent. "I fucking hate you Paul!" Louis screamed. "Who is he?" The girl asked. "He is the boss" I said. "I think you better apology" the girl said to Louis. What the fuck?! Does she wants him to be mad?! "What did u fucking  said?" She pointed at the hidden camera. Wow, we never knew that. "Happy now?" He screamed. Then his phone rang, he gulps as he saw the screen name. "Hello my dear boss" Louis said. " oh what happened to the 'I fucking hate Paul' huh?" We all busted laughters as the phone got closed at Louis face. 

"Shit" Louis said. He walked over the girl, and took off her jeans. "What the heck man!?" I screamed. " we aren't gonna rape her?" The girl screamed and kick, but nothing could save her. "Who the fuck said I am raping her?!" When he finished talking off her jeans, he pointed at her pants. "Take it off" she is crying so hard. I tried to go and help, but Liam and naill held me back. "Guys!" I screamed. Liam took me out, and Niall and Harry gets out of the room. "What the fuck is happening?!" I screamed. They nod, as Harry started to say, "okay, you might creep, but this is what happening........

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