Welcome Back to the Darkness

Once a heart is consumed in darkness, it breaches a point of confusion. Should it fade into nothingness, or should it leave something behind? Feelings are not omitted, and love carries on into the next division, but can it last in someone who is not meant to exist? Can it begin to return if another heart triggers it? Upon your return to Organization XIII, you've soon found that a battle of emotions has become a battle for survival. Which of your newly made "friends" will be your savior in the darkness? ---Please review!!! *Sequel to Welcome Back to the Truth [Highly suggested you read the first one before this][Familiarity for KH2]


3. Chapter 3

Darkness was loud; mournful and beautiful in its twisted existence. Nobodies did not truly belong there; they dwelled on the edge of nothing, so truly they belonged nowhere. Wails echoed in emptiness, deep and unnerving.


You looked around, wondering what had brought you here in the first place. No one was in sight, and you certainly hadn't done it. Nevertheless, you were here, and there was nothing to see except the black abyss. Sighing, you put up your hood, not sure if you should trust the situation with your identity.


A glowing figure seemed to be slowly appearing as they approached. The silhouette was familiar; you had seen it more than once, but where? After a brief moment of confusion, you let out a small gasp; this girl was you, but without the hardened face of a heartless killer. Could this be your Somebody?


She opened her mouth and began to speak, but Zexion's voice resounded instead. "Do you miss your heart?" Blinking, you cocked your head and stepped forward.


"Excuse me?"


"You remember having one, don't you?" The breath you took seemed senseless, for it was not enough to ease your choking. "Xevia," a female voice said softly. "Do you remember your heart? Who you truly are?"


"Who am I?" you breathed.


"_(Name)_." You echoed her in confusion; that was your true name?


"What is it like...to feel?"


"You don't recall?" she responded to your longing question. After a moment's hesitation, you shook your head. A smile crossed her face as she reached behind her back, brought forth a retractable bo, and released it. A sleek noise emitted as stainless steel sides slid against each other. On the ends of the blood red, black grunge weapon were toothed knives that matched the raised platinum designs. You swallowed hard.


This was your old weapon- the one you'd used in the city before attempting suicide. The girl got into stance and motioned for your approach. Once more, you cocked your head in bafflement.


"What is the purpose?" you drawled carefully. She smirked and shook her head.


"You've changed; asking what the point of a fight is...you would normally never pass up the chance for a good brawl."


"You didn't answer my question. I asked-"


"Why not fight me and find out?" The challenge lingered momentarily before you summoned a pair of octagonal sais and charged forward. She spun her weapon and lashed outward, colliding with yours in a loud twang. The flamed blades nearly touched your cloak, and you had to dance to the side to avoid them. It finally struck you as to why you had once been so formidable.


The two of you sparred for another five minutes, matching each other's moves with ease. Finally, you reached the purpose of why you'd chosen sais above anything else. The staff slid between the blade and the handles, where you caught it and twisted it free. It was ripped from her grasp, and you proceeded to press the tip of your blade to her windpipe.


She glanced down and gave an easy smile. "Good job, Xevia. Now...finish it."


"You are an illusion- how can you be anything else here, in this place?"


"Then what should it hurt?" Your brow creased before you position the blade lower and thrust forward. There was a choking sound followed by a relieved sigh. _(Name)_ threw her head and raised her palms outward at shoulder level. An extremely bright light burst from her chest, and you stumbled backward, shielding your face from the blinding luminescence.


Darkness took her, dissolving her body into small pieces that disappeared into thin air. Light began moving toward you, seemingly in the form of an orb. Backing up with caution, you stumbled and just managed to catch yourself. However, this gave the strange form of element time to catch up. It touched your chest, and the breath was stolen from you.


_(Color)_ eyes widened in fear as you struggled to push it away as though an aggravated bee was repeatedly stinging you. On the contrary, there was no need for this; the light was calming and warm. Just as it slowly faded, however, a weight threw you onto the ground, and you groped your abdomen in order to push it away. Nothing but thin air met your fingertips.


Pain replaced the comfort, searing through your veins and making you cry out. The darkness around you grew to be a blinding white, and you shut your eyes tightly, willing for anything to cease this agony. Seconds later, hands pinned your shoulders. Someone was screaming in a harsh, worn tone.


"Xevia! Settle down!" It was then that you realized that you had been the one yelling; Zexion's room met your gaze once more. Panting shakily, you sat up in wonder.


"Was I dreaming?"


"I doubt that. You disappeared. Heartless, or what seemed like Heartless with human hands, took you hostage. You've been gone for a good half an hour."


"Oh gosh..." Worry wracked your body. What had happened to you? Wait...worry? "Zexion, what did Xigbar say about me before I got here?" He gave you a confused expression before following along obediently.


"He said you sounded like an obnoxious slut with no real point of existence."


"He said what?" you snarled between gritted teeth, anger flaring. "I am going to kill him...better yet, super-glue his toilet seat." Your experiment proved right; there were feelings inside you. Had that light been your heart?


"You didn't hear it from me."


"Who don't you like?" you prodded, knowing Xigbar would demand an identity to the snitch.




"I'll say it was him."


"Ingenious," he murmured, lying down and facing his back to you.


"Thank you."


"It wasn't a compliment, Neanderthal."


"Ooh...bit words for the tiny man." You could almost see the wall smoke from his penetrating glare. "Perhaps you would like to say some more? How about, 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?'" He whipped around, furious eyes fixing upon you and making you shrink backward.


"Do you find it amusing to cause complete havoc while you're here? 'Xevia is the new Larxene,'" he mocked, making quotation signals with his hands. "In case you didn't already know, Organization XIII already has problems of its own. So if you would be so kind, cut the deplorable attempts at insults and shut up."


Dumbfounded, you stared at him in a frozen position. Guilt trickled down to the pit of your stomach, and you were about to make a reply, but a croak exited your throat instead as he turned back around. Your first shot at having a heart, and you'd behaved as though you didn't. Great.




"Go...to sleep," growled the Cloaked Schemer dangerously. You flinched and hesitated before slowly creeping out of the room. At least, you knew, if you created trouble with Demyx, you would be okay; the two of you could only go so far before he got too loud and gave away your position. Problem was- this Demyx didn't even know you yet.


This could be easily remedied. Slipping from one teleportal to the next, you bit your lip and approached the familiar bed. The room was identical to the one you were used to, and you had to resist the urge to search for the Hoobastank CD. It would be a task saved for later.


Sneaking up next to him, you kneeled forward and tapped on his shoulder. Naturally, the moron freaked out and began flailing his arms, narrowly missing a punch to your nose. You cooed to him carefully, settling him down to a calm state. The blonde's bright familiar eyes, which gave your new heart a lurch, looked at you quizzically.


"Hi, Demyx. My name is Xevia. Want to go cause trouble?"


"Sweet! God sent me a sexy angel in my sleep! Let's go!"


"Okay!" You felt like you were five again, racing to a playground on the boardwalk. Demyx made to follow you, pulling his boots on along the way.


"So who are you exactly?"


"The 'new' person- rookie, as they'd call me, but I was a member of the other Organization. Come on; let's go pick on Axel." You stopped at said firebug's doorway, frozen in anticipation. This was it- you were about to see the one person you had been dying to be reunited with since you had arrived. Demyx pushed you inside, and you immediately felt the familiar temperature adjustment.


The two of you snickered quietly and approached the bed with creepy goodness. Only then did you realize- there had been nothing decided as to what to do. Hesitating awkwardly, you continuously shied away on every action attempted over his resting body. Your heart seemed to have ceased beating, shock and regret overwhelming you as your gaze wandered his gorgeous form.


A light jade eye cracked open and fixed upon you, followed by a terrified, shrill shriek from Demyx. The blonde sprinted for the door, flailing his arms in panic. Rolling your eyes, you paced a hand on your hip and sighed.


"'Sup, Axel? You don't know me. I'm-"


"Xevia," he interrupted, sitting up slowly. You blinked in amazement, surprised he even knew your name.


"Y-yeah," came a breathy response before you ran your fingers through your hair. "How...how did you know that?"


"The meeting."


"Oh." He chuckled at your blunt expression.


"And Xemnas wasn't the only one that kept in touch with his original self. However, mine stopped writing around the time that he left. Heh, I wouldn't blame him; if I lost Roxas, I'd try to find him too. He did mention quite a bit about you, though. It grabbed my curiosity; the way he described you was so very fascinating."


You smiled softly at this, briefly wondering what Axel might have said to put you in such an interesting light. No doubt he'd mentioned your body and the likes, but had he said he loved you? That was a question you were afraid to ask.


"Not to sound weird, but could you, like...pretend you're sleeping? Just for a moment?" He certainly did give you a confounded expression for that one, but complied just as easily by lying down and closing his eyes.


Your gaze swept over him longingly, body taking full affect from the sense of loss. This was the form of the same man that would probably be holding you right now, or attempting to persuade you into a match of hot steamy sex, which the two of you had actually never managed to have. The though brought a sad smile to your face.


Longing to reach out and touch the fiery locks upon his head, you clamped your hands to your lap and frowned in concentration; such things could not happen. This Nobody knew little about you, for most of what he was aware of only seemed to make him wish to experience your company for himself. Staring at his closed eyelids, you admired the long lashes there, marked lower with recognizable black streaks upon his cheekbones.


"I said a lot about him too," you murmured quietly. "A lot I wish he'd heard for himself. I'm assuming he's...gone?"


"Not entirely," the man murmured, once more sitting up before motioning you to join him on the bed. "I'm here; that's a pretty big piece of his existence." Hanging your head sadly, you scuffed your shoes against the floor before plopping onto the bed.


"I was afraid to hear that he was done in. I waited for him for what seems like forever..."


"He would have liked to have known that, I think." Chuckling, the Nobody rolled his eyes and plopped his head back onto his pillow. "Not like it'll help him now."

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