Welcome Back to the Darkness

Once a heart is consumed in darkness, it breaches a point of confusion. Should it fade into nothingness, or should it leave something behind? Feelings are not omitted, and love carries on into the next division, but can it last in someone who is not meant to exist? Can it begin to return if another heart triggers it? Upon your return to Organization XIII, you've soon found that a battle of emotions has become a battle for survival. Which of your newly made "friends" will be your savior in the darkness? ---Please review!!! *Sequel to Welcome Back to the Truth [Highly suggested you read the first one before this][Familiarity for KH2]


24. Chapter 24

Collapsing to your knees in what was at last a secure environment, you supporting yourself by placing your palms flat on the floor while you panted in exhaustion. Saïx strode past you calmly, reaching a hand into his cloak and removing a small parcel. It was placed in a chamber that hissed and smoked before engulfing it.


The battle that had taken place outside had seemed endless. Your beads had whipped and slashed in every direction, and the armies still didn't let up. It appeared that once one had perished, another one had taken its place, inching closer by the milliseconds. Prince Charming, with the long blue hair and yellow eyes, had not even lifted a finger to assist you.


Now, however, he gripped you beneath the shoulder and hoisted you to your feet. You leaned against the wall to support yourself, and stared at him with your eyes barely open. He drew a key from his cloak and motioned for you to follow him. Groaning, you reluctantly obeyed, shifting forward with languor.


The man unlocked a door and immediately entered, with you sluggishly tailing behind him. As of this point, you had no idea where the two of you were going; you had delivered the package already, and as far as you knew, you were supposed to be heading back. However, you were far too tired to care. Before you had even registered as to why, you were lying on a bed, gazing unwaveringly at a window framed with long white curtains.


"Wha...why are we here?" you grumbled, now beginning to look around; strange as it was since you had walked right into the room and chosen the bed without even bothering to wonder why there was a bed to begin with. Saïx checked the rest of the place out before returning to you.


"We have been instructed to spend the night. Another person will arrive tomorrow to pick up the package, and we are supposed to be here to greet him."


"Well what the hell? Why was I not asked to bring provisions then?" You sat up angrily, hair disheveled and sticking up in multiple places.


"They were already here. Certainly you will not object?" He faced you with a stony face, making it clear that either he or Xemnas would lambaste you if you dared protest.


"Of course not! Why would I- wait a minute, there's only one bed! Why is there only one bed? This place is huge!" you squeaked, looking around frantically.


"Relax; there is a couch. You are welcome to make yourself comfortable there if you do not feel sound beside me." Silently, you wondered why he didn't offer to take the couch himself. That would be the proper, gentlemanly thing to do. But then, Saïx was never quite the special suitor from a woman's daydreams.


As you studied the area more closely, you noticed the window was not a window at all, but in fact sliding doors that led out to a balcony. You eagerly rushed forward, shoving it to the side and stepping into the cool night air. Your hair blew in multiple directions at once as the wind struck you, whipping at your face wildly as your eyes became as round as saucers.


The World That Never Was was displayed beneath you like a painting, its lights like far-off lanterns. You had no idea you were up so high; it was like facing your attempted suicide all over again. You leaned over the banister, looking straight down in wonder. There was so much to view; Castle Oblivion was also nearby, Kingdom Hearts illuminating everything its light reached. It struck you as odd that this world was identical to the last; it was clearly created purposefully, for this was a once-only occasion, you were certain.


"You appear to find such a thing to be of magnificence, and yet you wanted nothing to do with a balcony that served as your sleeping quarters," Saïx mused, coming up behind you.


"Hell no! To have a balcony is one thing, but to sleep on one is another. The weather was simply miserable!"


"Interesting, isn't it, that it is not storming now?" He had a point; it was always at least overcast in The World That Never Was, and yet, for the first time, the skies were clear. Stars winked at you from the dark heavens above.


"Like fireflies, stuck up in that big...black thing," you murmured quietly in amusement.


"Pardon?" the man beside you rumbled.


"Nothing," you said hastily. "Hey, Saïx...did you guys rebuild the castle of your original Nobodies? Or is there a second of this world?"


"We copied it just the same; the world, the citadel...everything should be as you remember."


"Castle Oblivion...does it have the same power as the last?"


"This, actually, is not Castle Oblivion."


"Huh?" you stated stupidly.


"Castle Oblivion was a place farther away from the shadows. Here, we are beside darkness itself. But yes, it has the same ability to erase memories from your mind."


"All the same, I've been told this was Castle Oblivion," you said incredulously.


"It is just easier that way, I think."


"So we really have to stay here all night?" you questioned slowly with obvious dread in your voice.


"Is it really that bad? I even had some champagne sent up, entirely convinced that it would please you." Before Saïx had even finished speaking, you were sprinting back into the room, a crazed expression displayed upon your face as you searched wildly for the bottle of said alcohol. The Luna Diviner crept cautiously through the doors in order to see what the repeated sound of breaking glass was coming from. Predictably, you had begun throwing jars in frustration after you had peeked inside and failed to find the treasure you sought.


"Where is it?" you snarled, panting and lowering into an animal-like crouch. Saïx frowned; were you really that unobservant?


"Look to your right." You followed his gaze, spotting the bucket of ice a few feet away; perfectly visible to the naked eye, and in the most obvious of places.


"Oh." Your face relaxed and you straightened your posture before calmly approaching the object. "Would you care for a glass?"


Saïx, of all people, was dumbfounded. You were far more unpredictable than people let on. Literally, you were an angel of havoc. Of course, if he spent enough time with you, he supposed he could then predict your chaotic behavior. It was no wonder the organization was wary of keeping you around.


However, as he watched you as you gracefully poured him a glass of the bubbling liquid despite his lack of response, he could see so much potential in harnessing your random outbursts to his advantage. You were beautiful in your own aura of darkness, and it was so obvious that there was motivation behind your tantrums. A lack of attention, perhaps, or poor parenting. But then, his original had not mentioned it was to this extremity. It was very possible your bitterness for the world had increased, or something may have finally snapped under all of the pressure of your past.


You casually handed him a glass and clinked it in a gesture of cheers before you downed it. Yes; you downed it. The man before you stared at you in shock.


"These aren't shots," he reminded you gently as you filled your glass to the top.


"Oh, I know. I just want to get a quicker buzz. I assure you, it won't take long. Half a bottle of wine will get me drunk." His eyes widened at this, but you were already draining the alcohol by the time he told you to slow down. This resulted in him taking away your drinking privileges. You, of course, pouted as he placed your confiscated champagne flute back on the table and the bottle under lock and key.


This was probably for the best; already you could feel your muscles beginning to relax, and Saïx led you carefully to the sofa. He flipped a switch on the wall, and light erupted in a mantle near the floor. What you had taken to be a common fireplace was filled with neon flames of many colors. Needless to say, you were immediately transfixed by the dancing luminescence.


Saïx sat opposite to you, drinking his champagne slowly, his golden eyes watching you all the while. He lowered his glass and crossed his legs in a tailor position. You shifted uncomfortably as he studied you, unsure of how to react.


"Axel," he said simply, making you jump. Although he paused, which brought confusion and caused you to look around in the belief that The Flurry of Dancing Flames was present, he was not finished. "...seems very interested in you. Enough so to keep you to himself. Why do you suppose that is?" His eyes narrowed in thought, and you twiddled your thumbs and stared fixated at your hands, a light pink rouge appearing on your cheeks.


"He doesn't, really; I see Zexion more than I do anybody else," you replied quietly in your friend's defense.


"Perhaps he feels protective of you," he continued, more to himself than anything. "And who would blame him? The Organization has wondered whether we should keep you...or kill you."


"Wait...what?" you said loudly, jaw dropping.


"Why do you spend your time behaving like a child?"


"What else is there to do?" you countered.


"Something productive, perhaps? I see nothing gained in senseless pranks."


"I have no other purpose. And it is my desire to cause Xemnas as much trouble as possible."


"A vixen of vengeance. Why so vindictive?"


"He killed my baby...our baby. He killed me. This scar on my cheek...it is there because he smacked me so hard, it cut me."


"You retained your appearance when you became a Nobody?" he questioned with surprise.


"No; my hair was a different color. I'm not a special case, Saïx. I am nothing to be singled out."


"That is debatable." Once again, you blushed. It was becoming easier to do as the alcohol set in. Something in Number VII's eyes flickered as they glanced over your cheekbones, though it could not be explained what it was. "Your behavior is far too much like Demyx's. If you weren't willing to fight, he would be your superior."


"He isn't?" Your head popped up in surprise.


"Demyx is always playing the coward. Although you cause more trouble than he does, you are of more use to us. So yes...if you wished to take advantage of your authority, you certainly could."


"Yes!" You pumped your fist into the air in triumph.


"However, your lack of respect for the others prevents further advancement."


"Saïx...I was once Xemnas's lover. I had excellent influence over the rest of our team. My ambition brought me nothing but turmoil. I will not be quick to make that mistake again. If I have power, it will be through fear, not through acquaintance."


"So you wish to inspire fear into all of us; is that it?" he questioned, mockery thick in his voice.


"Not into the Organization. It would take a miracle to do that."


"Not necessarily; if you knew someone who already had fear and respect, it would not be an arduous task."


"I assume you are implying yourself, oh mighty one? No; I have no desire to inspire fear into my comrades. If I did, I would behave much more like Larxene, don't you think?"


"A little anxiety could do you some good. That is, however, my own opinion, and your are of no obligation to listen to it."


"I didn't intend to."


"Of course," he muttered darkly.


"It is nothing against you, Saïx. If it were personal, I'd be drinking up everything you had to say." This seemed to grab the man's attention. He looked at you with keen interest.


"So say it is personal. What then? What if I wanted you to myself?"


"Don't be ridiculous, Saïx. Xigbar would fight for me."


"Oh yes, we all know how fond of you he is. I had simply forgotten. Please forgive me."


"I don't think that will be possible." You crossed your arms over your chest and gave him a stern look.


"And what shall I do to earn her ladyship's forgiveness?" He rose in his chair and leaned over, in close proximity to your face. Your breathing came to a sudden halt. "Perhaps we can make a bargain?"


Saïx's voice was heavy with implications, which did nothing to help the blush creeping across your face. You sputtered, your mind already blank, and now handicapped with the champagne in your system. His breath blew across your face, sending a few stray hairs back to where they belonged.


"Saïx!" you screamed, making him leap back in surprise before you burst out in raucous laughter. At least it got him at more of a distance. Between giggles, you managed, "What are you doing?"


"I'm not entirely sure," he admitted. "But while I'm at it..." And he was right back in your face. Your heart skipped a beat and you stammered, fighting for the words to make him stop. "Angel of Chaos," he mused, tracing your chin with his fingers.


"Luna Diviner," you whimpered at a barely audible volume.


"You deserve better than Axel, you know..." Someone like Zexion? you thought to yourself, but you knew he was voicing his own desires.


"And you deserve better than Xemnas, but you don't see me creeping on you like this," came a small whisper. He drew back slightly before giving a mirthless chuckle.


"Always the unpredictable with you..." Your voices were barely murmurs. Quietly, you wondered why this was so. After the silence stretched on, you flicked your gaze to the side uneasily.


"Saïx...are you going to kiss me already?" you questioned impatiently, getting sick of sitting there awkwardly. He straightened, looking at you fully.


"No, I don't think I will," he said finally, walking away and leaving you confused. It was good, though; you wouldn't have to lie later if anyone asked you. No doubt Axel was freaking out that you were not coming back, but rather staying with his rival in a hotel suite.


"Well that's just fine, then. Who would want to kiss you anyway?" you griped, unsteadily getting up to retrieve some of the strawberries that had been delivered with the champagne.


"You seemed to enjoy it last time," he said matter-of-factly, a smirk crawling across his face.


"I'll bet Larxene did too, huh?"


"Where did you obtain such information?" Saïx looked completely horror-struck.


"So it's true?" you gasped in surprise, dropping a half-eaten strawberry on the carpet.


"No! I was wondering who has been spreading such atrocity about me," he snarled, and you relaxed.


"Thank God. I thought I was going to get oral herpes, syphilis, or worlds know what..."


"Did...you enjoy it?" questioned the man quietly, although the intensity of his golden stare did not lighten.


"Are you being shy?" you breathed incredulously. "How absolutely adorable! You know, Saïx...you should be this charming more often. I could learn to like it." You tossed him a wink.


"You didn't answer my question," he growled, gaze hardening.


"Do you really need my opinion to determine whether or not you are a satisfactory kisser?" When he didn't reply, you sighed heavily. "Yes. Yes of course I enjoyed it. How could I not? I always wondered what it would be like."


"Then that's all I needed." He broke the distance between the two of you in three long strides before catching your face in his hands and kissing you ferociously. Your eyes practically jumped from your skull, and your body automatically stiffened. Zexion's face burdened your mind; you missed him terribly, and you wondered what he would say and do about what was happening in this hotel room.


With some reluctance, you pulled away apologetically. A frown marred the face of the man before you, and you sighed loudly, knotting your fingers in your hair and plopping on the couch. Saïx didn't move.


"I'm so sorry; it's not you. I'm just beginning to feel like this is all I'm good for. It's all anyone is after; like a game to see who can toy with the Somebody's heart next." When he didn't reply, you peeked up at him. "Really, Saïx...you're great. I'm just tired of playing cat and mouse with everybody."


"So it's true then? You really do love him."


"Huh?" you sputtered.


"I figured as much. He'll be pleased. However, I am not willing to give up so easily. If you were mine, Xevia, I would protect you. The Organization is rather fed up with you...but I could insure that you always had somewhere safe to stay."


"Thank you...for your offer. But my heart belongs to me; no one else. That's the way it has to be, I think," you said profoundly.


"Love me...and I will take care of you." He was on his knees now, level with your eyes. Pain was present, deep behind his yellow irises, where he hid everything so well. You reached out to cradle his face in your hand, and his eyes closed slowly as he leaned into it.


How much had you missed? The Saïx you originally knew had been so cold and bitter. You hadn't stopped to consider that there was another side to him; more truth to who he was. What had this man gone through? What had made him lose any sort of benign behavior? What had cost him his heart?


"Why does everyone wish to win my heart?" you wondered out loud, now looking past him.


"Your heart triggers our past selves. Like Sora, you have the influence on people to make them feel like they have a heart. So we desire you. I have other reasons, however."


"These being?" you pressed through gritted teeth. Your fears were justified; no one actually loved you; they loved your aura. Sometimes it had seemed so real- Zexion and Axel...they had both seemed to sincerely enjoy your company.


"You are chaotic," replied Saïx with a slow grin. "I like to call you my angel of chaos. You have the ability to control those around you by causing havoc in their lives. You work out of fear, and your fighting abilities are dead useful."


You rolled this new information over in your mind, not entirely sure if you liked it or not. On the one hand, he liked your personality...or found it amusing, at least. However, he had called you useful, which was good, but you weren't certain you wanted someone to have an interest in you for that reason. Memories of Xemnas flooded back to you, and you suppressed a shudder.


"Your angel of chaos," you echoed blankly. "I guess I could be that..." He could use you, and you could use him. It would be a beneficial relationship. And what would be the cost? A few nights of sex? You could definitely live with that.


As though following your thoughts, Saïx leaned into you, pressing his lips to yours once again. This wouldn't be passionate; this would not be like it was with Zexion. This was lust- hot and heavy lust, and you were perfectly okay with that. Your broken heart could not really make room for more stress; more hurt.


Wrapping your arms around his shoulders, you pressed right back with equal force. The reaction was immediate, and you were in the air before you even knew what was going on. Saïx had lifted you off the sofa and was now carrying you to the king-sized bed in the other room.


The mattress was at your back, and you pushed up against him, both of you not breathing erratically. His hand slid upward to the zipper of your cloak, and you moved to make it easier for him. After it was opened, you broke the embrace and gazed up at him seriously.


"Just so this is clear...I am not a whore. This is between you and I. Is that understood?"


"I will be so discreet, you will not even suspect we've done anything." After thinking about this for a moment, you smiled and gripped the edges of his hood, yanking him down to continue your scandalous game.

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