Welcome Back to the Darkness

Once a heart is consumed in darkness, it breaches a point of confusion. Should it fade into nothingness, or should it leave something behind? Feelings are not omitted, and love carries on into the next division, but can it last in someone who is not meant to exist? Can it begin to return if another heart triggers it? Upon your return to Organization XIII, you've soon found that a battle of emotions has become a battle for survival. Which of your newly made "friends" will be your savior in the darkness? ---Please review!!! *Sequel to Welcome Back to the Truth [Highly suggested you read the first one before this][Familiarity for KH2]


23. Chapter 23

For the first time since you had returned to the Organization, your room was completely silent. There were no taps of computer keys or turning of pages, which were the normal sounds that had lulled you both into sleep and through it. Dead silence rang in your ears, and to no surprise, it woke you.


Your eyes flew open and you stared around the room in confusion as to what created such an annoying emptiness. Through an automatic routine, you yawned and stretched before getting up and proceeding to the bathroom with a mumbled, "G'morning, Zexion..."


That's when you froze, poked your head around the corner of the bathroom, and gazed unblinkingly at the computer. It was stationary, the screen unmoving, the keys untouched. Needless to say, it was a very strange experience, regardless of the fact that he had told you he was leaving.


Showering, at least, was peaceful. There was no one pounding on the door in demand that you either make haste or be expelled from use of the private restroom. The only other one you were aware of that wasn't public for both genders was Larxene's. You had learned to take very fast showers.


Now, however, you reveled in feeling the hot water run down your body; it put your arrector pili at ease...which was good because you had realized that you were now alone in a basement with two members, both of which you were rather unfamiliar. Turning off the water after your long show (which had lasted five minutes...oh yes, this was now long for you), you grabbed the towel hanging nearby and wrapped it around your body before heading out of the room to go to your closet for your daily attire.


Much to your surprise, someone was waiting right outside the door. You froze in your tracks and stared at the man awkwardly, becoming fully aware of your lack of accouterments. His face was impossible to read; expressionless as usual.


"Saïx...is there a problem?" you squeaked, clutching the towel closer to you.


"Other than your need for immediate decency in my presence? No."


"Then...is there something I can help you with?" you pressed further, silently willing him to leave so you could finish your morning traditions.


"You could begin by dressing yourself in some modest apparel." This was music to your ears. You happily scurried to your room and dressed yourself, knocking over a  lamp in the process of pulling on the notorious boots that always gave you quite the hassle. Disheveled, you returned to Number VII, blowing your hair out of your face as you came to a halt.


"I apologize. Wait, why would I apologize? It's not like I merely waltzed out of my chambers like that. You were the one who rudely intruded; you should apologize!"


"I beg your pardon?"


"Nothing. Carry on," you said hastily, still being a brat but not hiding the fact that you were slightly afraid of the Luna Diviner.


"I came to pass on the wonderful news that your confinement charge has at last been lifted. Be sure not to abuse it a second time," Saïx sneered in the sinister way only he could manage. As creepy as it was, you still carried the guilt of knowing it was a slight turn on. Suppressing shivers that ran across your skin, you somehow managed to give a very crooked and awry grin, which turned out looking more like a grimace. An amused smirk pulled at the sides of the man's lips as he watched your behavior.


"Great! The first thing I'm gonna do is kick Larxene in the-"


"Xevia...can you withhold your emotions of rage for even a day? You make it so blatantly obvious that you have a heart."


"You would be the man to know, Saïx; you're the worst at hiding the fact that you don't." And with that, you skipped toward the door, singing a "tra-la-la" with your departure. You gave a wave of your hand, exited, and headed straight for...you guessed it...Larxene's quarters. The Savage Nymph gave your arrival an odd look, more than likely due to the fact that you were still singing your strange little anthem, while still skipping.


"A most unwelcome intrusion. What does the child want now?" You stopped your show of happiness at once, coming a complete halt in a fixed position whilst giving the woman a very distorted expression of horror. (Watch Jenna Marbles, How To Avoid Talking To People You Don't Want To Talk To.) For nearly a minute, you did not move. This did get old, however, and you sighed and relaxed.


"I just came to tell you that you're a bitch and no one likes you."


"At least I'm not a slut, whom everyone likes for the wrong reasons."


"Larxene...I'm touched! You like me...however, I'm sorry to say it's not mutual."


"You are such a parasite for this organization. You can't even control a Dusk...really, what use are you?"


"I make you look like an ugly bitch, that's what."


"Right. Well, if you have nothing intelligent to say, I'm going to return to my novel." Your eyes locked on to the cover, and while a wide grin spread across your face, you immediately averted your gaze to the ceiling and began rocking on the balls of your feet. Larxene gave you an odd glance before doing as promised, and returning to said book. As she turned the page, you shifted through the darkness, invisible as you passed.


A hideous scream filled the room as pus exploded from the next page of the booby trapped text, and covered the face of the evil wench. Just as she was stunned, you reappeared with a flying kick to her head. That being completed, you laughed hysterically and ran from the room.


You had been free for five minutes, and you were already causing havoc. Once more, Saïx came into view, but you merely ran right past him, still cackling maniacally. He frowned as you went by, then shook his head and...cracked a smile? Whoa! He couldn't help but think that despite your kooky, adolescent nature, you were the perfect image of a chaotic angel. After the smile faded, he went on his "merry" way.


As you continued your giddiness through the corridors, you started to weigh in the possible consequences. If you were confined to your room again, there would be no one else to keep you company. Therefore, your sprint came to a slow stop, and the grin evaporated.


"Upset that no one else is partaking in your euphoria, or did you remember what it was like to sleep with Demyx?" quirked a nearby voice from a figure that was shrouded by a cloak.


"Axel, cut it out. I don't need to...ugh...remember that." He laughed and lowered his hood.


"So much for hiding our identities. What good is this thing when people just recognize us by our voices?"


"They keep us safe from Heartless while we're traveling," you said in a mocking tone, pointing a finger as though giving him a lecture.


"Yeah, yeah...what are you, my mother?"


"Oh man, I hope not." The two of you had both a laugh and a shudder at the thought.


"Xevia..." You jumped and turned around, facing Xemnas with a face that clearly stated you'd stolen cookies from the cookie jar. That wasn't a lie; they were sitting in your pocket.


"It was Xigbar!" you said automatically, receiving an odd look from the man.


"I arrived to alert you of a mission. Saïx has requested your assistance."


"Oh," you replied sheepishly. Axel growled faintly behind you.


"Of course he would ask for her specifically," grumbled the fire-wielder.


"Where am I to go?" you questioned further, ignoring your friend.


"He is located at The Brink of Despair. Bring a weapon and have others ready to summon." Xemnas then disappeared into the shadows. You sighed heavily and gave Axel an, I-do-not-want-to-do-this, look. He stared back, jade eyes cold and mocking. Was it possible the rivalry between Numbers VII and VIII had increased on your behalf?


Darkness opened in a portal behind you, and you back into it, only breaking the locked gaze the two of you shared when blackness shrouded you completely. The world reappeared as you stepped onto flat rock at your reached destination. Saïx definitely seemed to be expecting you; he had no indications of having been busy, but rather showed evidence that had been standing motionless and patient.


"What's going on?" You were winding your weaponry beads around your wrist.


"I am carrying precious cargo and need someone to fend off the Heartless so I have safe passage."


"Oh...heh, I would have requested me, too. Sorry, Heartless," you called loudly, "today is the day you perish! Come and meet your maker by the hands of-"


"Xevia, I really do not think it necessary that you make it into such a dramatic sequence."


"Right. Sorry." You shrunk away from the stage you had just set with your words. "Where to, then?"


"Memory Skyscraper."


"Why don't we just teleport it there? Why make it so damned difficult?"


"It needs to get to the right hands. It is the same reason Xemnas's letters are delivered personally; if teleported, the Heartless could seize it while it's in the darkness."


"So where is this...thingy?"


"My pocket."


"Well, damn it! Why can't you fight then?"


"It could break or get away from me."


"And you can't teleport...why?"


"Because this object eliminates my cloak's abilities, and in fact, attracts the Heartless."


"What is-"


"Xevia! In the name of my sweet claymore, shut your trap and accept the fact that it's a mission and it needs to be done!" You fell silent, staring at the man's intense eyes.


"Der...okay," you finished in a cheery voice. "When do we leave?"


"As soon as you are prepared."


"It's just a couple of Heartless. How bad can it be?" He pointed behind you, and like the cliché scene in the movies, you turned around and squealed like a sissy. "Sweet flaming fruitloops!"


"Not bad at all. Should be a piece of cake for a great warrior like you, right?" Saïx's words did reach you, but they didn't seem to register. Your eye twitched at the sight of the sea of Heartless that seemed to stretch for miles. Memory Skyscraper was pretty close by, though, so there would be no need to eliminate all of your foes. But even so, you saw yourself up against a couple thousand at least. "After you."

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