Welcome Back to the Darkness

Once a heart is consumed in darkness, it breaches a point of confusion. Should it fade into nothingness, or should it leave something behind? Feelings are not omitted, and love carries on into the next division, but can it last in someone who is not meant to exist? Can it begin to return if another heart triggers it? Upon your return to Organization XIII, you've soon found that a battle of emotions has become a battle for survival. Which of your newly made "friends" will be your savior in the darkness? ---Please review!!! *Sequel to Welcome Back to the Truth [Highly suggested you read the first one before this][Familiarity for KH2]


13. Chapter 13

The best way to describe him would be to compare him to a Venus Flytrap; he attracts you with his sweet nectar, but once you take a taste, you're trapped in his cage forever. There's no way you can indulge in another plant's nectar again. He's just it. [Entry 427]


Bright blue skies were filled with the occasional wisp of cloud. Once in a while, a seagull would caw, but other than that, things were fairly peaceful in nature's dimension. Aqua waves crashed against the shore, roaring with a quiet lullaby sent by good weather.


The sunlight was warm and welcoming, a blanket upon your tanning skin. Soft white sand was at your back, acting as a gentle pillow to the contours of your body. Yes, everything would be absolutely perfect had there not been the disruption of multiple different laughs and a great amount of splashing.


Cracking your eyes open, you lifted your shoulders and tilted your sunglasses upward to get a look at your colleagues. They were right where you'd left them- Xigbar, Axel, Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia, and Roxas all roughhousing by sending humungous waves toward each other an everyone else. Xemnas, Saïx, Xaldin, and Vexen were doing their best to get away from them. Lexaeus seemed to be the only who had succeeded at it; he was off swimming elsewhere.


Larxene was at a great distance; doing the same thing you were enjoying- tanning. Zexion was to your left with a great umbrella that prevented the UV Rays from reaching him...the little vampire. He had his nose buried in a book, as usual, but he seemed to be the most fascinating one to watch.


The breeze played with his silver locks delicately, and the reflection of the sun off of the water danced across his heart-shaped visage. It wasn't often anyone would see him outside; this was your second time; only in this situation, he had dressed for the occasion. Despite the fact that he had no intention whatsoever of going swimming or tanning, he had at least worn a pair of trunks like everyone else, giving you a chance to admire his physique as well.


Sighing, you flipped your glasses back where they belonged and laid back down. You'd probably have to join The Cloaked Schemer beneath his umbrella soon; your black bikini was getting way too warm. As you were tuning out the world around you, it was barely possible to catch what was being said to you.


"Huh?" You glanced to the left.


"I asked if they were as distracting to you as they are me?" Zexion repeated, his eyes still glued to the page he was reading. "I'm afraid one is going to come over here and drench my book." Snickering, you sat up and shrugged.


"I don't know; I'm just blocking any sound. The only thing that's really distracting is the intense heat. Why did Xemnas have to pick a tropical area?" To your surprise, he scooted over on his towel, leaving a place for you. Blinking, you stood and made your way over, hesitant as to whether or not that was his true intention.


After a moment of silence, he gave an impatient, "Well?" Hastily taking a seat, you greeted the shade with relief.


"Much better, thank you," you breathed, enjoying the cool sand upon your legs. He made you jump by making a comment about your navel ring; you hadn't realized he'd been studying you. Turning to him, you were frozen simply from the intensity of his stare and the way the light played with the color in his eyes. "Er...yeah, I got it shortly after I became a Nobody. Thought it might help with my acts of luring men in for thievery."


Zexion grunted, which would most likely mean he had taken note of your statement and decided it was irrelevant to him. There was a long pause, so you settled yourself once more onto your back and closed your eyes. Barely audible, a page was turned.


"Zexy, why aren't you taking advantage of the setting? I would think you'd at least try to get a bit of sunlight since we're always in the basement. Have to get that dosage of Vitamin D." You threw him a grin without opening your eyes.


"I'm not a fan of the daytime. The seldom times I do venture into the sun, it is for a good reason, and I can therefore value it more." So he liked to keep events spaced out so they mean more...that was interesting.


"Well, still, this is vacation! I mean, isn't that a good reason? Just put on some sunblock if you're worried about it." Looking at him, you waited for his reaction. It was a cold one; he turned to glare at you and gave you a once over.


"I wouldn't dare put that on my skin. There's no need; if one takes sunlight in moderation, it isn't an issue."


"Well I'm wearing some!" you said defensively. "It's just because I want to protect my skin, not because I'm stupid."


"I was not insulting your intelligence, and I know you are wearing sun tan lotion."


"How...? Did you watch me put it on?" you questioned in shock, getting up on your elbows.


"No. That would be a deplorable thing to do...something in Axel's nature, I presume. Anyway, there's a difference in smell; I like your aroma much better without." This brought a blush to your cheeks, so you were grateful the sun was so bright. The lotion smelled great in your opinion, so you couldn't figure out what his problem was. Nevertheless, you were put at ease, so you once more rested back into position.


Silence returned once more. Well, sort of. There was still the issue of the playmates in the water, and it sounded as though Demyx had made a huge wave crash onto Axel because there was a lot of yelling and cussing, followed up with sharp screams.


"You assume I hate you." Zexion was not asking you this; it was a statement. You frowned, still choosing to leave your sight in darkness. He must have decided you weren't going to reply, for he continued. "This is not true. Please ask yourself, Xevia; would I have requested you to accompany me in my trip to the ruins had I despised you?"


You had no answer to this, for you knew he was right. If he loathed you, why would he have asked you along? It just didn't add up. Still, you couldn't help being surprised whenever he made an act of kindness toward you, or showed even a bit of friendly warmth.


Just as you were about to reply, you were suddenly lifted into the air in a bridal carry by very cold, wet arms. A chest with like qualities pressed against your right shoulder, and you squealed at the sudden temperature change. Of course, some of that was due to bewilderment as well.


Your eyes flew open as you lifted your head to see who your attacker was. Axel grinned down at you, bright red hair drooping against his neck and jade optics dancing with merriment. Zexion gave him a dark glare due to the interruption, but Axel did not seem to take much notice.


The firebug smirked deviously and began making his way toward the water with you in possession. Once realizing his intentions, you squirmed and screamed in protest, pounding on his chest with your fists. There was no way in hell he was going to get you in that water...or so you hoped.


The surface of the great mass of liquid grew closer as he waded in. You pleaded with him, whimpering with dread at the extreme temperature change that was about to take place outside of your body. It would be like sitting in a Jacuzzi for about ten minutes and then running and plunging into the large outdoor, non-heated swimming pool.


"Axel! Axel, no, please," you begged, but once the water was deep enough, he dropped you. A blanket of ocean cut off your scream, and you came up coughing due to the salt content. Once this subsided, you faced him with a dark glare. "Oh, you are so dead!"


The redhead laughed loudly and tried to scramble away, but you tackled him around the waist, and the two of you fell right back into the depths. You lost count of how many times you smacked the poor man, but it was a good many considering you were having a hissy fit over the chill his prank had brought to your body.


When both of you resurfaced, he was gasping for air, which let you know that you had successfully caught him by surprise and he hadn't had a chance to draw breath. With a wicked grin, you gave the water a final slap, splashing water at him, and began heading for shore. However, a pair of lanky arms encircled your waist and pulled you right back.


With a squeal, you struggled against him, eyes upon your nice little spot beside Zexion- where you wanted to be. It was relaxing there. This was...really irritating, but funny if you looked deep enough, which you were too lazy to do.


"Axel!" you screamed, flailing and finally managing to spin around to face him. He did not take his grip from you, however, so it became quite awkward in a hurry. Pink tinted your cheekbones, and you pushed against his chest, though it probably bought you a half an inch to add to the inch of space you had before. You repeated his name, more firmly this time.


"_(Name)_, don't be such a stuck-up. Have some fun; you never had a problem doing that before. At least, when you weren't with Xemnas, which you aren't."


"Stop pretending like you know me, Axel," you growled, giving a sharp elbow to his ribs. Thankfully, it separated you at last, and you staggered backward in the water, shooting him a fierce glare. Needless to say, his masquerade of his other was really getting old.


"But I do know you. You're _(Name)_. You were born on Nami Island, moved to a large city, where you thrived as a well-known villain until you were visited by The Superior; who took you under his wing and brought you to our humble abode. Thereafter, you were Number XIV, The Sadistic Heartbreaker- a title you'd earned from your rapid betrayals to multiple members of the Organization. Yes, you were well under way to becoming the next Larxene.


"You returned to your home to complete a mission assigned to you, which was to capture Xen, the newest member. However, you were thwarted by your half brother, Katashi, with whom you were seen in a passionate embrace." Axel tossed you a wink. "Nevertheless, you did not give up on your mission; no, Xemnas meant far too much to you to give in that easily.


"I assume you polished your brother off when you returned to the island. I would not know for certain, for I did not have a chance to read up on more in your file. Of course, I would have asked you myself, but you denied me the pleasure of your company whenever I came to visit..."


"Axel! That is enough! I am sick of this. You're finished pretending to be someone you're not."


"My apologies; I am simply trying to prove to you that I still know the same things. I could be that Axel. You just won't give me the opportunity."


"I don't want you to be that Axel. I want to get over it and move on with my life. There's only one thing preventing me from doing that- you're the one bringing back painful memories of the life that killed me. Now I have a chance to live a new one. Why are you denying me that?"


"Your letter left implications that you did not desire to leave that life behind. You sought your past to make amends. If you wished to just let go and begin a new life, you wouldn't have written that letter. You wouldn't have hoped someone would find it and read it and thus assist you in satisfying your deep craving to regain what you had lost."


"Yes, well people change, don't they?" you snarled, turning to head back to shore. He grabbed your arm and pulled you back. It was close proximity yet again, only this time, it was out of fury.


"When we first spoke alone, you came out with your feelings- you had searched for so long to find the man you loved. You hadn't given up on that dream. Are you now telling me you have?"


"My dream dissipated with him, so yes, I have given up hope."


"Are you telling me the truth?"


"Why wouldn't I be?" you defended through gritted teeth. "Either way, you have to accept it. There's nothing you can do to prove it right or wrong."


"I beg to differ," he stated calmly, slowly bringing a hand across your jaw and to the back of your neck. Your muscles froze; even if you had tried, it was likely you could not move them. Axel began leaning in inch by inch, until his breath mingled with your rapid, shaky gasps of air.


Eyebrows curled with worry as to how this might affect, you said his name in order of protest. However, before you could even finish saying it, his lips came fiercely crashing against yours. His arms gripped your lower waist, and you arched into him, throwing yours over his shoulders.


You had forgotten this fiery ardor; how his passionate kiss made your body burn up with desire. Nevertheless, It couldn't happen. You ended it, pulling away and biting your lip with emotional pain. Jade eyes searched your face with confusion as you stumbled backward a few steps, shook your head, and began running back to shore. Anything to get away. All at once, thunder boomed overhead, and rain began pouring in sheets across the water. The sun had disappeared so quickly- nice freak storm.


Sand slipped under your feet as you attempted to run to the hotel, hugging yourself to keep warm. Of course, you tripped, landing on your knees and finally breaking your barrier. Sobs racked your body, which was already shivering from the change of climate.


Heat spread across your bare shoulders as a blanket was wrapped around you and an umbrella held above your head. A strong arm wrapped around your waist and lifted you to your feet before pulling you against a body you were by all means not familiar with.


Your red, puffy eyes glanced up and took in Zexion's stony expression as he faced forward and gave you your privacy in your misery. How you respected him for such kindness, and although you would have liked to voice it, you remained silent as your tears slowed to a stop.


He led you to the hotel, closing his umbrella and opening the door for you. Once he stepped in and closed it behind him, he gave his hair a quick shake and made sure his book was dry. Tucking the umbrella under his arm, he carefully leaned in and pressed his lips to your ear.


"Get something dry on; we'll take that trip to the library now." With that, he left you to return to his own room. You shot him a look of gratitude before doing the same; Axel would not have heard the stated plans, and you wouldn't have to see him in your room. You made haste to make sure Zexion wouldn't be waiting long, curiosity getting the best of you as to what sort of adventure this would be. Alone with The Cloaked Schemer after the incident at the beach...what sort of things might he say?

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