Welcome Back to the Darkness

Once a heart is consumed in darkness, it breaches a point of confusion. Should it fade into nothingness, or should it leave something behind? Feelings are not omitted, and love carries on into the next division, but can it last in someone who is not meant to exist? Can it begin to return if another heart triggers it? Upon your return to Organization XIII, you've soon found that a battle of emotions has become a battle for survival. Which of your newly made "friends" will be your savior in the darkness? ---Please review!!! *Sequel to Welcome Back to the Truth [Highly suggested you read the first one before this][Familiarity for KH2]


10. Chapter 10

The room was so quiet, it was unbelievably incredible. You could finish reading the Edgar Ellen Poe collection Zexion had been nagging at you about.  You were getting near the back cover when the portal began to activate and someone stepped through.


Glancing up and expecting to see your roommate, you were surprised to find that Vexen was your visitor instead. However, he seemed to only be interested in the computer. He entered a few codes and began accessing files.


Despite your persistent curiosity as to why he couldn't use his own damn computer, you grudgingly returned to the book. It seemed fate had other plans, though, for the sharp rapping of keys disrupted your concentration. Glaring at him, you cleared your throat.


"Excuse me? You mind?"


"Maybe you should go to a different room?" came a rather raspy voice that would match a cackle quite nicely.


"Why should I listen to you? You're like...some creepy, feminine-but-hideous evil pedophile scientist. You scare me...especially when you do that eye thing. Are your eyeballs too big for their sockets, resulting in excruciating pain or something?"


"Have you impaled your mouth with your sharp tongue yet? Careful how you treat your superiors."


"I'm Number 0, remember? Technically, you're an inferior." His right eye bulged. "Only sayin'..." Red hair appeared through the doorway, making you start at the sight of a floating head. This was surprising; you had no idea someone could put only part of their bodies through the teleporter.


"Xevia...want to go for a walk?"


"Sure, Axel; we can go now, but I have to be back later; I promised Zexion I'd go shopping for more incense with him."


"Fair enough."  You set your book down, stood, and strode to the door. Right before your exit, you stuck your tongue out at Vexen rudely. Axel's hand gripped your upper arm and pulled you the rest of the way from the room.


Both of you remained silent as the hallway slowly passed by in a dull, never-ending tunnel of white. The distant murmur of a conversation hummed nearby, but other than that, nothing seemed to be a threat of disturbance.


"You look nice today," stated Axel as he examined your updo.


"...Thanks, I guess." You chuckled at the awkward aura. "I thought it might be warm out when shopping. We'll be going to Radiant Gardens, so..."


"It's not just your hair. It actually looks as though you tried to dress up. Special occasion? It looks hot."


"Don't be such an awkward bunny! And no, I did not try to dress up; I wouldn't call a denim mini and white tank classy." Quirking a brow, you gazed at him in amusement.


"Well, it looks good anyway. I might just not let you reach Zexion this afternoon."


"Don't be sly, Axel. You know the rules; you aren't him, so stop trying to jump to be with me." Gloved fingers tenderly lifted your wrist and brushed your bare skin, making you shiver with delight you had forbidden yourself to have with this man. He pulled you toward him to where your bodies were lightly touching, sending your heart on an erratic rhythm.


"Please do not deny me the pleasure of being the first to kiss you upon your arrival. After all, we were always interrupted whenever I wished to sincerely prove my love to you."


"W-What? How do you know that we never...? Who is to say we didn't do such a thing after he left to find Roxas?" His free hand cupped your burning cheek, brushing the remaining hanging locks of hair to the side. Jade eyes searched yours, a spark of what was almost pain.


"_(Name)_, I..."


"Xevia! Ready to leave?" You and Axel split apart immediately at the appearance of the Cloaked Schemer. Zexion's aquamarine irises were impossible to read.


"I...er...yeah, sure. Uh...'bye, Axel." You tossed the firebug a wave before stepping up to Zexion and linking arms. Darkness flooded your sight, soon replaced with what you knew as Hollow Bastion. Zexion dropped your arm and moved forward in the direction of the shops.


Other people flooded the street, some familiar faces going in and out of view, but none you knew very well. Jogging, you fought to catch up to him, wondering why he was in such haste. When he reached the counter, he quickly snatched the last of the China Rain incense and placed a few munny on the counter.


How could he have known...? "Oh! Hi, Marly!" You gave a friendly wave to the Graceful Assassin, but he did not return it. Instead, he huffed at Zexion with a glare.


"Terribly sorry, Marluxia; I was here first. Maybe you should be faster next time," said Zexion slyly with a wicked grin. It then dawned on you as to why he had been in such a hurry- he and Marly had been racing for the last package. Really, was incense that important?


"Next time, you'll find that I'm quicker than you think. Xemnas was speaking to me; otherwise, I'd have arrived sooner."


"Come on, guys," you whined. "This is ridiculous! It's a freaking box of incense! Grow up!"


"Xevia, if you want our room smelling like Vexen's cheap cologne, by all means, take his side," snarled Zexion without shifting his gaze from the other pair of chilling blue eyes. Your own orbs popped at this, your face contorted in horror.


"Back off, Flower Boy! Take the next box and I'll set fire to your stupid rose garden!" you barked harshly.


"Not very loyal, are you, Xevia?" questioned Marluxia darkly.


"Vexen's nasty cologne? I'm sorry, but you're just not worth it."


"Step one," chimed the basement dweller. "Soon she'll come to realize that we can't rely on you for anything, and then she will grow to hate you just as much as the rest of us do."


"Are you dubbing her your pet, Zexion? Looks like you forgot her leash today." You shrieked at this.


"Why, you pink-haired, femmy bastard! Don't call me a dog! Next time, I'll castrate you while you sleep."


"Superiority reigns, Xevia."


"You're right- Number 0. Suck it!"


"Xevia, settle down," Zexion said softly. "Well discuss this back at headquarters."


"But- but...oh, fine," you responded with a sigh of defeat. Marluxia raised a brow in interest at your temper. Perhaps this was why Saïx was so intrigued; he could be a lord of death and power, and you could be his queen- an angel of chaos.


Satisfied, Zexion created a portal, which you grumpily stepped into. He followed shortly after, closing the door of darkness behind him and returning the two of you to the peace and comfort of his room. The incense was set aside before his piercing oceanic gaze was turned upon you.


"Are you beginning to comprehend what I said about him?"


"It was just a small squabble, Zexion. But yes, I suppose I can somewhat see it now."


"I am delighted you are able to see reason. It's good to not have to worry about a pet of Marluxia's staying in my room."


"There would have been free roses."


"They're free anyway; late night trips to his garden make such things possible."


"Sounds fun."


"You may accompany me sometime if you wish."


"I'd be delighted! But Zexion...what's that smell?" You wrinkled your nose at the ill presence of an odor containing a mixture of mothball aroma, sweaty sex, and chlorine.


"That, Xevia, is the very reason we have incense." Zexion lit one of the sticks and began to meander around to room to spread the fragrance faster. Your face became marred with repulsion. So that was what Vexen smelled like...

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