Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


39. Holiday Special #4: Kiss Daddy Goodbye

No sign of Xemnas...or Saïx, Xigbar, Xaldin, Luxord, or Demyx. That was good news. You pressed your hand to the ID screen and heard the familiar hiss of the high security door. Every sound made of yours echoed throughout the third floor, but what was great was that other than Xemnas, you were probably the only member in the castle. Everyone else was out doing missions...and you were about to leave to do a quest of your own.


The buttons beeped as you typed in 'password' onto the keyboard outside the library door. When you stepped inside, you were still taken aback by the elaborate chandelier glittering from the ceiling. The ample library was just as mysterious as ever, its secrets continuing to fascinate you, though you dared not to discover them. Your curiosity was spiked enough by the books that alluded certain topics you were interested in.


You had spent many hours in the library as of late, trying to find anything about a man called Katashi...or anyone that might be related to Xen. So far, you had been astounded to find a folder upon the desk a little while later containing all the files you had been searching for. It seemed someone had been thoughtful for you and knew you had been visiting the place often...most likely Xemnas.


Information had caught you by surprise when you read a newspaper clipping of a boy named Enthias, whom was missing from the very world you had apparently been born in. Enthias...that even sounded familiar! Perhaps a childhood friend of your own? He was about your age...


It was very likely Enthias was the Somebody of Xen...you just had to figure out what happened to make him a Nobody, and just why he would have been important to the Organization in the first place. Would this even rest your spinning mind?


He had died because of you...because of Katashi. Finding your enemy was your greatest priority now, and he would pay for his mistake in blood, no questions asked. Now that your sais were sharpened and you had brushed up on your brute force, you were all set to take on whatever he could give you, and this time, he'd be the one begging for his life. No mercy.


"Katashi...Katashi..." You ran your finger down the page and spotted his name on the article. Reading the sentence, you weren't surprised that it said he was a loner that had been found by the master of a now well-known dojo. There he had trained in Ninjutsu and soon surpassed his sensei. Great...so Xemnas hadn't been lying when he told you to be ready for anything because your skills were no match for Katashi's.


The article later read that Katashi's birth name was apparently Bishamon. You inquiringly searched for a name of the author of this document, but when you had no success, settled with believing it was the Organization that had written the file.


When you sorted through the pages, you came across a sticky note with your name inscribed.

Katashi is currently staying in a dense forest located on Nami Island...I am certain you are familiar with it? Good luck, and don't forget to check in before you leave. Return as soon as possible; your mission will be beginning shortly.



A smile spread across your face when you saw his name signed at the bottom of the page. He was getting to know you too well...that wasn't good. Were you that predictable, or were you that much like the rest of the Organization?


Back to your room you trudged to grab your weapons and rations, taking as little as possible to make sure you weren't carrying more than you needed. When you slung the bag over your shoulder, you checked your appearance quickly in the mirror, adjusting a few stray strands of hair. It was time to see Xemnas before you departed.


You found him taking notes in his office, a frown marring his handsome features. "Xemnas?" His amber eyes shot up to your form. He put down his pen and straightened his spine.


"You are leaving?" You responded with a nod.


"Thank you for your help...revenge on Katashi will be sweet, I promise you." A throaty chuckle emitted from The Superior.


"At least I taught you well enough to never leave a mission unfinished."


"But...I thought my mission was to bring Xen back to the Organization. I failed that, I-"


"On the contrary," he interrupted, rising from his chair. "You should be well acquainted enough with this association to know that wasn't your true quest. When I warned you of Katashi, I assumed you would prepare yourself for an arduous battle."


"But I didn't know he was-" He held up a hand to silence you.


"Now that you are aware, don't make us another member short. Avenge the death of Xen, who, had Katashi not taken his life, would be your comrade this very moment...and do not get killed yourself. You are dismissed."


You opened your mouth to reply, but stopped yourself. This was nothing worth reasoning. So much for making this your own mission.


You bowed your head and left the room, determination shining in your _(color)_ eyes. Your concentration was focused on Nami Island, your original home. Before you could teleport, however, a voice made you whirl around.


"And Xevia...stay there as short of a time as possible." With a nod, you ignored the pit feeling in your stomach. As much as you wanted to ask why, you knew you would only have Xemnas speak in riddles to you again, and you would get an answer you could not make sense of.


The best thing to do was to follow orders and be done with it. The darkness swirled at your feet, chilling and ominous. It made you wonder what your life was now. Did you have as much worth in the Organization as you did in the city?


Oceanic waves crashed against the rocky shores, soaking the bottom of your cloak. Luckily your boots were mainly waterproof, so long as the water didn't reach the rims. A body in the distance caught your attention.


It was the figure of a man lying upon the ground, the sand around him stained with his blood. When you approached, a scream caught in your throat and you covered your mouth in horror.


Your father stared at the heavens with wide glazed eyes of death. The smell of fresh blood reeked around him, letting you know that whoever had taken his life had done it recently. You kneeled to his side and rested your hand on his chest mournfully.


A kunai pinned his wrist to the earth, its blade right through the bone. A small note was attached, and you ripped it off the weapon before unfolding the paper and reading the threat. It figured...only one person could be behind it, and you had guessed correctly.


You felt the scratch of a blade against your throat, freshly sharpened and gleaming in the moonlight. You slowly turned your head to see its wielder, and found it was a girl at about the age of seventeen. Rising to your feet, you fixed her with a questioning glare.


"You killed him," she said coldly, also brandishing yet another sword, both matching. She was apparently trained in butterflies.


"Check my blades, you will find no blood. In any case, why would I kill my own father?" A flash of recognition hit the girl's eyes as she overlooked your figure.


"You...you came here about ten years ago, questioning my father's ex-wife."


"Ten years ago?" you repeated in shock. "That was only a week ago! You must be...his adopted daughter? You were so much younger when I was here. This must be a trick." Her optics were cold with hostility as she spun a katana between her fingers.


"Time moves quickly here." That explained why Xemnas had told you to stay here as short of a time as possible. "Draw your weapons...you won't get away with my father's death."


"You're adopted! He is not your father. I am his flesh and blood. Give me a reason that I would have killed him!" She did not reply, but got into a battle stance. With a sigh, you shipped out your blades and prepared to fight.


"I don't believe you. You took his life on father's day. Time to pay." You laughed loudly.


"You have no idea how cheesy you sound. I mean really." A katana came flying down at you, and out of pure reaction, you blocked it with your own weapon. "You're actually serious about this," you stated in surprise. "Very well..."


When you whipped your arm around, making her sword move to a safe distance from you, you jumped and spun around with a kick to her head. She stumbled back at the sudden impact before leaping at you and making her butterflies cross in an 'x' shape. When she pulled her arms back, the blades made a slicing sound against each other, but were stopped short by your sais.


You caught the swords between the handles and blades and strained your wrists to twist. After a good deal of pressure, her katanas snapped, leaving her with two stubs for weapons. A cocky smirk fell to your lips as you stared at her expectantly.


"We'll meet again," she declared coldly, dropping the handles.


"In the next life." You gave a chuckle at your own joke. "I promise you...it was not I that killed him. Katashi even left this note..." You pulled out the piece of paper and held it out for her to see. She just gave you a blank stare.




"Yes...I swear to you, I will avenge my father's death...and Xen's."


"Katashi is my brother twice over. Why would he have killed him?"


"Your brother twice over? What do you mean?"


"Katashi was born of my father's wife, Aimi...before they were married. Aimi's ex-husband impregnated her with...Bishamon, as he was known then." Your eyes widened with shock. Katashi was...your half brother?

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