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In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


13. Holiday Special #1: Be My Valentine

Through the darkness, black hair swayed in a pallid woman's face. Her bright green eyes could be seen glowing as they stared ahead blankly. She seemed to show no emotion; she was a woman of mystery, and this is what baffled you. Why were you having these dreams?


The surroundings began to grow lighter and you found yourself on the same beach as your previous dream. Though this time, you were in a different area. Black jagged rocks jutted out of the sea, salty mist hovering around them as the waves crashed against the sides. It was extremely windy, which is why the woman's hair was blowing so wildly.


You approached her cautiously, cocking your head to the side. She seemed so fragile...so lost. You reached out your hand to her as though to touch her, but pulled back as a sound reached your ears. Was it your imagination? You carefully outstretched your arm again, but once more you heard the voice.


The little girl you recognized from before stumbled in the sand. She was yelling to the woman, but it was so hard to hear over the waves. You had to strain your ears to make out her words.


"Mother!" She seemed to be calling it repeatedly, but it wasn't until she was a few feet away from the woman that her mother acknowledged her presence with a warm smile. The young girl sat on the woman's lap and rested her back against the woman's bosom.


"Aimi..." You looked to your left in surprise. The proverbial man was approaching the pair. "Don't you look lovely?" He presented the woman with a bouquet of flowers. Aimi smiled and took them gratefully. "We thought we would find you here."


"I can hear her in the ocean mist..." The woman's voice was barely audible. It was very quiet and smooth, almost as though in song. You studied her with concentration. Hear who?


"Aimi, she's gone. It's time to face up to that fact," the man cooed.


"I know she's gone," Aimi snapped irritably. "But her spirit is within me...it's as though, when she died to save my life, her heart became my own." The woman looked up at you warily and met your gaze. Once again the sudden impact made you gasp and step back. When she spoke, you could have guessed she was speaking to anyone, but then again... "_(Name)_, do you feel her?"


You opened your mouth to reply, but the darkness began to return. It submerged everything, leaving you in emptiness. You took a deep intake of air and sat up sharply in Demyx's bed. Glancing down at him, you saw he was still sleeping soundly.


How long have I been asleep? you wondered to yourself before climbing from the sheets. Throwing on your cloak, you walked from the room and out of Proof of Existence. There was no sign of any other nobody that seemed to be awake, making your heart beat faster.


You made your way down to the office where Xemnas seemed to be most of the time lately. However, when you walked in, there was no sign of the Superior. "Huh...he normally doesn't sleep this long," you said aloud.


Your feet carried you to the message board. You yawned as you scanned it briefly. There didn't seem to be any news of upcoming meetings.


Your eyes fell upon the calendar in curiosity. X's marked the dates that had passed; you had been keeping track since everyone else was too lazy to do so. Grabbing a pen, you marked off the thirteenth before stopping short.


It was the fourteenth of February. You silently wondered if Organization XIII knew anything about Valentine's Day in the first place. They didn't have hearts, so why would it matter? It would be some sort of holiday of lust. Even so, it was always a fun day to act amorous to people just for amusement. It always seemed to creep them out, and you, being the adroit little demon you were, put it on extra thick just to make them go crazy in annoyance.


Plots formed in your mind of tortures you could inflict on poor Demyx that day. You would need hearts...lots of hearts. But as you tried to find a way to get some, a new idea came to you. With a nefarious grin, you dashed from the room and back toward the rooms.


You would wake up every member of the Organization, telling them there was an urgent meeting in the meeting hall. Valentine's Day was the perfect April First for you. As you slipped into each room and called their occupants' names, your evil plan began to fall into place.


Now you had to find something to say. It had to be incredibly stupid...something they didn't care about. Valentine's Day! It was perfect! There was just one room left to visit, and you were not looking forward to it.


As you stepped into Axel's room, your eyes widened instantly at the temperature change. You looked around with a dry gaze; you were warm, and too warm. Axel was laid out across the bed on his back. His arms were against his sides in a straight posture.


"What a stiff...Axel." You whispered in his ear, hoping he'd awaken. He was always dozing off during the day, so surely he wouldn't sleep very hard now. Sure enough, a jade eye opened and gazed at you critically.


The Flurry of Dancing Flames sat up and glared at you. "What?"


"There's a meeting."


"That's it? You should have woken me earlier; I can hardly contain my excitement," he said sarcastically before laying back down and rolling over to face the opposite wall.


"Axel...it's urgent. Come on. Get your lazy butt out of bed." You left the room and happily skipped down the halls with glee. The door to the meeting hall was already open, and it appeared most of the Organization, or what was left of it, was already there and waiting for the meeting to start.


"Is Xemnas going to get here any time soon?" a grumpy voice called down to you. You instantly pinned the higher pitched tone to Demyx. The sounds of a dark portal echoed through the room as Axel appeared in his high-perched chair. You stepped up to the middle platform calmly and looked up at all of the nobodies.


"Xemnas didn't call this meeting; I did." Angry groans and mutters answered this, but your glare silenced them. "Guess what, everybody?" There was no answer. "Today's Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day!" You threw your arms up dramatically as though opening them for a hug.


"What? You woke us up this early just to tell us about some stupid day for people with hearts?" That one came from Xigbar.


"Yeah, really! Why should we care?" Demyx.


"Because we love each other so much." That one, of course, was Axel.


"Come on, people!" you yelled. "Valentine's Day is a day when you can share something special with the ones you care about...preferably the opposite sex, if you don't mind. I would like to keep my breakfast."


Silence greeted your ears before each one of the members disappeared into darkness. "Bunch of misfits," you mumbled to yourself, and exited the hall. As soon as you stepped out of the door an arm wrapped around your shoulders. You jumped in surprise.


"Happy Valentine's Day, Valentine." You looked at your 'admirer.'


"Demyx!" He batted his eyelashes at you. Your eyes widened and you quickly pulled away from his grasp, receiving a pout from the water manipulator. "O...K...you need sleep. Go back to bed." You pointed toward the direction of Proof of Existence.


"Will you join me?"


"Go back to bed!" you yelled angrily. He gave you a grim smile before disappearing into the dark depths.


"Well, now that he's gone..." Xaldin stepped around the corner, a mysterious glint in his eyes.


"Oh no...not you too." You took a step back in fear.


"Will you...be my Valentine?" Your eyes didn't seem to be able to get any bigger before you took off running down the corridors, fleeing to your balcony. Sure, it was covered in snow, but right now, that seemed like heaven.


You slipped around a corner and leaned against the wall, gasping for breath. Man, what a mistake. Who should approach you next but Saïx? The blue-haired man smirked at you, taking note of your weariness. He opened his mouth to speak, but you shook your head vigorously and began to wobble away. You would have run, but frankly you were a bit too tired.


As you turned another corner, you bumped in to Xigbar. "Not...you...too," you breathed.


"Move it," he said sharply. Your face filled with relief; he still hated you! You wanted to hug him. Then again, this could be your chance to do some torturing.


"Xiggy!" You ran forward and wrapped your arms around him. Instantly you were tossed to the ground. "Ow! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!" you snapped angrily, struggling to your feet.


"Oh that's right...I almost forgot. I made a poem for you on this special day." He cleared his throat.


"Oh no," you moaned.


"Roses are red, violets are blue. Demyx is a fool, and so are you!" He began to laugh.


"That's not funny!" you shouted angrily and kicked him in the shin. The yellow-eyed glare he gave you sent you sprinting away. You were still panting when you reached Proof of Existence, and you were suddenly grateful you hadn't been able to find Xemnas to tell him about the holiday. Maybe now you could get some sleep.


"Hey, Xevia." The whispered voice came from your left. Please no...


You turned and looked at Axel, who was waiting outside his doorway. "I have something to show you," he said quietly, beckoning you over. You shook your head in a pleading manner, but he continued to motion for you to go with him. You sighed in defeat and followed the firebug.


Once again you were standing in his room, and once again you were too warm. You figured it must be because you had been in the cold castle for so long that you had grown used to it. Axel walked toward his own stereo and pressed play.


Flames erupted around the both of you, and Axel summoned his chakrams with raised hands. They spun rapidly at his sides. He smirked at you wolfishly. Looking at him in disgust, it took you a moment to get it.


Burning Love by Elvis Presley blasted over the speakers. Your hands flew to your ears as you convulsed. You could take it anymore! Were they trying to drive you crazy?


You scurried from the room and onto the balcony. Your breath came in short gasps, but you sighed with relief and rested your arms against the railing bordering the deck. You were safe...what a relief. Did all of them coordinate with each other, or were they all just crazy? You made an attempt to put it past you before concentrating on the moon above you. Just when you were about to drift off into daydreaming, a deep voice interrupted your thoughts.


"I've been waiting for you, Xevia."


(Author's Note: Yeah, OK...this chapter was really stupid and pointless, but I wanted to do SOMETHING for Valentine's Day. Please forgive me. XD At least the Burning Love thing was funny...or I thought it was when I came up with it.)

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