Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


8. Chapter 8

You hit the floor with a loud thud, your back stinging from the impact. You rubbed your head in confusion. Blinking, you sat up and stared in front of you. Another dark figure stood ahead. All you could see was the familiar shape of his body and the back of his punk-style hair.


"Demyx?" you groaned, pulling your bo staff over to your side. He looked behind him at you, his sitar poised in his hands. "What are you doing?" After you had leapt at Scarface, instead of connecting with your mark, you had run straight into the Melodious Nocturne and had fallen to the floor as a result.


He shrugged and brandished a stupid grin on his face. You frowned, your eyes large with the odd look you gave him. Scarface didn't seem too happy with the interruption. He had so looked forward to the glory of defeating you.


With a growl, he aimed a gun at Demyx and prepared to pull the trigger. You blinked in panic and reacted quickly, wrapping your arms around Demyx's legs and pulling him down to the floor beside you. His sitar smacked against your knees, but when Scarface pulled the trigger, the shot went straight to where he had been previously standing, wiping off the annoyed look from Demyx's face and replacing it with a grateful glance toward you.


The water manipulator stood back up and strummed his sitar. Once again you asked what he was doing. He didn't look at you this time, keeping his eyes straight forward and on his opponent.


"You're not strong enough to fight him," he replied. "You can thank me later."


"What?" you roared. "Demyx!" Struggling to your feet, you gripped the bo in your hands and got into a battle stance. "You are not going to play the selfish hero. That's my job." His gaze flickered onto your for a brief moment.


"Would you two shut up?" Scarface yelled, yellow eye glaring.


"Can it, Patchy," you retorted, giving him yet another nickname that seemed to anger him further. Demyx chortled softly. "What?"


"His name's Xigbar," he answered. "He's Organization Member Number Two." Your eyes widened at this; you had been pestering second in command? Though...wait, he wasn't second in command! That was Saïx. Did that even make any sense? Despite the thoughts buzzing in your mind, you didn't hesitate to laugh.


"Xigbar?" you repeated between chuckles. The vein in the Freeshooter's forehead had returned. "Where the heck did you come up with that? Did you name yourself after some sort of nutrition bar?"


"Don't you have something better to do?" Xigbar growled, his fists nearly breaking the handles of his gun arrow rifles.


"I was going to do the laundry, but you wouldn't get out of way." You glared right back at him. "Don't you have something better to do? I'm sure the garbage cans in the kitchen need to be emptied." You were mocking him on purpose. That would be something a rookie would take care of, certainly not a senior member.


Xigbar sneered and turned around to leave. "Oh, and Xiggy!" you called. He turned his head to the side. "I hope you can find enough cover-up, though I'm not sure it would do any good; you're sort of hopeless in that area." He said nothing, but as his weapons disappeared, you could see just how tight he was clenching his fists as he left.


Demyx sighed and shook his head at you. You gave him an innocent smile before picking up the basket again and making your way over to the washing machine. You opened it and began throwing the clothing into the cavity.


Standing up, you added some detergent and pressed start. The sound of water trickling could be heard from the device as it began to fill. You turned around and took a step forward, nearly falling back and onto the machine.


Demyx stood directly in front of you, an eyebrow raised in arrogance. You frowned and sighed. With a twitch of your neck, you signaled with your head for him to step aside. He stood his ground with the same look on his face.




"I'm waiting for my thank you," he replied, crossing his arms.


"Oh, you have to be kidding me." You stepped up to him and attempted to push him aside with your arm. He wouldn't budge. "Demyx, move." You tried again: nothing. "Demyx, come on!" You gave an exasperated sigh and gave up. "Alright, thanks," you droned sarcastically.


"Say it like you mean it," he ordered, eyebrows raised. You growled in the back of your throat with disgust. Rolling your eyes, you mumbled a thank you. "That's better." He stepped aside.


"You should be the one thanking me, you know. I'm the one doing your laundry."


"And you're staying in my room," he retorted quickly. "I didn't ask you to do that, so don't expect a thanks from me." You frowned at him and walked past. From the sound of another pair of boots against the marble, you could easily tell he was following you. You turned around and stared at him. "What?"


"Don't you have a life too?" He cocked his head. You sighed and closed your eyes, shaking your head. Looking at him again, you raised your hand to a chest level. "Don't you have a life as well?"


"Yeah," he replied bluntly. "So?"


"So why are you following me?"


"Because...I'm going to bed too." You blinked and raised your eyebrows.


"Oh." Looking down, you turned around and continued walking. You soon left the room and made your way back to the kingdom of music. It wasn't long before you got there and stepped in casually. Your eyes widened in surprise.


Demyx walked into the room as well and set his sitar on it stand. He unzipped his cloak and let it fall to the floor. When he turned around, he frowned.


"What's wrong?"


"The cot's gone," you replied in confusion. He yawned and shrugged, slipping the boots off of his feet. Now all that remained on his body were black pants, a pair of black socks, and the black gloves the Organization wore. The gloves were off in a second, and you gazed at his shirtless torso blankly.


It was odd seeing so much skin within the Organization. You were just used to seeing a sliver of collarbone, a neck, and a face. Everything else was covered with dark robes. Now to see Demyx without black clothing on was rather a shock. An idea formed in your mind: you had an urge to poke his stomach.


You stepped forward with a smirk, knowing very well that he was watching your actions carefully. His gaze flickered to the sitar beside him, and you almost wondered if he thought you were going to do something to the instrument.


Your body was directly in front of his in a moment, and you tilted your head to the side playfully. He frowned and blinked, his bangs swaying in front of his aqua eyes. You reached forward and gave him a quick poke, feeling a sharp pain in your pointer finger.


You wrinkled your nose and held up your hand in examination. "What the-?" Your eyes traveled down to his stomach; abs. They were rock hard. You poked them again, only to achieve the same result. "You suck!"


A grin came across Demyx's face as he apprehended just what you were trying to do. While you were distracted, he reached forward and pinched your side. You jumped in surprise and glared up at him. He laughed silently and did it again. You jumped a second time, your glare hardening.


Once again you attempted to poke him, this time trying for his own side. He must have clenched his abs to resist, because you finger only sunk in slightly. You gave a desperate cry and repeatedly prodded him. He laughed and ran his fingers down your flank. You gave a shudder and a quick giggle.


The look of realization came across his face, only to receive a worried expression from you. His lips curled into a wicked grin. You drew a breath and shook your head in defiance. Oh no...please no. "Don't...please don't," you whimpered uselessly.


In a flash his fingers danced down your sides and you felt your abdomen shake with laughter. "Demyx, stop!" you cried with no avail. You would so pay him back. Your lungs began to hurt with the effort of drawing breath, and you sank to your knees, still in fits of giggles.


He lowered to your level, continuing his torment. There had to be some way of getting him to stop! You squirmed to get your sides away from his quick fingers that were so used to dancing over his sitar strings. Falling backwards, you continued laughing at the tickle torture.


Your body spun in a desperate attempt to make him stop, but this only made him react by straddling your waist to make you stop squirming. "Demyx, haha, Demyx, please!" He laughed and finally stopped his fingers from moving. You gasped for breath, feeling the redness drain from your face.


"What's the matter?" he toyed. You glared at him playfully and countered his previous attack with a quick jolt. He felt onto his back with surprise, and you took the opportunity to pounce on him. Grinning at him viciously, you easily pinned him.


A sudden shock came to you instantly; you didn't know what to do. He couldn't be tickled because of his stupid well-built abs, so what sort of torture could you afflict upon him? The idea washed over you, and only widened your smile. A flicker of worry flashed in the water manipulator's eyes.


You reached up and untied your long _(color)_ hair and wrapped the band around your wrist. The long strands of hair hung on your shoulders, and you quickly threw your head forward to toss it onto his face. You could hear him blow in attempt to get it away from his mouth, but you wouldn't give up.


You gave your head quick shakes, your hair following the motions and applying a different sort of tickle torture. He began to laugh, and this time you were given the pleasure of listening to him gasp for breath.


Demyx tried to sit up, but you quickly grabbed his shoulders and pinned him back onto the floor. If you were to get revenge, you would get full revenge. You continued to shake your hair on his face, receiving more laughs from the musician beneath you.


You were thrown backwards and onto your butt, and you began to chuckle with amusement. "What's the matter?" you mocked. He gave you a weak smile when he sat up, and quickly fixed his hair. He stood up and offered you a hand. You smiled gratefully and reached up to grasp it, but he pulled it away quickly.


"Psyche!" yelled Demyx playfully.


"Why you rotten little..." you mumbled as you helped yourself to your feet. Once again you felt fingers pressing into your sides at high speed, and you began to laugh again, stepping backwards blindly. You bumped into a shelf and fell back down to your knees. The two of you heard a clatter before a few CD cases fell from the shelf and onto the floor. Demyx held his breath for a moment and burst out laughing.


"Smooth, Ms Graceful!"


"Hey, shut up. I wasn't the one with the tickling fingers." You picked up a few of them and placed them back in order before grabbing the last one and hesitating. "Hoobastank?" You looked up at him. He nodded, shrugging with embarrassment, making it obvious he assumed you were making fun of him. "I love them!" You smiled. "Well, the band."


He raised an eyebrow in a mocking pose, crossing his arms. Casually plucking the CD from your hands, he brought it over to the high-tech stereo system and put it in. The familiar tune of Same Direction filled your ears, and you smiled in recognition. You stood up and brushed yourself off, glancing up at the Melodious Nocturne.


"OK, can you put some clothes on...please?" you requested hopefully. He chuckled and threw on his cloak again, pulled on his boots, and put on his gloves. "Thank you." Now things seemed a bit more natural without him showing off his skin to the world. He turned around and flipped through the songs, finally stopping on The Reason. Demyx turned back around and face you, smiling.


"Hey, _(name)_...wanna dance?"


"Are you crazy?" He didn't appear to be changing his mind, so you laughed and shook your head. "No thanks. I don't dance."


"Aw, come on." He widened his eyes, giving you what looked to be a puppy dog pout. You smiled and shook your head.


"You are so weird." He stepped forward and grabbed your hand, pulling you toward him. "What- Demyx, no!" You tried to pull away, but he held you fast. You had no choice but to give in. You grabbed his left hand with your right and placed your own left hand on his right shoulder. You felt his right hand against your waist and a moment later the two of you were gliding to the beat.


"See? It's not hard," he said in a convincing tone.


"You're leading." You looked up and gave him an odd look. He grinned down at you and shrugged his shoulders. "Why do you even want me to dance with you anyway?" Demyx looked thoughtful for a moment before replying, "I don't know. I never get to dance with anybody."


"I see..." You closed your eyes and listened to the music. Demyx took this opportunity to gaze at you. A new sparkle was in his eyes as he thought back on when the two of you first met. From the moment he had spotted you, he had liked you from the start. They said nobodies couldn't have feelings, so what was this he was experiencing? Was it all his imagination, or was he in love with you?


He couldn't stop himself from breaking through the outer shell you had set up to isolate yourself from the rest of the world. The experience of getting to know you better was even more fun, and now that you had finally warmed up to him, he could discover even more he didn't know.


Your beauty continued to startle him each time he gazed into your face, and your _(color)_ eyes entranced him every time he looked into them. This was the first time your scent had engulfed him, and he found himself leaning forward to get a better shot at smelling you.


Your hair smelled of milk and honey, but the rest of you had an aura of jasmine blossoms. He closed his eyes and took in the fragrance with bliss. Without even trying, you had unconsciously put him into ecstasy.


"Hey, Demyx?" Your voice woke him from his thoughts.




"How...how did you end up here?" It was an innocent question, he had to admit, but one he found he couldn't answer. The nobody could only remember back to his first day here. Anything before that was completely blank.


"Er..." He frowned and sighed. "I don't know. Why?"


"I was just wondering. You just don't seem like the type of person to be hanging around this group." He smiled and shook his head in disbelief. Were you complimenting him, or just observing the fact that he was an outcast?


"I could say the same about you," he said softly, slowly pulling you closer. He happily noticed you did not object, but reacted by resting your head in the crook of his neck. He shivered at the feeling of your breath against his skin.


"Well...I know how I came here. Xemnas caught my wrist when I jumped off a building. He brought me here to..." You frowned. "Well, I'm not quite sure why he brought me here."


"Eh...oh well. You're here, aren't ya?"


"Yeah, I guess." You thought to yourself for a moment, pausing to piece together the latest events. "Demyx, what is Xemnas planning?" The water manipulator seemed to hesitate in his steps, but glided gracefully back into the beat.


"Hasn't he told you?"


"No," you replied. "He hasn't said a word about it." You could feel Demyx's chest rise as he took a deep breath.


"Well," he began airily. You looked up at him expectantly. He gazed into your eyes, opening his mouth to speak. He paused in uncertainty and smiled. "It doesn't really matter right now. You're going to know soon enough."




"Shhh," he cooed. "No more questions." You pouted indignantly. It seemed as though he might had been wearing off on you a little bit. You sighed and put your head back on his collar. He closed his eyes in elation.


"You're a good dancer." Your words brushed against his bare skin before they even reached his ears, and you inquired why he quivered. "Are you cold?"


"N-no," he replied quickly. "I just..."


"What?" You lifted your head to look at him. Once again he stared into your eyes and vacillated. He opened his mouth but frowned and shook his head.


"I can't...oh, never mind." He sighed, reaching up and running a hand through his hair. Your brows bunched together and you grasped his elbow, pulling his arm downward.


"What is it?" you repeated.


"You're just...um...really..." You could see a pink tint rise to his cheeks, bringing a knowing smile from you. He was obviously trying to say something that greatly made him feel uncomfortable, and you almost wondered if half of it was the close proximity of your bodies.


You raised an eyebrow, encouraging him to continue. He groaned and gritted his teeth. Taking a deep breath, he met your stare.


"You're um...have you been told that you're really attractive?" It was your turn to blush, and you looked off to the side awkwardly. You didn't know whether or not to say thank you or question him as to why he had said such a thing. You figured you should probably answer his question, but you couldn't make the answer come out.


The truth was, no one had. That's what made this moment even more awkward, especially since the two of you were so close. Xemnas's face flashed in your mind, and you drew a quick breath. Your current confusion was giving you mixed feelings. Demyx was a great guy, but you couldn't tell if you felt the same or not. You knew there was something there for Xemnas, even though he was at least four years older than you.


Though The Reason was over, the two of you continued to dance. You struggled to remember the name of the song that was playing, and frowned in mystification when you remembered it was Disappear. Glancing at the CD player answered your unspoken question. The shuffle light was on, explaining why it had skipped so many songs.


Demyx was still watching you in amazement that you hadn't said something smart to hide your embarrassment. You finally looked up at him, and seemed to blush even deeper when you realized his gaze hadn't faltered. Your heart began to beat faster as he began to lean forward.


"Demyx..." He drew back in hesitation before finishing his descent on you. His lips engulfed yours in what began as a tender kiss. When he realized you weren't resisting is when he decided to go further. The two of you had stopped dancing, and he pulled you forward. Your body was pressed against his as he put more force into the kiss.


You finally gave in and kissed him back, wrapping your arms around him in an embrace. You pressed upward, and he responded only by forcing downward and increasing the pressure. His lips toyed with yours as you felt his hands slide down your back. You gave a shudder of pleasure and your right hand flew to his hair.


Your eyes fluttered open slightly and as you stared at him you realized just how different it was to not have his intense aqua eyes looking back at you. Your eyes closed again as he began to nibble on the bottom of your lip in a begging way. You realized you must have stopped using your own actions when you had opened your eyes, but you began to play with his lips again.


You both began to stumble around the room when Demyx decided to make the kiss deeper even yet. Your leg bumped against the bed, resulting in a backward fall onto the mattress. The Melodious Nocturne bent over you, his hands resting on your lower back.


Demyx's lips traveled down and nipped at the nape of your neck, and you gasped in surprise at the sudden change of angles. He smiled in response, rather pleased at the sound of pleasure he had brought from you. You felt his hand leave your back and soon heard the sound of the zipper of your cloak as his arm pulled it upward.


It was open in a moment's time, giving him free access to your exposed chest. Once again his lips traveled downward, and he took in your scent on the way. He kissed you on the rim of your bra before you felt his hands once again travel up your back. Though this time you knew their destination.


You hesitated for a moment, and he must have sensed it, for he stopped kissing you and looked up. His eyes seemed to be pleading with yours, and you took a deep breath, closed your eyes, and nodded for him to continue.

(Author's Note: If you are against reading lemons, do not read chapter nine. Chapter ten will continue from the morning, and I can offer a brief summary without the immense details at the beginning for those of you who have the morals to skip over it. Not like I don't have morals, I just usually don't listen to them when reading.

For the Xemnas lovers: don't worry! Keep in mind this is not anywhere near the end of the story. This plays a huge significance in the plot as a whole, so stick with me through the Demyx romance. The plot I had formed in my mind when I first decided to write this story won't be changing in any way, so don't worry about this story losing its unique features.)

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