Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


55. Chapter 50

A few days later, Hallow Bastion became your most permanent position. It seemed as though you were always there, provided you weren't eating, sleeping, or training. Now all you could hear was silence.


Your first test was today; there was a battle you were told to attend. Yeah...a 'battle' meant following Sora around and helping him kill off a few random Heartless so he could reach the market and fill up on items. At least you'd be able to fight now.


Training had gone fairly well, though it was difficult at first. Nearly impossible to tell where Xemnas was in the beginning, you'd gathered countless bruises. After a while, though, it smoothed out and became easier to blocked and counter.


Someone was running toward you. From what it sounded like, three pairs of feet were striking against the pavement. Gee, how you wondered who they were.


"_(Name)_!" Sora dashed up to you excitedly. "You're still here?"


"Yep...I've been here for the last three days. Why are you here?"


"We left, but...er...now we're back." He studied you carefully, a curious expression set upon his face. A pregnant pause prolonged. "Is everything OK?"


"Would there be any reason it wouldn't be?" you replied a little too sharply. He stood back and placed his fists upon his hips.


"Well, if you say so." Of course you could tell Sora didn't believe a word of it, but thankfully he wasn't about to press the question.


"You'll be needing supplies, won't you? Would you mind if I accompanied you?" A wide grin spread across the Keyblader's face. Evidently, he assumed you wanted to join him due to the fact that the two of you could have time to 'bond'. Goofy and Donald exchanged uneasy glances, but spoke of nothing. The two apparently did not trust you entirely, but there was no stopping Sora when he had his mind set on who was a friend and who wasn't.


Pushing off from the wall, you stood beside said brunette, brushing a few strands of hair from your face. His answer had not reached you as of yet, for a smile is not something one hears on an every day basis. By raising your eyebrows, you were proud to find that you had caught his attention.


"Do you really want to come, or is this is a trick?" You laughed at this, though your voice was accidentally filled with an icy chill.


"You're breaking down my character...how interesting. Actually, I shall surprise you by assuring that my request was sincere." Gaining a look of revelation on his face, Sora nodded before taking off toward the Market. Pursuing footsteps alerted you to follow, though the most you could do was listen to the source of the noise. Heaven forbid should an echo throw you into a wall.


As though on cue, the brick barrier found your forehead. You fell onto your back with a groan as you struggled to a sitting position. Sora came to an abrupt halt before running to your aid, taking hold of your elbow and hoisting you to your feet. Apparently, he had been snickering at your actions, the little--


"What in the world? Didn't you see the wall?" he asked between laughs, though there was a hint of concern in his voice.


"Of course not, you- argh..." You ripped your elbow from his grasp and glared on ahead, walking blindly forward. It was such a pity you didn't have the element of darkness. It was certainly possible to obtain such a thing, but it would doubtlessly cost you your heart.


"_(Name)_? What's wrong?" Following the sound of his words, you turned to face him.


"Holy crap, Sora...you're more blind than I am. Have you not noticed that I cannot see?" Surprised gasps erupted from Donald and Goofy. Chuckling, you held your hands outward, in a sideways fashion, from your waist.


"I'm sorry...I-I didn't mean to-"


"To what? Tease me?" With perfect timing, butterflies appeared in the grips of your fingers. Startled sputters of fear and anger could be heard from the trio.


"Now, now, _(Name)_...can we try to sort this out without violence?" offered Goofy, drawing a frown from a mildly disappointed you.


"Do you not sense it?" came your whisper. This silenced them, though a moment later you could hear the familiar scuffling sound near your feet, followed by the echoing shing and clatter of summoned weapons. The sense of sound was apparently serving you better than you'd imagined it would; had you been able to see, you would have never paid enough attention to know the Heartless were arriving.


However, there seemed to be a second influx this time. It sounded like appearing shadows, but a rhythmic swish could be heard repeating over and over again. The thought of an unknown enemy scared you, and your eyes darted about regardless of not being able to spot the adversary.


"S-Sora?" He answered from a good distance away, a strained tone that clearly meant he was battling an opponent. "What am I hearing?"


"Dusks!" came his reply, causing you to raise your eyebrows yet again. Was Xemnas testing you? There was no choice but to fight; if you simply stood there and let the Nobodies to fend off the Heartless without even attempting to strike you, it would be evident which side you were on.


Taking a few swipes at a Heartless in front of you, it was effortless to realize that such shadows were easy to spot. Though you could not see anything around it, the basic form of your target could be clearly viewed. Your blades came together in the shape of an 'x' before coming down and slicing the Soldier in half. Before you could fight any more, however, a small arm wrapped about your waist and pulled you backward. Sora's loud protest echoed throughout the clearing. A familiar aroma reached your nose- Axe cologne, though in a form of the scent stained upon the being wearing it. Axel.


"Hey! Leave her alone!" Apparently, The Flurry of Dancing Flames had his hood shrouding his features. You squirmed within his grasp, but he held fast, his breath tickling against your ear as he bent his head to give you an amused greeting. It wasn't a second later when he straightened and threw down his hood. "Axel!"


"Yo, Sora. I'm just going to take this vixen off your hands, 'kay?"




"Don't worry...I'm just going to...borrow her. Y'know...play with her and then bring her back." This did not settle with you as your temper flared and you elbowed the firebug in his abdomen. He doubled over and coughed, and though his grip loosened, it was still near impossible to get free, and by the time you had gotten a foot forward, he'd grabbed the back rim of your bustier and had pulled you back. You could almost hear the smirk on his lips.


Darkness covered the both of you, teleporting you to wherever Axel had in mind. For a brief moment, you could see his gloved hand gripping the side opposite of his elbow, and it was strange to say that you had a thought flash into your mind- what if you had chosen Axel? What would have come of it?


Once blackness overtook you again, you were released, and could hear the sound of scuffling boots moving a few yards away. There was no doubt the fire wielder was leaning against a wall and studying you. A grunt of mirth came from him as he cocked his head.


"What's the matter, Xevia? Afraid to look at me?"


"I'm terrified; my sight might become worse than it already is." That one seemed to strike him odd, but abnormally enough, inflated his ego. Evidently, he assumed you were joking. He approached you and pulled you into an embrace, his arms tangled about your lower back. More struggling was the most you could do, but a gruff voice put stopped you.


"Is this how you desire to make your farewell?" Eyes widening, you stared forward in a state of confusion. "Xevia...I fear this will be the final time I will be able to speak with you. Roxas, it seems, is farther off than I thought. It will take a good deal of- eh?"


His words were taken from him when you suddenly threw yourself onto him in a tight hug, your face buried in his chest. This was the last time? The last time you would hold him, speak to him, smell his spicy scent that suited him so well? Axel sighed and nestled his nose in your _(color)_ locks.


"I'm sorry, Axel...I treated you like filth because I was told to, and now this is all I can do to apologize." Soft lips soon connected with yours as he tilted your chin upward. Normally, you would have drawn back from such a forward move, but there was no opportunity for this to go further; this was good-bye. Clearly, he knew that he was not your final choice, and was expressing how he might have cared for you if he had been.


Gingerly, you returned the kiss, though in a friendly action. A moment later, you pulled away and rested your head in the crook of his neck, closing your eyes. The man clutched your form with wish to never let go, although he knew such dreams were impossible. He'd have to part with you, and soon.


Warm tendrils removed themselves from your figure, followed by a final peck on your lips and a breathy adieu whispered an inch from their previous position. Cold darkness blasted around your face as the redhead disappeared, and for a small moment, you were able to gaze at him for one last time. With a sad smile, he was gone.


"_(Name)_!" Oh, damn... "Are you alright?" Sora had apparently found you yet again, and by the sound of it, thought the pyromaniac had kidnapped you. You laughed and nodded.


"I'm fine, Sora...just saying good-bye to an old friend." Your fingers reached up and gripped the locket Demyx had given you. At last, its true purpose would follow through. How you'd spent time planning it, and now you were able to begin such a plot.


The niche was discovered and unlocked, letting the chain fall from your neck. You gripped the jewelry and held it out to the brownie. He sent you a confused expression before taking it cautiously.


"For luck," you explained.


"Thanks," said the boy with gratitude, hooking it onto his pants. Smiling gently, you nodded and sighed, tilting your head backward. Axel was gone now, and it was difficult to believe that just a few minutes ago, you had been wrapped in his arms. While thinking this, you jumped to find yet another pair of them gripping your upper abdomen, more so around your neck. A squeal of surprise pounded through your lungs as you struggled to release yourself from the man's grip. A strong odor hit the roof of your mouth, instantly pinpointing to only one person.


"Luxord..." you whispered softly. Sora was protesting from a distance, making you wonder why he'd gotten so far away. Apparently, the Gambler of Fate had wrapped the trio in some cards and set them aside.


"Xevia...Xemnas has requested your company."


"So why are you trying to choke me?" you laughed, finally being able to lower his arm from your shoulders. Having learned that Luxord was no longer truly interested in you, you guys had actually gotten along a bit better. It was an odd friendship, but still stood as one nonetheless.


"I figured it added a nice effect...bothered the idiot who was in your presence." This brought a chuckle from you.


"Alright...well, we'd better get back then, hm?"

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