Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


53. Chapter 48

"Never satisfied, are you?" A sigh escaped your body with exasperation at your efforts to please Xemnas. He surveyed you with blank amber orbs, his head tilted slightly downward. Silver locks fell forward, swaying before his masculine features.


You, however, were every bit of a mess as possible. Not that you cared; it had been difficult to take care of yourself properly and make yourself as beautiful as you often were. Little time had been offered for a spare moment, but you had made yourself a promise to take a nice refreshing bath later on and fix your hair.


"I would prefer if you could possibly act a bit friendlier. Perhaps assisting Sora in battle more than once might convince him of your trust," suggested The Superior.


"It's already been killing me enough to compliment him frequently! Allying him in a barrage would only make things worse!"


"Silence," he snapped. "You will do as you are told, am I understood?" Hanging your head, you nodded slowly. Since when had he cracked down on you like this? Xemnas had been incredibly lenient since you'd arrived here, but his recent actions had been driving you up the wall. Making a note to talk to him about it later, you met his gaze.


"I understand, Xemnas. I will take it into consideration."


"You will act upon it," droned another voice. "When your leader gives you orders, you are permitted to follow them. Is that clear?" When you turned to voice the speaker, it was none other than you had guessed- Saïx.


His cold demeanor was intimidating as usual, sending shivers up your spine. It was needless to say that he didn't like you. This was most likely due to the fact that you consumed much of Xemnas's time. It was either this, or Saïx was being his common, cruel self.


"Crystal," you snarled.


"Xevia!" Spinning around, you frantically looked for the owner of the rushed tone. Luxord was at the door, but was surprisingly not attempting to flirt. "We need your assistance," he panted, eagerly waving you over. A glare of questioning was sent in his direction; you were uncertain as to whether or not you should trust him, but figured that it was all the same in the end if he were trying to pull something. It wasn't the slightest bit difficult to give him a taste of your mind.


Loud sounds of your boots resounded through the room as you dashed over to your companion and followed him into a portal. A moment later, swarms of dark objects met your eyes. Demyx was desperately trying to fend them off, worry shining in his bright aqua optics.


Heartless were the culprits, their yellow beads taking in the sight of you and contemplating whether or not to attack. This sort of thing wasn't too much of a question for the creatures, however, for they soon attempted to shroud about you.


What felt like needles pierced your skin, eating away at your body's protection system. You cried out and summoned your bo staff. Its red base shimmered in the daylight, the silver and black metal swirls at the ends catching the luminescence in an eerie sort of way.


The blackness was thrown from you in a spare second, the figures flying in every direction. Weapon spinning masterfully between your fingers, it had made its mark upon the enemies. Before it could be spoken that you were in the clear, they were back and injuring worse than ever.


Gritting your teeth against the pain, you stepped back and tried to make a swing at the dark forms, but you were thrown backward and onto your back. With a grunt, you flipped back onto your feet. Apparently this was the wrong move, for doing such actions would require a few seconds to catch balance, and there was no time to spare.


You were barreled back onto the ground, Heartless crawling everywhere upon your body. Squirming as much as you could, it was impossible to get up. After what seemed like forever, there was an opportunity to stand. It wasn't long before it became evident as to why.


Demyx had knocked you clean of the bothersome beings, and was doing what he could to fight them. His attempts would soon be futile, should you not assist. Crawling to a straight posture, you flinched from a bruise you'd taken to your back.


Just as his counter was about to fail, a swipe from your bo knocked the Heartless clean of the area. A nod was exchanged with the blonde- your sign of gratitude. As you leapt forward to charge another technique, you could vaguely pick up the sound of a tune in the background. It was the strumming of a sitar, played by a masterful musician.


A smile graced your lips as you spun the staff and knocked out a few other enemies. How you'd missed the beauty of the melodies played from such an instrument. However, the song came to an abrupt stop, making you turn to check if Demyx was in trouble.


Number 9 looked terrified, eyes wide with shock and worry. His gaze was not directed upon you, but above your head. Slowly raising his arm, he pointed a shaking finger to the object occupying his attention. With curiosity, you turned with just a moment to spare.


A sharp inhalation sounded from you in a gasp of horror. One Heartless, shining in magnificent armor, stood tall before you, a mighty claw raised to strike. Merely a silent scream came through your mouth in a wisp of breath before the hand crushed you to the ground.


Your body was pinned, muscles unable to move even an inch. There was nothing you could do, and darkness pierced your skin with its biting chill, sweeping through your heart and making you tremble in astonishment. Was this it? Had all your work succumbed to failure?


Demyx's voice sounded small and distant as he cried your name. Clearly he couldn't reach you, for there was nothing opposing the malicious beast. Any small outbursts of your voice were swallowed by the rumbling of the black flames veiling your body.


"D-Demyx," you whimpered feebly, desperately. You were growing weaker with each passing second, and you could faintly feel your heart coming loose from its position. The world around you slowly faded into blackness, and at last you were in a world of shadow.


Feeling feather-light, you tried to open your eyes to return to the present, but nothing met your gaze. Had you been swallowed by the Heartless, your heart taken to create yet another despicable Soldier? Was it possible, perhaps, that a Nobody would be created, and you would return to Xemnas fully prepared with everything but a heart? Not likely. You were far too proud to allow yourself such a thing.


The subtraction of weight was soon replaced with a sudden heavy pull upon your body, and you felt as though two walls were closing in and crushing you little by little. The breath was taken from your lungs, and you urgently attempted to restore it. You were lightening again, and this time you could barely hear battle cries and shouts, followed by yelps and hollers. It was a never-ending cycle that continued for many minutes.


Fading back into unconsciousness, even now the only light that met your eyes was the shimmer within your memory. At last, your muscles were free to move, and you gasped great gulps of air.


"Xevia!" That was Demyx's voice, but where was he? Two hands gripped your shoulders and helped you sit up. Your eyes were open, so where was he?! Heart pounding, you were beginning to get frantic. "Are you alright?" No audible words came from your lips. "Answer me!" A sharp shake of your shoulders made you cry out.


"What the hell-! Demyx!" His form pressed against you instantaneously in a protective embrace. As you slowly returned the sign of affection, you realized his entire body was trembling. "What's wrong?" He remained silent, but it was enough to answer your question; he'd obviously thought he was going to lose you in the battle. "Demyx," you cooed soothingly. "I'm fine...really." Said boy pulled away to look at you.


Trying to do the same, a crackling noise was made in your throat when you couldn't. Your hand touched his upper arm softly as you worked to find his exact position. Laughter erupted from your chest. A smile was toying with your lips, one of frustration and confusion.


"Where are you?" you chuckled, patting around his chest. He reached up and took your wrist, placing your hand around his cheek. The lining of his chin was cradled between your fingers, but still you could not see him. "Demyx," came a whimper of trepidation. An arm wrapped around your shoulder and pulled you against a familiar figure...one you could not view.


Your body gave violent spasms as you tried to take in this new adjustment. You could not see; the darkness had made you blind. The Melodious Nocturne was doing all he could to comfort you and piece together what was happening.


It was only a moment later that you were picked up bridal style by the young man and carried into what felt like a portal. Color briefly came to your stare, flickering and then fading. Tears had lined Demyx's aqua eyes, but had not been spotted long enough to be questioned, for you almost wondered if it had been your imagination.


The sound of boots against marble reached your ears, making the alert that the two of you had returned to the castle. Hurried footsteps resounded throughout the corridor as a 'being' approached. A demanding voice startled you when a pair of burly arms roughly took you from the blonde's arms.


"What happened?" Now you knew you were in the possession of Saïx, making you tense with unease. Nonetheless, slower walking distracted you and relaxed your stiff form. Xemnas was making observations of the scene, and you could feel his amber gaze upon you.


"We were battling the Heartless, and one of the larger ones-"


"Enough said," snapped Saïx sharply. Demyx's flinch was almost visionary, though as determinedly as you pursued sight, nothing met your eyes.


"I will take the maiden," rumbled Xemnas before you were passed into his arms. At the very moment the man touched you, a flash of white came to your vision. What was doing this? Such questions were driving you insane, for it was near impossible to find the answers without time's telling. What was the reason for these brief glances of the world around you? What brought your sight back?


Unexpectedly, weariness of battle struck you and brought your eyes to a close. There in your superior's arms, you hung limp, limbs dangling in a pathetic manner. One would normally guess you'd fainted, but exhaustion was the cause of such actions.


Xemnas stared upon your peaceful face with unhidden interest, mind searching for an answer as to what really happened to you. Saïx had silenced Demyx before he had heard the full story, but evidently the man knew what had happened. To this, Xemnas was inquiring.


A small sigh escaped you, snapping the Nobody from his thoughts. With a nod to his comrades, he made his way into his quarters, closing the door behind him. Soft padding collided with your back as he gently lowered you onto his mattress.


The desk was occupied as Xemnas resumed his paperwork. There wasn't a chance he was leaving the room; once you woke, there was no doubt terror would overtake you. He would be sure to calm your uneasy nerves.

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