Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


50. Chapter 45

Twilight Town was everything it commonly was: radiant, beautiful, and calm. On such a lovely...twilight, tourists would most likely predict that the area didn't have problems. However, according to Axel, there was quite a commotion about something within Roxas's circle of friends.


Roxas, nevertheless, had disappeared since Sora had awakened. It was his pals that apparently needed your help. Olette required it, to get to the specifics. You had agreed to talk to the girl, though you had no idea what was wrong.


The cut upon your face was not healing nicely, and was, most unfortunately, beginning to look similar to Xigbar's scar. What was even worse was that he'd noticed. Just to annoy you, The Freeshooter had taken the liberty of naming the both of you 'scar buddies', even though he had no idea how you'd gotten the damn slash.


As far as it went with Xemnas, it seemed things were back to normal. You hated to admit such a thing, for you had indeed wished things to go further, but the Superior was acting as stiff as usual, only taking time out of his day to train you. This hadn't gotten to you, of course; you still followed him around and talked as though everything were just fine. It wasn't going to happen this time...no way. You were not going to let the relationship go downhill, especially not after you'd finally gotten so far.


Thus, there weren't any moments wasted between the two of you. He got to do his work, and you got the company you desired. Much to your oblivion, however, his character was beginning to rub off on you. It was easier to snap at the sound of peoples' voices nowadays, and it seemed you didn't even need a reason to torture Demyx.


All of that seemed so distant then, while you stood in front of Olette's house. Taking a deep breath, you approached the door, climbing the steps with the least bit of enthusiasm possible. Your finger pressed itself against the doorbell, and you heard the familiar ding of the chime.


A moment later, a brunette with shocking green eyes and long braids peeked through the crack between the door and the frame. When she spotted you, a look of relief washed over her, and she opened the door all the way. In a simple second, she had thrown her arms over your shoulders in a desperate embrace.


"Er...hi?" you sputtered, not returning the friendly gesture. Sniffling, the girl broke apart from you, grabbed your wrist, and pulled you into the house. Something seemed so different about her. Had she and Omar broken up? No, it was her appearance. Maybe it was just the lighting? It wasn't long before your theory was proved wrong.


When Olette stepped up next to the window- having released you- the setting sun revealed just what had made her so different. Her left eye was bruised, swollen to a black and purple splotch, and bruises lined the edges of her face. Not only was her visage broken, but her arms were full of the same marks.


"Did...you get into an accident?" came your instant thought. She hung her head in shame, tears streaming down her semi-pale cheeks. "Olette, what-?"


"Are you alright? We haven't seen you in a while," sounded a voice from the door to the living room. You swiveled your head around, gaze falling upon Pence.


"Tell me about it. Talk about a real friend," said Hayner bitterly. "We thought you'd be back by now."


"Sorry, guys; I sort of got caught up with work. What happened to-?"


"How did you get the cut on your cheek?" Pence interrupted you, examining your features. Hayner soon followed, a deep frown marring his face. You reached up to cover it defensively.


"Sparring. But what-?"


"Hey, you have the same cloak as that Axel dude!" That was Pence...again. You shot him a glare that would hopefully quiet the teenager. Luckily, he took the hint.


"What happened to Olette?" This seemed to make the silence grow thicker, and all three of them hung their heads. The girl stepped forward, took your gloved hand, and looked you in the eyes.


"Come with me," she said quietly, leading the way into her room. Closing the door behind her, she turned to you. You were comfortably sitting on her bed, leaning back against your hands with your head cocked in a curious fashion.


"So, where's Omar?"


"He...was the one that did this to me," she replied, sitting down in a butterfly chair nearby. Briefly, your thoughts wandered to Demyx [1]. With a shake of your head, you were back in the present.


"What? You mean he hit you?" As astonished as you were, you hadn't realized that Xemnas had basically done the same thing. However, the situations were entirely different. She nodded, stifling a sob.


"Omar...he...had a bit too much to drink one night." It was clear Olette had difficulty telling you this, but she urged herself onward. "I had simply asked, 'What if your parents find out? Won't you be in trouble?' That seemed to anger him.


"He began..." She burst into squeaky sobs, covering her face with her hands and bringing her knees against her head in a feeble position. Slowly, you made your way over, wrapping your arm around her shoulders and cradling her form. She cried into the material of your attire.


"He...punched me. Knocked me to the ground. I yelped and stared at him with a blank expression. I should have done something, but I didn't. Nothing quite clicked with me that night," continued Olette, her voice against your collarbone. "When I got up, he clenched my arm roughly and started wildly beating me...all over my face, and my arms.


"I don't really remember the pain, nor what really happened after that; my vision was so blurry, I couldn't see a thing. All I recall is him screaming, 'Is this annoying, your Majesty?'" And with that, she gripped the cloth covering your arms with clenched fists, burying her face into the crook of your neck. The girl evidently needed comforting, which explained why Pence and Hayner had looked like they'd made themselves comfortable in her home.


"Olette, this isn't your fault. I shouldn't have taunted him for treating you so well earlier. I'm sorry..." you whispered, hovering over her in a locked position.


"Don't blame yourself; he was the jackass that did it, not you." Slowly, you turned your stare to the door. Hayner had let himself in and was crossing his arms, watching the both of you inquisitively.


"Finally admitted that you belong in girl talk, Hayner?" you smartly sassed, though in a playful fashion. He gave you one of those haha-that's-not-funny expressions. Olette let go of you, allowing you to stand up straight. "Listen, Olette...if anyone gives you trouble again, find Axel."


"Do you think he'll help?"


"Psht! I was going to say find Axel, and tell him to find me." She giggled slightly. "If someone wants to mess with you, they'll have to get through me first. Got it?" When she gave you a nod, you threw her a genuine smile. Things felt a bit different this time; you were beginning to consider yourself as the figure of an older sister.


"Thanks, _(Name)_." You waved to her and Hayner before slipping from the house...not without a good-bye to Pence, of course. Making your way down the streets, you sighed in relief.


"Ahhh...glad that's over."


"Have you visited Hayner, Pence, and Olette yet?" The figure in front of you went ignored as you kept walking. Axel was quite surprised when you tartly knocked shoulders with him while walking past. You hadn't even looked at him. "_(Name)_..." A hand cupped your upper arm. Lashing around, you faced him with a deathly glare.


"What, are you here to get me into more trouble?" The firebug was clearly taken aback, his eyebrows shot up, and he backed up in uncertainty.


"What-? Holy shit! What happened to your face?" He reached out to touch it, but you knocked his hand away with your wrist.


"I told you; I couldn't see you anymore! This was my punishment. Do you not understand? You did this to me!" You pointed up at yourself accusingly. Shaking his head in disbelief, he held out his hand to you once more with ambiguity.


"I would never-"


"Xemnas did this, Axel. He did it because I promised I wouldn't see you anymore. But you wouldn't listen, would you? You're just as heartless as the rest of them; a Nobody without thought, without feeling. All you care about is yourself." Your words stung like venom, and he took them into custody, letting them roll throughout his mind for a moment.


"You are just like her, _(Name)_...you might as well just take on her name..."


"What the fuck are you talking about?" you snapped angrily.


"Nothing, Larxene. Why not give yourself an attitude check? With the way you're acting, everyone will stop caring about you...think things are bad now? Wait until later, should you keep this up! And for your information, I only wanted to see you. Do you know why? Because I care about you! Got it memorized?" His arms flew outward as though emphasizing his words in order to make you understand.


"You don't care about me. You're a Nobody! You don't have a heart..." you strained through gritted teeth.


"And neither does Xemnas," Axel pointed out.


"Xemnas does care! He remembers how to!" came your protest.


"He hurt you. Is that caring?"


"You hurt me too! You were the reason he had to discipline me in the first place!"


"Xevia, listen to me! You have to get as far away from that man as possible."


"No. He would never harm me on purpose. He's just stressed."


"Is that what he said when he gave you that?" Axel brushed his finger across the mark on your cheek. You instantly shied away from him.


"He's just tense, is all. No one really trusts him..."


"And why do you think that is?" You glared up at him.


"No one trusted you, and I don't hear you telling me to get as far away from you as possible. What is your problem, hmm? Can't accept the fact that I don't love you? That I'm in love with him instead? Well grow up, Axel!"


"But I love you!" he blurted, half in anger. Blinking, you fixed him with an adamant stare. It could be possible, correct? Demyx had said the same thing, and Xemnas...


"You...love me?" Your eyes explored the ground as if searching for some sort of explanation to calm your confusion.


"I've been meaning to tell you, I-"


"Do you find it amusing to lie to me?" Your gaze locked upon his as you noticed he was quite stunned at your sudden question.


"What do you mean?" A memory flashed through your mind: Xemnas gazing down at you from his seat in the meeting hall. How he'd said that you hadn't tricked him with your words...how he'd made you promise...


"You're not fooling anyone, Axel...not even me."


"Do you even know what you're doing?" he snapped, staring at you with wide, disbelieving eyes. You turned your back to him, hugging yourself. Turning your head to the side, you saw him from the corner of your vision.


"Please go away..." came a soft whisper that rolled off your lips like silk. You began to distance yourself, but his voice stopped you.


"Dammit, _(Name)_! You have two other males who are crazy about you, who would never even think of harming you, and you'd rather go with some low-life jackass who's leaving bruises on your flesh just because he's supposedly 'stressed'?"


"I love him," you uttered in a near whisper.


"Then don't put up with what he's doing! You have to fight back." He was near tears at this point, pacing and shaking his head in disbelief. "Damn, if I were as lucky as he was, I wouldn't screw this up. You deserve better."


"Axel..." He turned and faced you, a salty tear trailing down his cheek. "I-I know you wouldn't hurt me, but it isn't you I love. I'm sorry...but I have to stick with Xemnas. He's the one, I know it." You were turned toward him, still clutching yourself.


Two arms wrapped around you gently and pulled you against a warm frame. You curled into him and closed your eyes, trying to remember what it was like to have him back home. It seemed so distant now, so far away. Even now, with his body against yours, it was hard to even believe you had felt so passionate for him. Did that mean...? No, you had cared for Xemnas since day one.


Demyx made you face a problem as well. He was your best friend...always had been, ever since you'd warmed up to him. Now the two of you were no longer inseparable, and it surprisingly made you feel a twinge of guilt.


"_(Name)_, promise me something," ordered Axel, his voice vibrating throughout his entire abdomen. The sensation sent shivers up and down your spine.




"Promise me that you won't let anyone tell you what to do. This is your story, your path. You make your own decisions. Got it memorized?"


"You overuse that phrase, Axel."


"I'm not as bad as Xigbar..."


"Hah! As if!" you quoted the Freeshooter. The pyromaniac laughed. You couldn't promise him that; if Xemnas told you to do something, you knew you'd listen. So what were you doing now? Weren't you disobeying him? The thought made you hastily pull away. "I'm sorry...I have to go."


"Come to visit me soon, alright?" he replied softly, jade eyes searching yours.


"I can't see you anymore, Axel. I told you that...it's bad enough that I'm here right now." A frown marred his features. He had obviously realized you hadn't closed the promise. When he parted his lips, you fast-talked before he could get a word in. "This is my decision. No one can make it for me. I'm choosing to listen, understand? I have to go. Just...don't pursue me anymore, alright?"




"You're one of my best friends, but I must see you as an enemy. It would be best for the both of us if you started to see me as one, too."


"_(Name)_, I could never view you as-"


"It's Xevia," you retorted coldly. "Just do me a favor, and stop doing me favors. You're a great person, Axel, but I must do what my heart tells me." A look of envy flashed in his eyes. "This has to be the end. Got it memorized?" That seemed to have struck gold; the use of his quote clicked that you meant business.


"I would never, ever leave you. Not in my life," he declared with more force this time. Had he used a different tone, the dialect might have sounded obsessive. But it was clear he was merely telling you that he wouldn't listen; he wouldn't leave you alone.


"Then you'll face the consequences," came a smooth, chilly reply. Before he could speak again, darkness shrouded your feet and overtook you.


Axel stared at the spot that you had last been standing on. The fact that you wished him to go away, but didn't really want it only made him more determined to make you realize just how much he cared. With a slight smirk on his face, he shaped his own path, his own plot. Oh no, you hadn't seen the last of him. And if Xemnas laid another hand upon you for it, Axel would make sure he'd pay.



1. In case you didn't understand why, it was because of the butterfly chair. See earlier chapters, should you not remember.

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