Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


4. Chapter 4

"So you're sort of like us, then...lost and alone. You can resort to nothing but fighting." Demyx's aqua eyes stared into your own orbs, making a shiver go through your spine. Where did that come from?


"I suppose," you replied shrugging. "When you don't even have a home, you get bored. The only thing I could think of to do was kill, so it became my life. I could steal whatever I pleased, and anyone that wanted to stop me ended up dead." Though he tried to make it unnoticeable, Demyx moved a few inches from you.


The two of you were pacing the castle, just chatting about the past and all its contents. Though it wasn't important, right? It was over, and now you had begun a new life. You were the first Organization XIII member with a heart. Now that was saying something.


But then, if they didn't have hearts, they didn't have feelings. How Demyx had spoken of Axel, it was quite clear he hated the guy. That didn't make the least bit of sense to you. Hate was an emotion, but was it also just a piece of you?


"What about you? What did you do before you joined the Organization?" You looked at him with a peak of interest; enough about you! What about the other nobodies? You weren't the only soul in the bastion. Demyx scowled, and shook his head, staring at the ground blankly.


"I...don't remember," he admitted. "Not even my real name. It's all a blank. I don't even remember joining the Organization; my memory ends somewhere in the middle of being a part of it."


"Well...you must have known how to play the sitar before you joined, huh? Maybe you got hit in the head or something, and it made you lose your memory...and your heart?" Your own eyebrows curled into a frown as you desperately tried to piece all of this together. Getting hit in the head wouldn't cause you to lose your heart...so how did the nobodies lose their hearts in the first place?


"We become nobodies when our original selves become heartless," he stated, answering your silent question. "If the heart had a strong will, then a nobody is created. If the will is strong enough, a human nobody is produced. The problem is that no one remembers their true selves...or...no one that I'm aware of does.


"You've got it lucky." He looked down at you, making you realize he was taller, damn it. In fact, from the people you'd seen, it appeared you were the shortest one in the entire group. That sucked! "You're still your original self," continued Demyx, snapping you from your thoughts.


You felt a wave of pity for the guy; the thought of not remembering your past life...wait, that would be good news for you. You could let it all go; not recall a thing about who you once were, but instead concentrate on who you could become. But maybe that was only cool for you. If you had an OK life, then you supposed you would have been like the rest of the nobodies: desperately searching for any trace of what your life was like before you lost your heart.


"Well...you're still...you, right? Even though you don't have a heart-"


"A heart changes everything. You don't appreciate it until it's gone," he snapped, his eyes flashing dangerously. You hadn't meant to make him angry. That's what you got, you supposed, for trying to make him feel better.


"But what if it doesn't even make a difference?" A vein on his temple began to pulse, though you hadn't taken much notice to it. "My heart doesn't even give me the proper emotions. I could simply-"


"Then why don't you just give it up?" he roared and stormed off. You were slightly taken aback; was he that sensitive about talking about this sort of thing? You stopped walking and stared after the water manipulator with a dumbfounded expression upon your features.


"If you want to be like that, fine!" you yelled after him, stomping your foot, though you were quite sure he couldn't hear you by then considering he had already passed into the next hall.


"Get used to it; he's a bed wetter. Got it memorized?" You whirled around, quite surprised at the notion you were being watched. Axel stood leaning against a wall with his arms crossed. One of his red eyebrows was raised in a casual manner, his eyes fixed upon you with their cool jade gaze.


"And who invited you into the conversation?" You asked, raised your own eyebrows in mockery.


"I found an invitation that arrived at my mailbox accidentally. Look..." He pushed off the wall, returning his slender arms to his sides. "He's got a problem. I wouldn't bother with him if I were you; he's the weakest in the Organization, he sucks at fighting, he's immature, and he's got a temper you don't want to mess with."


"Why should I care about his temper if he's so weak?" you retorted. Pausing and thinking of some sort of insult to send back at the Flurry of Dancing Flames, you crossed your own arms. "So your fighting style...is it just a composition of insults, or was that a dirty secret?" Axel raised a finger to his temple in annoyance, closing his eyes to think a moment. In no time his eyes were glaring at you, showing you just what intensity his infuriation had reached. Oops.


"All I'm saying is that you pick and choose. The only thing Demmy over there," he motioned toward the door, "is interested in is getting you into bed. If you're the slut type, be my guest and continue to flaunt around him and you'll have yourself a bed buddy in no time."


You opened your mouth to reply, but he disappeared in a swirling portal of darkness before you could even say 'but.' You sighed and frowned; you didn't 'flaunt,' you just wanted a friend. Throwing your hood up, you disappeared in its shadows, welcoming the mystery it brought to you every time you wore it.


You feet continued to lead you down the empty corridors. Silence hung thick about you, giving you the eerie feeling of being alone. Not even the melodious sound of Demyx playing his sitar could be heard, making you wonder just how much you'd hurt his feelings. How could he be so sensitive when he didn't have sensitivity?


You soon found yourself staring upon Demyx's archway in Proof of Existence. You suddenly wished the stupid portal were solid so you could at least knock. Just walking in was about as bad as using that Organization portal thing.


The churning blue flames flicked upon your skin with a cool touch as you stepped into the doorway. You soon found yourself looking upon a not-so-empty room filled with posters and CD's of all sorts. It looked as though the CD's were alphabetized by artists, and many of the posters were famous bands you would only see in certain worlds.


"Demyx?" you called, wondering if he was lurking around the bed or somewhere you couldn't see him. Wait...why did he get a bed while you were stuck with a cot that smelled of perfume that would normally be worn by a prostitute?


There was no answer; the room appeared to be empty. You stepped forward, knowing you should probably leave, but then again, you were curious. What were the things precious to Demyx that he never talked about?


You scanned the CD titles, searching for any familiar names. There didn't appear to be any you were interested in when you got about half way through. Some times you hesitated on a name though, trying to remember if you knew them or not.


"Ew!" You stopped looking and removed a case from the shelf. A blonde diva smiled up at you as you stared down at the cover in disgust. "Britney Spears? What was he thinking?" You place the CD back on the shelf in the empty space whence it came.


A small door stood before you, and you frowned as you inquisitively opened it. You stopped dead and wrinkled your face in detestation. A girl with the same color of hair looked back at you with her hand on her hip to turn better; her butt was facing the camera, and she posed with a red thong decorated with a heart gem between the strings.


"Maybe Axel was right," you murmured, closing the door in shock. You figured it would probably be best you left before you found any more...surprises, when a voice at the door made you freeze.


"Hey!" You could easily tell it was Demyx without even looking. 'Of course it's Demyx,' you thought, 'this is his room.' "Axel, is that you? I thought I told you to stay out of my room!" he whined from the opposite side of the area. He thought you were Axel? Maybe it was because Axel had such a trim figure...but still! At least he didn't recognize you. "Did you ruin anything like you did last time? Please tell me you didn't change the positions of my CD's again. I just got done putting them back where they belong!"


A smirk came upon your face as you moved along the shelves, looking for the case you had observed just a few minutes prior. Finding the familiar pink label, you plucked it from the rest and stood up straight.


"Not another accusation," he bleated.


"Would you quit whining?" you snapped in annoyance. As you turned around to face him, he appeared to be taken aback that you had a feminine voice. "It looks as though you misplaced a CD; this belongs in the trash." You held up the case with the front facing him.


"_(Name)_?" he said in disbelief.


"No, it's Xemnas," you droned sarcastically. "I came looking for you, and found this." You raised an eyebrow, though you hadn't realized at first that he couldn't see it due to the hood you still wore.


"I-It's just something- it's...old." He seemed to be struggling to find an unknown explanation to satisfy you, making you chortle softly.


"Sure." You put it back on the shelf, though you didn't place it where it was meant to go; the case now sat where you had tossed it carelessly.


"Hey!" He leapt forward to rescue the CD that he 'didn't care for.' You removed your hood, crossed your arms, and raised an eyebrow. After he had placed it back in its proper spot, he looked up at you. "I'm sick of reorganizing them," he explained.


"Whatever. I still say that belongs in the trash, especially if you don't care about it. I just wanted to...apologize," you grumbled. "But now that I see you're not mad anymore, I'll just be leaving." He didn't seem to protest, so you made your way over to the portal.

You looked down, blinking in displeasure at an undergarment that appeared to have been thrown carelessly into a nearby corner. It certainly wasn't boxers that you picked up with repulsion. Facing him, you gave him a questioning glance. He replied with a lackadaisical shrug. You sighed and shook your head, tossing the heart-patterned material back where you found it and left without another word.

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