Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


42. Chapter 38

You cried out in the effort it took to block the strong swing that had been forced upon your katana. Katashi attached his other hook sword to your blade and tugged, almost breaking your wrist. How? The grip you had to apply to keep the sword from being torn from your fingers was tighter than you'd ever held a weapon. And now? Your turn.


Swinging a katana combo you'd taught yourself, your blade was actually able to nip him in the side, but only slightly. This revealed a weakness; weapon combos threw him off? Apparently you were incorrect, for when you attempted to mix another together, he did a rather nice reversal...unfortunately.


You gritted your teeth in pain, lying upon the ground and gripping your leg as it pulsed with electric shocks...or that's how it felt, anyway. He had successfully sliced you across the shin, as well as the inside of your leg. Damn hook swords.


Climbing to your feet, you resumed your battle stance and took another swing. Another rebound. Swing, block...swing, block. It was never-ending, like the universe shimmering above you. Sheathing your katana, you whipped out your sais, though they weren't going to do much good against hook swords.


He took a swipe at you, and you just barely jumped in time to miss it from hitting your legs. In a swift movement, you had scrambled up a tree, making him give a chase. The branches snapped beneath your weight, making you wonder if these trees were strong enough to support a battle.


Just as you leapt from one tree branch to the next, the limb you were about to land on fell to the ground with a crash. You screamed as you fell, ripping through the twigs that whipped at your face and sliced your skin open where they hit.


Your landing area was directly next to the log that had fallen due to Katashi's careful planning...well, more due to his direct aim. Had you fallen on top of the branch, your spine would have shattered.


"Bastard!" you snapped, pulling yourself to your feet with throbbing muscles from the tumbling drop. He landed a few feet in front of you, falling gracefully to his knee with a hand upon the ground to support himself. Your opponent slowly rose to his feet, a smirk playing his features.


You charged and leaped at him, soaring into the air elegantly and landing on his face. You kicked him a few times in the nose by basically running in place upon his features before jumping off of him and taking off in a sprint yet again.


Katashi growled in annoyance, spinning around and teleporting. Hmm...so it seemed you weren't the only one in this battle that had that ability. He reappeared quite a ways ahead of you, dangling something from his fingers.


By the time you realized what it was, you were already panting from the hard dash in his direction, but the fact that he was holding a very special belonging of yours only made you even more determined to slit his throat. He played with the chain a bit, the small frame of the decoration bouncing up and down.


What he now possessed was something you had kept hidden quite well...or so you thought. Had the Organization found it, you would be questioned about Axel...again. For Katashi held a keychain you had made that contained a small picture of you and the fiery redheaded man goofing off. The two of you had just been laughing over some stupid joke you'd created about Demyx, so a grin had been placed upon both pairs of lips as he had his arms wrapped around your waist from behind to keep you from falling over in fits of giggles.


You'd kept it close after Axel left to remind you what it was like being his best friend that was still remaining in Organization XIII. To remind you not to forget him. Now Katashi was happily sporting it with full knowledge that it was annoying you to great lengths.


Baring your teeth, you charged forward, letting your sais disappear and summoning your bo staff. You clicked it to its complete length and arched it over your back, leaning forward slightly as your legs moved quickly beneath you. Katashi smirked and put the keychain in his pocket, whipped out a few other things that you couldn't quite see clearly. However, your question was nonverbally answered a few seconds later.


Grenades were exploding on either side of you, giving you no choice but to jump from either side while still moving forward. Your muscles were already gaining fatigue from hopping from place to place, and this was a terrible fault. A grenade blew directly in front of your feet, sending you tumbling backwards, doing somersaults upon the ground and down a small slope.


You grunted when your limbs fell to your sides in a scrambled fashion. Your skin felt as though it were on fire from the eruption of heat from the long-distance weapon, but the best thing to do was to not show weakness. As you climbed to your feet, you gasped at a sudden twinge at your flank. Your hand instantly cupped it in an attempt to steady yourself.


Slowly, you brought the same hand in front of your face to examine the bright red liquid shimmering upon your fingers. Somehow it didn't quite click, for a stupor had befallen you, and your head was not thinking clearly. In fact, you no longer thought of your safety, but more of how to complete this mission correctly.


With sheer determination taking over your body, you stood up straight and gave your enemy a steady, challenging gaze. You raised your bo and concentrated on exchanging weapons. Once again your sais sparked in your grasp. Closing your eyes for a brief moment, you silently brought forth your training clearly in your mind. Offense to defense...right?


A lightness clouded around you as you felt your body separating piece by piece and shifting in the breeze. You reformed only a few feet away from him and swung downwards with both sais in an 'x' fashion. Katashi caught your weapons easily with his own blades and spun them away from his body.


Once again you tried...only to achieve the same result. When you attempted to pound on the swords with your blades, only sparks flew between the impacting metal, getting you nowhere. You pivoted and brought each sai downward at a time, one following the other.


Your enemy caught both simply and tugged on his handles roughly. A gasp erupted in your throat from the sudden jerk. Something of a moan was emitted from deep within your chest as you stared at the broken stubs of blades that stopped level to the handles of the weapons you had worked so hard to master.


When you looked up, Katashi was gazing at you with sadistic amusement, his eyes dancing in what could have very well been mockery. It was as though he was saying, 'Haha...my weapons are better than yours.' You frowned and glowered at him instantly, new waves of anger washing over your nerves like tidal waves.


Flipping backwards, the wind whistled in your ears as you fell about ten feet away. Kunai appeared between your fingers as you jumped up and released them from your grasp. Katashi's eyes widened briefly as he scurried to knock them away. During his moment of distraction, you quickly summoned another pair chakrams and spun them by your sides. These were almost no different than Axel's, and the most you knew was what he had taught you about them. In fact...they were simply just another pair of his.


There was certainly no awesome fire effect like what Axel had shown you, but the tools were still deadly in your care. You unleashed the two wheels of doom at your enemy, catching your balance as they sliced through the air with ease, rolling toward him with a perfect backspin. He looked up just in time before a chakram dug into his gut, sending him falling to the ground. Blood stained the spikes that surrounded the sides, as well as the material that clothed him.


You strolled up to his body just as he ripped the weapon from his body and raised his hook swords in defense. The other chakram was picked up and twirled casually between your fingers, and you brought it above your head to finish him off.


When you brought the bulky instrument downward, he quickly repelled it with a rebound swipe, knocking it from your possession. Your _(color)_ eyes lit up with mild fury before you rolled your eyes.


"Alright...I've had enough of this," you sighed, holding out your open palms at either side of you. His hook swords vanished from his fingers with a flash of light before reappearing in your hands, where you gripped their handles tightly. Quirking a brow, you bent downward before raising the blade upward.


"Please," he rasped, holding up his hands to cover his face. Frowning, you straightened your posture and cocked your head. "Let me live...I will leave you in peace." It was a considerable offer, but you had to avenge your father...right?


Your lips quivered indecisively. You had two choices: you could decapitate him and complete your mission the way you'd planned, or you could let him live his life and meet another day. Then again, what reason did you have to meet him once more? You did not plan to come back to Nami Island ever again, and this is where he dwelled.


His pleading face remained in your vision as you blankly stared downward. What were you supposed to do? Live and let live, or...?

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