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In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


41. Chapter 37

The blankets were thrown from your body as you struggled to your feet, snatching up your belt and baldric in last-minute preparation. In an instant, Katashi was half way up the wall, due to a particularly good jump he had made for the rocks. You had forgotten that he had harbored here for a good long time, and was much more adjusted to the area than you.


With a growl, you hastily attached your belt to your waist and slung the baldric over your shoulder before taking after him. He reached the top and stood, staring down at you with a smirk. You were sure to chase him...and he would lead you exactly where he wanted you.


By the time you'd reached the top, he was in the trees, gazing at you with emerald eyes of glee, which you mistook for sadistic joy. You yelled at him, charging forward and whipping out your katana. A light chuckle emitted from his throat as he turned and ran. Just as he had hoped, you were right on his heels.


Ah, if only your mind weren't so clouded with determination to avenge Xen and your father...because then you might have thought to teleport in front of him, as you had done the previous mission. Now you were set on catching him and giving him a taste of his own medicine. Katashi cleared through the trees and dashed toward the pool of water, glancing back at you with apprehension.


He quickly moved around it, though his skills were certainly up to par enough to- there you went. As he watched you over his shoulder with wide optics, he scowled; he could've done that and saved some time.


Your feet skimmed the liquid beneath you as you continued to run forward, though upon the water that had collected in the walls of the man-made structure. Your shortcut had certainly gotten you closer to your target, especially since he underestimated you and took the longer way around. You weren't stupid; you knew he was Ninja and could do the exact same trick...so why hadn't he?


Finally, you felt ground beneath you again and followed him up a large slope, rocks jutting out between the moss that covered the mountainside. Katashi came to a sudden halt, and you nearly bumped into him, your sword almost piercing his skin. You took the opportunity to put the blade beside his throat.


"You have a debt to pay." He looked down at you and smirked, and just then you noticed something very different. He wasn't wearing a mask. As you took a step back, your _(color)_ eyes were large with...an unknown emotion. Damn it, if he weren't your brother!


Each curve of his face shadowed his features perfectly, a square jaw making him look all the more masculine. Olive lips, much like Xemnas's, were pulled back to reveal straight white teeth. All you could do was stare at the dark skin that held the same mystery as your leader.


He must have noticed your admiration, for his grin grew wider. The look on his face was not unlike Axel's usual lustful expression. You quickly shut your gaping mouth and gave yourself a quick shake, sheathing your sword.


"Why are we here?" you demanded, glaring up at him. Clearly your anger had settled slightly, which made his ego grow even further. He couldn't deny that you were quite attractive when infuriated.


"Haven't you looked?" He stepped aside, revealing a large tombstone. Your eyebrows perked up as you stepped forward to read the lettering engraved upon it.


"...My mother's memorial." You looked back at him with a frown. "...Your mother's memorial." This seemed to catch him by surprise.




"Yes, Bishamon." You took a step toward him, once more admiring the look upon his visage. Stupid fucking heritage! If only you weren't related by blood...


"Bishamon?" His frown grew deeper, marring his face. "What are you babbling on about?"


"Your birth name is Bishamon. You were born of my mother, your father her ex. You see...we are half-siblings." Biting your tongue, you held yourself back from saying, 'But hey, if we weren't...heh, you're quite hot!'


Now that you were up close to him, you could see that in fact...his eyes were not emerald at all. They were a rich teal, shining with icy color. Was the...lighting different when you first met him? Oh yes...the village was ablaze.


"You don't have brown hair..." you whispered suddenly, your attention drawn to the deep black locks dangling in his face. He gave a laugh.


"No, I don't. And you don't have...a single flaw." You blinked and looked back down at him, noticing that he was raising an eyebrow in shock. A blush came to your cheeks as you shifted your gaze eagerly. A sigh rumbled from the man as he transferred his weight to his other leg. "You actually expect me to believe your theory, don't you?"


"Huh?" You looked up in alarm, frowning in confusion.


"Your little story about how we're related...I'm not buying it." You opened your mouth to protest, but he held a finger to your lips to silence you. "Stop. How can we have a heritage through blood when we both cannot deny our attraction to each other?" A deeper blush colored your face.




"Silence," he cooed, removing his hand and replacing it with his lips. You squealed and tried to break away, but his strength was overpowering. As you squirmed, punched and kicked, you wondered silently about this...so-called attraction.


His kiss felt so warm, so incredibly delicious. How sinfully wrong it was to be drawn to someone of your own blood, your own flesh. And yet, knowing that it was wrong was what made the thrill so incredible.


You threw your arms around Katashi's shoulders and kissed him back, closing your eyes to savor the moment. [1] His tongue traced your bottom lip, begging for entry. You responded by returning the impulse, your tongue battling with his. So this had turned out a bit differently than you had planned, but...what could you say? He was sexy!


Teases were made, and moans escaped the both of you...moans and answering growls. It was like embracing Axel again, and it sent your nerves on fire. Katashi's arms were wrapped about your waist, pressing your body against his muscular physique.


So suddenly, you broke free of his grip, gasping for breath and eyes wide with horror. No...you couldn't be doing this. You had feelings for Xemnas! ...Right? Was it just the current moment that was telling you otherwise? No...you had a great liking for the mysterious man that ruled the Organization with an iron fist.


"Katashi...I can't. You're my brother...I mean...seriously. Doesn't that disinterest you?" He laughed, shaking his head.


"If you were my sister, don't you think I would know? You are not of my blood, just as this was not my mother."


"What happened to your mother?" you blurted inquiringly. He frowned thoughtfully and touched his hand to his chin.


"I didn't know her. I escaped as a young child, you see, and never saw her again. Word was, she was dead." You quirked a brow and crossed your arms. "What, you think that makes it true?" he demanded.


"I think it speaks for itself, don't you?" The villain blinked and fixed a steady glare upon you.


"No, I don't." He nodded toward the cliff. "I brought you here to make a proposal. Now listen or I shall take your life. It's very simple, you see: Join me or die."


A laugh erupted in your abdomen as you stared at him with mock disbelief. When his expression did not change, your smile died out.


"You can't be serious?"


"I'm as serious as I can be. I want you at my side, Xevia."


"You...know my name?"


"Oh yes," he chuckled. "You're not the only one that does research. I looked you up, and it seems that Organization XIII has quite decent information. I learned quite a deal about you. A criminal, were you? How interesting..."


"Shut up," you snapped. "It's not like it matters now. I have a place in a powerful group. My past has nothing to do with me anymore." He raised his eyebrows in interest.


"And you are the only one in that group with a heart, no? Also interesting...you must be quite the weapon for a bunch of Nobodies." A cold chill crept upon your skin, crawling through your spine and into your heart. Your sword resounded through the area as it was drawn from its sheath.


When he rolled his eyes and summoned his hook swords, you cursed under your breath. It looked as though your sword, chakrams, fans, and bo staff were the only weapons that would work in this situation. You couldn't see yourself opposing weapons like his with a pair of sais.


Katashi got into a battle stance, blades gleaming in the light. Worry crossed your eyes as you followed suit, the natural form of Ninjutsu taking your body. Your heart nearly pounding out of your chest stopped when your opponent leaped into the air with a spin, plummeting his right sword toward you.



[1] OK, seriously...Katashi's hot, but eeeeew. Can you imagine having a half brother and making out with the guy?!

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