Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


36. Chapter 33

Stillness...pure bliss. Concentration...meditation. It took your mind off of things. Now that you had seen the death of your mother over again, memories of your childhood were returning to you. It finally made sense why Aimi had used the term 'sleeping memories.' Soon after the reminiscence, the spirit of your mother had returned to her island. You no longer saw a pair of green eyes everywhere.


Now the question of Korin was bothering you. You knew that she had died before your mother, for it was her death Aimi had mourned over for so long.

'I can hear her in the ocean mist...
Her spirit is within me...it's as though, when she died to save my life, her heart became my own...
_(Name)_, do you feel her?'


Your eyes shot open as a pulse ran throughout the floor. It immediately brought your attention to the door, which was now creaking open. The familiar silhouette of Xemnas stood in the frame. It wasn't necessary for you to see his face anymore to know it was him; you knew him from front and back so well you could pick him out in the middle of a billion hooded Nobodies.


"Xemnas?" you greeted, bringing yourself to your feet and bowing low in respect. "What brings you here on this special occasion? Or...are you perhaps just passing through?"


"No...I do have intentions of being here. I came looking for you, in fact, to assign you to your first significant solo mission. Saïx and I think you're ready. Once you complete this, you will be ready for your full purpose." You cocked your head at this; he made it sound as though they were using you. "Now...there are some things you need to know first."


Xemnas paced around you, filling you in on a few details that you had missed due to your absence at a few recent meetings. It seemed there was a new rookie Nobody the Organization was interested in. It filled you with relief to know that you might not be the inferior for much longer.


The boy's name was Xen, and you were pleased to find that you would hopefully be meeting the young man; you were being sent to retrieve him and bring him back to Castle Oblivion. It didn't sound very important until Xemnas began to get into the difficulties.


Xen was apparently a very valuable piece, and could be a great help to the Organization, but it seemed that an experienced warrior from the light was seeking to destroy him. Your mission was to find this man, kill him, and seek out Xen to recruit him.


"His name is Katashi. Be weary...his powers outweigh your abilities. Your best technique would be stealth in this situation."


"Affirmative. Where am I supposed to find this guy?" Xemnas frowned and brought out a map of the many worlds that created the shimmering stars in the heavens.


"There is a village on this world..." He pointed to a small sketching that had a few letters scribbled on it, but the name was smudged, so you couldn't read it. Xemnas must have noticed this, for he sighed and stood up. "Follow me."


You trailed after him obediently as he led the way through many halls until the two of you came across his office. In a moment, it wouldn't seem like an ordinary office, for he had flipped a switch, and the room was quickly darkening.


A holographic map had flickered on around you, much to your surprise. However, when you attempted to study it more closely, Xemnas touched the world you had seen sketched on the map earlier. It zoomed up on the planet, and he frowned before pressing a certain spot in the middle. Once again the hologram zoomed, and you soon found yourself looking at a small, clear screen of a village.


"You must teleport outside of here, for you might frighten the citizens if you were to simply appear in the center of their town square. Make sure you do not look frightening, for these are very sensitive people. You will need their assistance in order to find Katashi, and more importantly, Xen."


You dipped your head in acceptance. "Understood. And if Katashi gets to Xen first?"


"Then you will have failed your mission," he replies coolly, sending a shiver down your spine. What would happen should you fail? Xen would exist no more, that was for certain, but what would Xemnas do?


"When do I depart?" you questioned inquiringly.


"As soon as possible. The sooner you find Xen, the better. Take what you need, leave what is not necessary. Do not forget that you can summon weapons." Nodding, you pulled your bo from its slot.


"I shall take this with me, if you consider it necessary. I might not have time to summon a weapon."


"Take your sais as well. Bo staff is a longer-range weapon. You will need a hand-to-hand combat weapon."


"My sais?"


"Save your Bo for later, Xevia. Sais are stealthy, and you can use them when stalking Katashi. Be sure to pay attention to your surroundings, for not everything will be as peaceful as expected. Things have changed since I last remembered. Trust no one but yourself, and do not let this mission slip through your fingers."


"I won't." You hesitated before opening a portal. "Thank you, Xemnas." You looked back at him with a slight smile, which he responded with a stern look. "I'll be back soon with Xen." The last you saw before the darkness overtook you was him dip his head as though regretting something, his silver locks falling into his face.


Your room welcomed you when you appeared. With swift movements you grabbed a blanket and a leather knapsack. Tucking it inside the bag, you added some matches and your dagger. There was no telling just how long you would be away from the castle, the place you had only just begun considering your home.


As you left your room, a voice called you back. You turned around to answer it, but jumped as you found the speaker had moved to a position right behind you and was now digging through your bag. You yanked it away from him irritably.




"Where are you off to this time?" he asked curiously.


"I have a mission. Someone has to do things around here. By the way...how is your room now that I've been away for a while?"


"A mess...how else would it be? But the-"


"CDs are well-organized, I know. Take care of Luxord while I'm gone; give him hell. I don't know when I'll return. This could end up taking a few days."


"What about food?"


"I was just about to take care of that. I'll catch you later." With a wave, you were off toward the kitchen. There was no Axel to say good-bye to, no Axel to wish you luck and give you tips as to how to track a guy like this. You had always known the fire-wielder to be stealthy and quick, which certainly wasn't your area of expertise.


The large door to the dining room opened with a groan, and you stepped in meekly. There was another door on the other side of the room, which you opened easily before stepping inside the room.


Cupboards were rowed upon the walls, and a refrigerator rested in one of the corners. Your bag was opened yet again as you filled it with nutrition bars, apples, and long-lasting foods. Grabbing a towel, you went into the fridge and pulled out some smoked fish. It would last you a while, as well as give you some proper meat for the time being. It wouldn't be long, you were sure, before you would have to hunt.


The fish was wrapped in the white towel and placed gently in the knapsack. You walked out of the storage room and shut the door behind you. It was time to leave. You concentrated on a spot outside of the village in that world, which you had never done before. It would be your first time leaving this world without guidance, and it proved difficult.


'Good luck,' you could almost hear Axel's voice say, but there was no Axel to smile weakly at. It was just you and the rest of the worlds, your destination calling. Cold fires of darkness grabbed at your skin and pulled you into the deep abyss.


When you opened your eyes you were looking down a hill at a group of familiar buildings, a shimmering blue river snaking through them. The sunlight lit up the valley, making the place almost glow in beauty.


With the sun lowering itself in the sky, you figured you'd better sleep then rather than later. You pulled out the blanket and laid it upon the ground before climbing on top of it and staring up at the sky. Streaks of color were already painted across the heavens, making you think of Twilight Town.


It had been a while since you last visited Hayner, Pence, and Olette. It made you wonder just how they were doing, and if Olette's stupid boyfriend had moved on and found a different girl yet. You could always go and see them when you had completed your mission, you supposed, but duties came first. Xemnas had told you that once you were finished with this mission, you would most likely be ready to start on your next very quickly.


Your eyelids grew heavy and sleep overtook you hastily. It wasn't until hours later that you were woken up by a hideous screaming. When you sat up, a new image greeted your sights. The village was still glowing, but not with sunlight. The town was set ablaze with bright flames, and was close to being in grave peril.

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