Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


26. Chapter 25

"Decided to take a visit?" asked The Superior with a hard stare. You laughed nervously and scratched the back of your neck.


"Uh...yeah, about that...what, exactly, did Xigbar tell you?" He raised his eyebrows in surprise.


"I assumed you would know."


"Well I wasn't here!" you pointed out.


"And whose fault is that?" You fell silent before muttering, "Xigbar's" through your lips. "I am rather disappointed, Xevia." He didn't sound very disappointed, but rather curious. "I do not understand what was so important that you had to disobey a superior's orders and straying off by your lonesome." Your mouth fell open in shock; so the dumb bastard had told the lie after all! Man, you were so going to kick his- "Perhaps you would care to explain?"


"What, is Xiggy right around the corner?" You raised an eyebrow in arrogance, crossing your arms. Xemnas seemed to take note of your anger, closing his eyes, smirking, and shaking his head.


"The heart...so deep, and yet so completely shallow all at once."


"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?" you shot back, putting your fists on your hips.


"Perhaps you would feel more comfortable discussing the issue in my office?" A portal opened in front of the two of you, and with an unsure glance, you stepped into its depths. Xemnas's 'office' was simply the desk cluttered with papers. You blinked and chuckled, immediately stopping when you felt the familiar form behind you. Turning around, you stared up at the silver-haired man.


"Now that we are in privacy, please do tell me-"


"Xigbar lied!" you blurted, quickly covering your mouth with your hand. "Ahem. What I meant to say was I did not stray off. That little jerk- I mean, man...I mean, oh never mind! He has the element of space, right? Well...he kept me there. So that's what happened," you finished matter-of-factly.


"Oh?" Xemnas frowned thoughtfully, a slight brow crease forming on his forehead. You studied it with interest before jumping back and quickly stopping yourself when you'd realized his burning amber eyes had never stopped watching you. "Tell me, Xevia...do you take a particular interest in the workings of the heart?"


Taking a quick breath, you were about to say something, but hesitated. Were you interested in the heart? Certainly not as fascinated as he was, but you wouldn't deny that you had thought about it sometimes.


"It's been on my mind before. I don't know if I'd go as far as study it...in fact, I don't know who would because it's so complex and everything-"


"I did." His speech stopped your mouth from moving almost instantaneously. He had a stopping effect on you, it seemed. "Back in my earlier years, I ended up working alongside Ansem the Wise in studies of the heart. We desperately searched for what made it so...important. I was his apprentice. That was when I was known as Xehanort.


"I wanted to further our studies. I had discovered heartless and the creatures had caught my interest. I proposed the idea to my teacher, but he turned me down. That fool told me it was too dangerous to be meddling in such affairs." Xemnas chortled mirthlessly. "I, of course, did not listen.


"The other assistants there...you would know them as Xigbar, Vexen, Xaldin, Lexaeus, and Zexion...agreed to further the studies. We came to know darkness, control it to our every whim. I was smart to have ignored my mentor.


"We decided that in order to fully understand the darkness and the true being of it, we had to become a part of it. One by one we submitted ourselves, our hearts filling with blackness. I still remember the fear reflecting in Ienzo's eyes that day."


Your own eyes widened, and you cocked your head in confusion. "Ienzo?"


"Zexion. He was the youngest. I am most certain he did not regret his decision, but during the most important event, I was uncertain whether or not he would follow through. He did in the end, as did we all. Our hearts were held captive by the darkness, but our minds were filled with amazing knowledge. Darkness no longer just existed; we were the darkness."


"Do you regret it?" you asked. He looked down at you, seriousness shining in his eyes.


"No," he said simply. "None of us did. The heart was a small price to pay for the knowledge obtained. But we no longer wish to go on as shells. My Kingdom Hearts has been created for the sole purpose of returning our hearts so we may be whole once more."


You eyes shifted to the floor in thought. You couldn't imagine what it was like to be only half of a person. "So...that's what that big heart thing in the sky is for?" you asked, looking up. He nodded slowly.


"Each heart released from heartless joins the many that are already there. It is far from complete, however. The Keyblade bearer is what we need. His weapon has the power to unlock hearts, which we will obtain when he slays his enemies."


"Did Roxas know all of this?" you blurted, spotting a spark of interest in his eyes.


"Yes...but he betrayed us...and paid the price. He no longer knows, but as Sora's memories are returning to him, he is slowly learning. He won't last much longer."


"W-What do you mean?"


"Once Sora awakens, Roxas will basically cease to exist...in a way. He will join forms with Sora and become one. He is lucky; not only will he become whole, but he knows his true name."


"But don't you?" You were thoroughly confused at that moment; your head cocked at a weird angle as though it might help you to understand at least some of what he was talking about.


"I was more fortunate than others to have logs written about me. I would not have remembered had I not read that file."


"I-I didn't know it was so hard," you stuttered, a frown of concern upon your features. Xemnas had never talked to like this before...ever, and it was an excellent change. You were beginning to like getting to know a bit more of him. Your heartbeat quickened as you stepped closer to the Nobody. "I knew that Nobodies didn't have hearts, and I had just accepted it. It became just a passing fact that never seemed to really matter."


Xemnas fixed you with a burning gaze, his silver locks shifting upon his shoulders as he shook his head thoughtfully. You actually began to feel pity for him. To not feel emotions...it was a nightmare, though you had forgotten long ago that Nobodies didn't have feelings.


"How do you follow your heart when you don't have one? All that is left is a spirit, which does not guide you to the things you know are right. That is why we need to capture more hearts. Then we may become truly powerful." You only knew one thing: he was beginning to capture yours. That spark you'd felt when you had fallen upon him the day that seemed so long ago was beginning to catch fire. What a player you were becoming!


Thus, your true adventure was really beginning, though you didn't know it at the time. Oh, it took you years to stop and think about how this truly led you into such a journey.


"Well...maybe...I can help you become...a Somebody." You locked your gaze with his and failed to notice the flicker in his eyes. He knew you had finally caught on to your true purpose, but now he had to be the one to guide you to it...and make sure you succeeded.


"Your assistance is greatly needed. You are our one contact with a heart, so it is only a given that you should understand it. However, your training must continue. We do not have time for slacking, so I expect you to follow the rules from now on." You knew exactly what that meant: no more adventures. "You are almost ready to begin your mission. There is only one missing piece..."

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