Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


19. Chapter 18

Axel's hand traveled down to your legs, and you felt the zipper on your cloak slowly rise. Your eyes shot open as a new feeling suddenly hit you. You broke the kiss instantly, receiving a confused look from the redhead.


You blinked, thinking you must have imagined it, and returned to kissing him. He kissed you right back, sliding his hand to the rim of your shirt. You ran your hands up his bare chest, sampling his physique. There it was again!


You took your lips away from his and shook your head. "Excuse me..." He frowned and stepped aside, allowing you to leave. Through the halls you ran until you reached the bathroom. The door creaked when you opened it, and you immediately shut it.


Slipping into the only stall in the room, you locked its door behind you. Checking, you grumbled to yourself and fished in your pockets for a tampon. After you'd finished your...business, you left the bathroom quietly, as though embarrassed.


When you returned to Axel's room, he was sitting on his bed patiently. You now understood why there had been a sudden impulse. He looked up at you before standing. It was clear he was ready to pick up where you two had left off, but now you were no longer feeling up to it.


"Do you have a cot?" you asked. He raised his eyebrows in surprise, and gave you a short nod. The fire manipulator left the room. You stood beside the fire, waiting for him to return. Mmmm...chocolate. The flavor soothed your taste buds when you had taken another drink of the warm beverage. (Meaning you stole his...)


Axel returned a moment later and unfolded the equipment. You watched him warily, your sleepiness returning and making your eyelids heavy. You were about to lie down when you found yourself staring into those intense jade eyes again. They were full of concern due to your sudden change in personality. You hadn't explained why you had so quickly changed your mind, and you were not about to.


"I'll take the cot," he offered. "Go ahead and sleep in the bed." Your eyes widened in surprise; you would never get that sort of treatment from Demyx! Giving a short nod, you plodded over to the blood-red satin sheets. Your cloak fell from your body, your boots came of, and so did your gloves before you climbed beneath the material.


The fire in the center of the room died, plunging the area into darkness. Eyelids drooping, you gave into the urge to sleep. The world swirled around you, or so it felt like, before your dreams began. Axel crept from the cot and stood by the other side of the bed, making dim lighting from a small flame in his hand.


You looked peaceful enough, no emotion shown upon your face. He reached down and brushed a stray lock of hair from your face and cocked his head with a smile. He hadn't expected you to suddenly start kissing him like that, but he couldn't say he didn't like it.


The pyro, however, had no idea why you had changed mood so quickly. It was as though you had left the room to take care of some unfinished business and something had upset you before you came back. He was curious to ask, but figured you would have told him if you had wanted him to know.


Heaving a sigh, he licked his lips in frustration. He wouldn't have minded taking it farther with you, but now it was as though you instantly wanted to go back to being distant. He had envied Demyx for being the one to have all the fun so far, and now that he had actually had an opportunity to keep you to himself, it made a pit feeling form in his stomach when you had denied him.


You had fascinated him since you had gotten there, especially when he watched you spar using chakrams. He longed to show you that Demyx wasn't right for you; that he could pleasure you more than that little twerp could ever live up to.


Axel bit his lip indecisively. He had no idea what to do to help you discover such a thing, since it was obvious you weren't ready for what he knew he could use. Oh yes, Axel was experienced in that area, which is why he would be able to go further. Luckily he had been able to get by without any STD's.


Your body gave a quiver. He frowned and watched you carefully. You were trembling, even though the room was quite warm. If Axel weren't occupying the room, it would have been as cold as any of the others. Which is precisely why he was able to have satin sheets.


He lifted the material and climbed in, wrapping an arm around your waist beneath the sheets. You gave a twitch of surprise, but didn't wake. Your body continued to tremble, but Axel couldn't exactly light you on fire to warm you up. He was capable of using fake fire that wouldn't damage its target, but if you woke up, you'd freak.


"_(Name)_," he murmured in your ear. Your eyes shot open and you blinked a few times before looking up at him. You couldn't make out his facial expression, but you could see his form and the familiar glint of his eyes.


"How long have you been lying there?"


"A few minutes."


"Well how long have you been staring at me?" He didn't respond. You stared at him quizzically before grumbling and pulling the sheets tighter around you. That's when you realized the position of his arm. "Axel, what the hell are you trying to pull?" you asked, raising your voice slightly.


"You were shivering."


"So let me shiver!"


"You'll have a restless sleep if you shiver all night."




"So I'm trying to warm you up." You blinked and grumbled something in response. "What was that?"


"I said you suck at applying heat," you repeated, though with a clearer voice. Your eyes were still closed, though it was pointless to try to sleep when you had a certain "someone" talking to you. Axel leaned inward, smirking slightly. He knew your eyes were closed, which gave him the opportunity to pull things that you normally would scold him for doing if you could see.


You jerked your head back in surprise when you felt Axel's warm breath on your nose. Trying to adjust to the darkness, your eyes still could only make out his form. "What do you want from me?"


"I'm just trying to warm your body!" You turned your head and buried your face in the pillow before you felt a tug on your waistline. What the heck was he doing? The silent question was answered when your body moved toward him a few inches. Sighing in defeat, you snuggled into his arms, your face resting in the crook of his neck.


He was wearing his cloak again; he had put it on after you had crawled under the covers. He couldn't exactly sleep on a cot and be cold himself. When he wasn't awake, the room could get decently chilly.


Your breath felt moist against the nape of his neck, and he shifted in resistance. He had to hold down the lustful thoughts forming in his mind and let you rest. Your hands were clenched in fists and placed between his torso and your bosom. You almost seemed like a young child seeking comfort in a father's arms.


Axel tilted his head downward to rest his chin against your head. He breathed in the scent of your hair and closed his eyes. Your trembles came to a slow stop, and he smiled inwardly that you had at last warmed up.


You were gradually going back to sleep, thoughts spinning through your mind. If Demyx ever discovered the two of you, things were sure to get ugly. It took you a moment to adjust to the absence of a steady heartbeat thumping in Axel's chest before you began to wonder about the moment the two of you had shared earlier. It seemed so far away now.


Had that been simply lust, or was Axel becoming how Demyx was? Loving you in a detached sort of way? After you had made the move, he had forced himself on you, which is what you were sure he was somewhat doing now. You weren't buying the 'you were cold' trick.


Even so, Axel had respected you enough to stop what you were doing and let you do your own thing. Sometimes lust did not allow that. But then there was the 'sometimes.' You shifted slightly in his arms and listened to him stir.


He took a deep breath, making your fists drive deeper into your ribcage, and let it go slowly. His chest was rising and falling in a rhythmic motion, letting you know he was already fast asleep. Here you were, awake, daydreaming about him, and you were the tired one!


You inhaled and smiled to yourself. His scent could be barely found behind the stale Axe cologne. The mixture of aromas soothed you. You had smelled the same cologne on a few men you'd killed, but it hadn't smelled so great then.


Darkness slowly overtook you, and you soon fell asleep in the warmth of Axel's body. You felt comfortable there, protected. Even your dreams couldn't haunt you that night.


The rain continued to fall in hard sheets, water flowing from the castle's balconies. Meanwhile, in his room, Demyx tossed in his sleep. It was different not to feel your body heat beside him, and he actually felt guilty for kicking you out.


But you'd ruined his precious hair! Why had you picked such a terrible color? It just had to be pink, out of all the other colors it had to be pink. It would only support the rest of the Organization's theory that he was gay. Well, at least he didn't have the element of flower.


Demyx's sleep was restless, his mind haunted with the previous fight. You had seemed hurt behind the anger that had risen. He was almost certain he had seen a flicker of pain behind those burning _(color)_ eyes. Now you were probably sleeping on some cold floor, he assumed.


The water manipulator pulled the sheets tighter around him and frowned in his slumber. He wasn't too happy with himself for shoving you out, especially when the weather was so cold. He could have at least gotten you a cot, but it was too late. He was unaware you were sleeping with Axel, which was most unfortunate for him; he got up, rubbing his eyes, and set off to find you.

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