Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


11. Chapter 11

"Hey! What are you-" You looked behind you. "Saïx! What are you doing here?"


"Looking for you. Xemnas had requested to see you," the Lunar Diviner replied.


"Well, I was on my way to see him."


"He's not up there," he said coolly. You cocked your head. Was Xemnas in the Hall of Empty Melodies? Saïx held out his unoccupied hand and made a dark portal. Stepping into it, he dragged you along behind him, much to your protests.


You felt the dark flames lick at your skin, but you weren't afraid. You had been through all of this with Xemnas earlier, though you wondered if you'd ever get used to the sensation of disappearing and reappearing a ways away.


A sudden brightness made you shield your eyes. It was white, like the rest of the castle, but even more luminescent. You felt Saïx let go of your wrist, so you slowly opened your eyes in order to give them time to adjust.


"Welcome to the lab," Saïx said calmly, holding out his hand in a silent order for you to keep walking. You stepped forward cautiously, and it wasn't until you spotted the back of Xemnas did you take normal strides.


The Superior seemed to be studying a few pieces of paper on the desk in front of him. His silver eyebrows were pulled into a frown that you guessed was confusion. His amber eyes closed and he shook his head in frustration.


"Xemnas," Saïx pronounced. Xemnas turned around and faced the two of you, nodding with understanding. He flicked his hand in a signal for Saïx to go. The blue-haired man dipped his head and turned around, walking toward the open portal. A smirk played his features as he stepped in.


"You have arrived."


"Yes," you stated. "What is it you wanted to see me for?"


"Your training. Though, there is something I would like to talk to you about first." You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. "I understand..." He turned around and faced the desk again, forcing you to stare at the back of his spiky hair. "...that it might get a bit lonely in the castle for one that holds a heart within their breast."


"What do you mean 'holds a heart?'" You frowned and cocked your head to the side. He turned back around, looking as though he were almost in positive glee.


"Because you have a heart of your own, you can feel."


"Feel what?"




"What does this have to do with anything?" you asked impatiently.


"Us Nobodies do not have a heart. I want to make it perfectly clear that we cannot feel pain, grief, happiness...or love." It didn't seem to hit you until the words began to sink in. You understood what he was trying to say; the Organization did not have hearts. They could not feel.


Your eyes clouded with disbelief as you stared blankly ahead of you. Last night...it had been a hoax. You had been used like some sort of cheap whore. That's what Xemnas was trying to tell you. The world around you began to spin, and a wave of nausea mixed with pain and hatred...emotion came over you. You wanted to run...just run away. It was a one-sided affection, destined to go nowhere.


"So you see, whatever has been going on in the castle these previous days, more directly last night, was maybe different than what you had imagined." Tears pooled in your eyes as you finally looked at Xemnas. You took a deep breath. Tears are not going to change a thing. Crying won't make Demyx have a heart. You ran the thoughts through your head continually. Stay strong.


"So you're saying...I shouldn't be deceived?"


"Precisely. As for Demyx, I am entirely astonished you would give yourself to one such as him." Anger flared inside of you. Was he insulting the water manipulator? Then again, could you really care for him that much when you knew he didn't- couldn't feel the same? "I believe you were being careless."


"I felt-"


"Exactly. You felt." He began to walk toward you slowly until he was directly in front of you, gazing at you with his fiery amber eyes. "The heart is fascinating. Perhaps you should spend less time taking such a precious momentum for granted," suggested Xemnas coolly. "Mixing into the wrong type of people could alter your future immensely. You should maybe concentrate on making yourself useful to the Organization.


"I don't suppose you have been told your destiny?" You frowned and shook your head. "And I would assume you must have a power of some sort. Tell me, _(name)_, what is your element?" You hesitated. Element?


"I...do not possess an element, but rather an ability," you explained. Xemnas tilted his head in interest, his eyebrows raised in curiosity. "I hold the ability to wield any weapon." His eyes grew even more concentrated, and he turned around and began to pace about the room.


"Then I would expect your skills would be a bit more developed."


"I can fight! I base most of my technique on Martial Arts. I'm just unsure of whether or not it would be useful here." Xemnas turned his head to look at you.


"We shall see. I would prefer to observe your dexterity. You shall battle Demyx tomorrow in the meeting hall." You opened your mouth in protest, but a quick glare from Xemnas silenced you.


"Yes, Xemnas." You lowered your head. How were you supposed to do that? You didn't even stand a chance when Xemnas went easy on you! You turned around and began to walk toward the area from which you came, but stopped short. The portal was gone. "Um..." You turned to look at him.


"Give into the darkness," he ordered. Your brows curled up in uncertainty, and you turned around and closed your eyes. You had done this before, though it was completely accidental during your little spar with Saïx. You cleared your mind and soon felt yourself dissolving into darkness.


You reappeared in Proof of Existence, a little ways off of your target. You had concentrated on ending up in Demyx's room, but it was only a few steps away. You began to close the distance before a firebug stepped in front of you. You jumped back in reaction, receiving the usual smirk in return.


"Walk with me," said Axel. Not a suggestion; an order. Your eyes hardened into a questioning glare. It would be stupid to refuse, especially in the state you were in with the Organization as it was. He was your superior, as much as you hated to admit it. You gave him an impatient glance, giving him the hint that if he wanted to walk with you, he'd better start walking.


He took the hint. You followed silently at his side, and it wasn't until the two of you had left the room that he began talking. It was a bit of a contrast to Demyx considering Axel was playful in a sarcastic way, but he was also dead serious.


"So how do you like being Mansex's apprentice?"


"Why do you keep calling him Mansex?" you asked with annoyance.


"If you rearrange the letters in his names, it spells Mansex. X-E-M-N-A-S to M-A-N-S-E-X. Got it memorized?" You glared at him.


"No. It's incredibly stupid...and I'll have to be sure to call him that sometime." Axel snorted.


"Nice knowing ya."


"Whatever," you mumbled. "Why do you want to walk with me in the first place?" The Flurry of Dancing Flames gave a shake of his head and a tsk-tsk.


"You know, you really need to level up your curiosity," came the sarcasm. "Honestly, you ask too many questions. If you're so inquisitive, I was wondering how your training was coming along."


"Who cares?" His jade gaze snapped upon you in mockery.


"You don't know? Oh, I see..." He nodded thoughtfully. "The Organization cares. Once you complete your training, you'll be sent on your first mission. You will be a tremendous help, though I have yet to believe this. I'm only repeating what Xaldin told me."


"Who?" Axel chuckled.


"Xaldin. You'll get to meet him in due time."


"O...K..." You sighed and scratched your head. "So what's in it for me?" He gave you an amused look. You answered it with an analytical gaze.


"You think just like a criminal would. Tell me...how long have you been in this business?"


"Only as far as I can remember."


"So I suppose it didn't take you long at all before you became a heartless?" You blinked at him in astonishment. He didn't know?


"I...have a heart..." He didn't seem to react to this, but stared ahead thoughtfully as the sound of boots against marble echoed.


"So what are you? Is your heart immersed in darkness?" You frowned. Why was he so concerned all of a sudden?


"No...I allow a faint glow of light to keep me from crossing over. So far it's working, but this teleporting thing is making it falter," you muttered dryly. He chuckled.


"So it would. You're neutral then...we have more in common than I thought."

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