Unforgettable Summer

Ria,Sam,Lydia,Kaila And Eleanor Are Five Best Friends with the age Eighteen. They've been together Through their ups and downs, Rough and good times, They always stand for each other and aways got each other's backs, Let's say they've spent every second of their lives together.. They're From London but they moved to Los Angels from the age Twelve, They Live together in a pretty cool house, They're ALL HUGE Directioners, good thing is that every girl likes a boy so they wont get much fights over the boys, Louis is Sam's brother, but she never had the chance to meet the boys, nor Lou, she hasn't seen him Since she and the girls moved from London.Last Summer They Decided they're going to London for a visit on Summer ''09'', It's time, they got the tickets and their bags, heading off to the flight, but what they dont know and what they never expected is that flight would change their lives forever. It's gonna be an Unforgettable Summer.


5. Messing up might be useful. sometimes - Kaila's P.O.V-

-Kaila's P.O.V-

"So Apparently im gonna be separated from the girls?" "I'm sorry , i cant do anything about it Ma'am" "that means im gonna sit with someone i never met the whole fucking flight?" "Language please.. and i cant really see a problem here." "well it may seem not a problem for you but it is for me" i shout as i sit down. "Anything else , Ma'am?'' the patient lady asks trying to change the subject.

" No im keeping my comment for my self , because if i didn't i would get kicked out of the flight." i reply angrily as she puts a grin  at my reply. "im really sorrry but i cant do anything about it. i would like to help but i cant, anything else?" "no thank you" i say crossing my arms and looking out of the window


- A While Later-

"Hello" a sweet deep voice visits my ears from my right. "Hi" i reply still looking out of the window as i turn on my iPod and put on my headset to the fullest volume.

A while later i feel a gentle tap on my shoulders . "Excuse me?" "Yeah?" "i know it's non of my business and im sorry if i am annoying you .but the fullest volume could hurt your ears" . "Really? i didn't know that" i reply as i take off my headset and look to the side To See Him. "Yes its true, Im Liam By The Way" he says as he offers his hand to shake mine. Oh My god...

I Should Be As Cool As Possible and try my best not to show the fan-girling so i wont creep him out. "Hi Im Kaila" i reply as i shake his offered hand. " Nice To Meet You " he says as a grin gets drawn on his face. " Nice To Meet You Too.Liam" i say still trying not to fan-girl.

"Would You Like You Break-Fast Now Sir? Miss?" the  lady asks as she stops the cart full of food. "Yes Please" "Kaila would you like food too?" Liam adds. "Yeah Sure" i reply looking straight at Liam not noticing  the Lady.

The Lady puts our food infront of us, "Would you like any drinks?" "Yes i would like orange juice please" Liam replies. "And i would like extra sugar coffe" . "There you go" the Lady says as she places our drinks in the drink spots .


"OUCH" i whisper/scream as a sip of the hot coffe falls on my shirt. "What's wrong??" Liam Asks looing at me worriedly. "Nothing just a couple of drops fell om my shirt" i assume . "Here There's a napkin" Liam Offers me some napkins ."Thanks" "Haha That Looks Weird " i laugh looking at my shirt again."But You Still Look Stunning" Liam Says with a smile. "Thank you . But You're A Terrible Liar Liam" I Assume

"But Who Said I Was Lying? You DO Look Absolutely Stunning" " Even With A Coffe Stain? I Think Not" I reply Sarcasticly. "Even With a Coffe Stain " Liam Says Smiling


A While After.

"So are the rest of the boys on the same plane?" I Break the Silence. "Yes. But they Messed Up The Seats, We Were Supposed To Sit Together " Liam Answers My Question Instantly , Like He Wants To Talk . That's good because I Had A Feeling That I Would Bother Him With The Questions. "Well i was supposed to be sat with my friends too but our seats got messed up" . "Oh." Liam Says Surprised.


"Ok I Know That Seems Awkward and we just met , but can i catch your number?" Liam Asks Unsure At My Reply."My Pleasure. I Mean Why Not ". "Thanks" Liam Speakes,kind of Relieved. I Give Him My Numer Instantly

My Phone Vibrates , A Text: "Now Save The Number (: x Liam". Closing the text and saving the number. I Reply Back:" If we're gonna talk or even just text after we get off the flight. im calling you Leeyum/Li weather you like it or not ;P"   . Text From "Leeyum": " well im kind of used to it Louis and Zayn call me that all time. You Do what ever you want (; " .

Reply:" How Many Girls would kill to get an autograph from you, and there's me, casually telling you that im gonna call you Li/Leeyum weather you like it or not while we just met by coincidence" . Text From "Leeyum": "Well I dont care, i like talking to you anyway, and you're not just any girl. you are special"

Reply:" what do u mean by " you're special" im just Kylie". Text From "Leeyum": " I dont know , you are special by your own way, and i thought you name was Kaila" Reply:"Yeah it is.. but Ri (My Friend) Calls Me Kylie For Some Reason." .

Text From "Leeyum":" well then im gonna call you Kylie too, weather you like it or not ;P". Reply:"Payback huh? (;". Text from "Leeyum":" well maybe, but it feels nice calling someone with another name and them doing nothing about it"

" Haven't you realized that we're texting while we're on the same plane and sitting beside ear other?" i confess laughing at how silly we are. "Oh Well " Liam Laughs Looking  Silly But Some How Looking Like The Cutest Thing ALIVE.


"So are you going to  London for a visit or are you already living there,if its personal i totally understand" Liam Asks Quietly ,
"No it's okay, i am originally from London but i moved to Los Angles since i was twelve with my friends , so last summer we decided we'd go for a visit on summer '09', and there we are" i answer him gladly, it feels nice being asked not asking. and especially being asked by my first and only crush.


"So you're gonna stay in London for the whole summer?" Liam asks excitedly while turning around to be sat face to face. "Yeah i guess, what about you guys?" i ask even more excited but a little worried about the answer. because they aren't normal people and they can just stay if they want, they are One Direction and probably Management won't let them .

"well not really sure but i guess on scale from one to ten i would say 8 out of 10", "well i guess that's not so bad after all " i  reply giving some hope., "I guess not" Liam Replies smiling, " Promise me something?" He Adds. "Sure" i reply, "if we get the chance to stay for the summer Promise me we're going to meet often" He Says.

Oh My God..... Liam James Payne Is Making Me Promise Him That We Are Going To Meet More Often.....Shouldn't I be the one asking that....Aren't I The Fan.... Is That A Dream....That Only Happens In Movies Or Dreams. But Never In Reality...But it seems so realistic..

"KYLIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I Hear Liam Shout/Whisper With his head upside down looking at me. " THAT'S ADORABLE" I Confess without even thinking while looking at Liam. "Well Thanks , i guess" Liam Says with that Killing-ly Cute Smile. "So Do you promise?" He Asks, He seems like a child while saying that, well obviously the most adorable Child.

"Uhm...I...um" I manage to talk but Liam Cuts Me Putting the sexiest but most Gorgeously cute Puppy face ever.. . "How the Heck can i say no, of course i promise" I say with huge excitment.

"Great. You Know Messing Up Isnt so mad at the end. if it wasnt so messed up i wouldn't of met you, .. Kylie" Liam Assumes at saying "Kylie", "You know, if Ri Knew that i made someone else call me Kylie she would be mad. she doesnt even allow the other girls living with us to call me that, she would just hit them on the head if they did." i inform him. "Well she seems nice.... , i dont wanna be hit on the head."

"HAHAHAHAHA , no Ri is really nice but she  says she owns that  and she wont realy hit you if she knew you call me Kylie, i mean you're Liam Payne who would hit you would be kicked into prison." i speaking-ly laugh.

"well the boys hit me -playfully- and they arent in prison , but they would be in prison without me, atleast that's what Ed said," Liam Adds. "I'm Sure They Would " i jokingly reply.,


"Liam" i speak . "Yes?"  "Thank you..". "What For?" "for being there, not literally but you and the boys helped us alot with rough times, like when we feel down or sad we just listen to your songs and watch videos of yours and we instantly get better., all fans wanted to say thanks you, especially me and the girls and here i am. so Thank You. " i say before Liam embraces me into a gentle hug.

"Liam, just a little confession for the future: I Hate Hugs." i speak out. Liam had no comment but he just kept hugging me. "but i think i wouldn't hate a hug from you :)" i confess. "Well i bet you would like a hug from Niall too, He's a great hugger" Liam Adds while letting go. "Well i would like hugs from all the boys though" i add smiling.


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