District 8, harry styles fanfic

I walk to my age group, as a very strange funny looking lady came to the stage, her name was Lucy Goldenwood. "Hello and welcome everyone, lets just get this over with shall we" "LADIES FRIST" she yelled more then she needed to. "Ivory Tomas", I was shocked I have picked for the 74th annual hunger games, my mother screaming in the Distance and John yelling as well. All the children in my age group moved to the sides felling sorry, but overjoyed that they hadn't got picked. I walked up the steps as Lucy grabs my arm. "Now it's time for the boys, harry styles" he was much older then me others screaming as well, ohh great what am I going to do, at least I have this older boy to protect me, I hope.


2. The reaping

My mother is was the most confident person I knew, I knew she was sad but she gets by, what ever things in life come to her she pushed it aside like nothing happened.
Two hours until the reaping, and I'm not even dressed yet. "Ivory honeybee" she always called me honeybee, so did father. "Ivory darling your dress is ready." "Ok mother I'm just going to bath" "ok, but make it quick." After my frequently short bath I went into my room, on the bed laid a beautiful blue and white floral dress. With my extremely red hair and light blue eyes the dress would pop on me. I threw the dress on, along with my socks, Mother doesn't like it when we wear our shoes inside. I took a look at my self while I bushed my long hair. After I was done I trotted down the stairs, I knew mother was waiting to do my hair. I stood in the doorway to the kitchen, she turned around. "Aww you look beautiful." "Thank you, the dress fits well." I sat down in one of the table chairs as mother did my hair, she was extremely good at doing hair, it's like a second fabric to her. She had always dreamed of opening some sort of hair business, but that's silly it would never happen. She gave me a mirror after she competed my hair. It was braided, then twirled around into a bun. She went to go check on John. I just stood there thinking about all that's happened in only a couple of hours. Mother returned with something in her hands, it was something small rapped in a small light grey-blue silk cloth. Mother gently handed it to me. I looked at her, she just nodded. I gently opened up the cloth reviling a shiny object, it was my fathers pocket watch. It belonged to my grandfather before father was born. It had a swirly design on the front, I opened it up, the red numbers popped comparing to the see-through center. A long chain connected the pocket watch to a clip so I could carry it. I looked at mother and smiled, she opened her arms welcoming me into a warm hug. She looked at the time, witch was silly of her because I had the pocket watch. 

All three of us rushes around the house realizing we are almost late for the reaping. I clipped the end of the watch to the sleeve of my dress, stuffing the watch into my white cardigan. Waiting for mother and John I put my booties on, brown with lace in the center, my all time favorite shoe. We all rushed out and following behind us, our fat family cat mitt, he was grey, tan, white, and yellow, truly a majestic cat. I ran to him picking him up and carrying him back to our house. Dropping him inside I noticed a shiny thing coming from the kitchen, I ran into the kitchen looking on the table, there was a small hair pin with a white and pink encrusted embellishments. I took it shoved it into my pocket along with the cloth I forgot and ran back to mother and John.

 "Mother look what I found." Taking the pin out of my pocket mother replied. " oh yes this was your grandmothers, she gave it to me when I was your age, I was meaning to put it in your hair, I must of forgot." "We'll" mother rudely interrupted me, she has a habit of that "I will put it in when we get to the reaping." I said "Ok" it didn't matter what I would of said before. We arrived at the reaping, mother had me stand still so she could put the pin in my hair, "darling it's good luck", she had noticed my emotions coming out. "Mother my name is only in there like what two three times?" What Ivory didn't know is that her mother and father put Ivorys name in there multiple times to put food on the table and on the floor for mitt. "Yes darling you probably won't get drawn". She had a worried look on her face, I didn't know what was going on. "Ivory, John im going to go stand by the parents, I will find you when this is finally over" she gave me a hug and a kiss, looking straight at John and said, "make sure she gets identified and in her correct age group" " yes mom will do". Mother gave a hug and kiss. I follow her with my eyes until she was lost in the sea of people. John took my hand as we walked to  the identifier, the strange man took my hand and pricked me. John to my Jane once again, "ok Ivy I need you to be strong, I will find you when this is over ok" "ok I love you" "I love you to Ivory". 

I walk to my age group, as a very strange funny looking lady came to the stage, her name was Lucy Goldenwood. "Hello and welcome everyone, lets just get this over with shall we" "LADIES FIRST" she yelled more then she needed to. Please not me.

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