Love? Maybe.

Hello, my name is Gwynn. I have long,wavy, dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes. I'm turning 18 soon and my best friend is Skylar. She has long, curly, wavy hair and blue eyes, and is 19. Skylar is a huge fan of One Direction. Me? Not really. I like there music and, yeah they are all cute but that's it. But what if one day Gwynn catches one of the boys eyes? What will happen then? Is it love? Maybe.


6. Chapter Six

(Gwynn's POV) Finally it was our turn and Skylar basically dragged me into the room. I stayed behind her, if you haven't noticed I'm shy around new people. Skylar isn't tho. "Hi, I'm Skylar." She said smiling. "Hello, I'm Liam. This is Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Louis." Liam told us. They started to talk to her for a few minutes until I guess one of the boys  noticed someone was behind her. "Hello love, why are you hiding?" I looked up to have my bright green eyes meet a pair of blue eyes. It was Louis. 
(Louis's POV) Throughout the meet and greet I kept thinking about her. Finally there was only one more group, then we could leave. A girl with  long, chocolate, curly, hair in a ponytail. With a Rolling Stones t-shirt and some ripped skinny jeans and black flip flops. She was very pretty, but she was not has beautiful as Gwynn. "Hi, I'm Skylar." She said smiling. "Hello, I'm Liam. This is Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Louis." Liam said. They started talking, when I noticed there was someone behind Skylar. I walked up to her and bent down, her head was down. "Hello love, why are you hiding?" I asked. She slowly raised her head up and my eyes met her bright green eyes. It was Gwynn! "Gwynn?" I asked sweetly. She nodded her head and smiled. "Hi." She said. 
(Gwynn's POV) "Gwynn?" Louis asked. I nodded my head. "Hi." I said. "See, I told you we would see each other soon." Louis smiled big at me. I just laughed. "Hello love." I heard someone else say. I saw it was the other boys. "Guys, this is Gwynn." Louis said. "Hello Gwynn." They all said I just smiled. "Hi." I said. "She talks!" Niall said. We all just laughed. So how old are you guys?" Harry asked us. "We'll I turned 19 last month, and Gwynn turned 18 today." Skylar told them. I gave her the death glare, I didn't want anyone else know it was my birthday. "Happy birthday!" They all said. I just laughed. "We should celebrate." Louis said. "What, how?" I asked confused. " Nando's!" Niall said. They all laughed. "What's Nando's?" I asked confused. They all looked at me like I was crazy. "The best restaurant ever!" Niall said. We all laughed again. "Okay sounds good." Skylar said. I sighed in defeat. "Okay." I said. We all took a few pictures then got ready to leave. We were hugging everyone goodbye. Just as I was getting ready to leave someone grabbed my arm, and dragged me out the door. I looked up confused to see Louis. "So umm I was wondering if um maybe I could get your number?" Louis said blushing. I started to laugh at his nervousness. "Of course, here." I said writing down my number on a piece of paper, and gave it to him. I also gave him my address so he could pick us up. He smiled. "Thanks." He said. And then he gave me his number. "Text me when your ready to go." He told me. He gave me another hug. Then Skylar came out, and grabbed my arm then basically started to drag me to the car. "You know that I can walk." I told her. "I know." She said laughing. *At the house* When we got to the house we went up stairs to get ready. "I can't believe we're going to Nando's with One Direction!" Skylar said freaking out. "Calm down and get ready." I said. She laughed and did as told. I came out wearing a denim shirt with white shorts with some black vans and a infinity bracelet. I then put my hair in a messy bun and had on a little makeup. Skylar came out wearing a tribal printed dress with white flats with a blue/green handbag. She has her hair in a braid with a little makeup. "You look amazing!" I told Skylar. "You look amazing too!" She said. We laughed and took pictures of us and our outfits. "Let me text Louis to pick us up." I told her. "Wait you got his number? Awww!!!" She said. "Shut up, it's not like that." I said. "Suree." She said. I texted Louis. 'Hey Louis, were ready over here. You guys can come get us when your all ready.' I texted. 'Hello love, we will be there in awhile to get you both.' I smiled at the text. "They'll be here soon." I told Skylar. She nodded then we went to watch tv while we waited.       

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