Love? Maybe.

Hello, my name is Gwynn. I have long,wavy, dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes. I'm turning 18 soon and my best friend is Skylar. She has long, curly, wavy hair and blue eyes, and is 19. Skylar is a huge fan of One Direction. Me? Not really. I like there music and, yeah they are all cute but that's it. But what if one day Gwynn catches one of the boys eyes? What will happen then? Is it love? Maybe.


8. Chapter Eight

(Gwynn's POV) I woke up to the smell of food. I looked around to see everyone must have woken up. I got up and went into the kitchen. Everyone was in there eating. "Look who's awake." Skylar said. Everyone just laughed. I went to go grab some pancakes and ate at the counter. "Okay who made these, and I know it wasn't Skylar cause they never taste this good when she makes them." I said. "Louis made them." Zayn told me. I nodded and continued to eat. "What should we do today?" Liam asked. "Let's do something inside, it's pouring outside." Louis said. I got up and ran to the closet to get all the board games, movies, and video games. I also grabbed some pillows and blankets then put them in the living room. "Lazy day!" I yelled. They all laughed and came into the living room. "Okay sounds good, what first?" Niall asked. "Monopoly!" Louis said. We all laughed again and started playing. We played almost every board game, watched one movie, and played video games. It was the best lazy day ever. We ordered pizza for dinner and hung out some more. "Let's play a game." I said. "What game?" Harry said. "Truth or dare!" Louis said. "Okay let's play. Skylar truth or dare?" Harry asked Skylar. "Truth." She said smiling. "If you had to date anyone in the room who would you choose?" He asked. "Dare!" She said. We all laughed. "Okay I dare you to answer the question." Harry said. "Fine, Liam." She said blushing. Liam smiled. "Niall truth or dare?" Louis asked. "DARE!" He said. "I dare you to go out side and run around yelling like a crazy person." Louis said. Niall nodded and went out side. Louis was recording the whole thing and we were all laughing. When he came back he was all wet from the rain so I got him a towel. And basically we played it until we were all tired. The boys stayed the night again and we went to bed.      



 I'm sorry if it sucks. If there's anything I can do to fix it please comment. I will be reading all comments. And again I'm sorry if this fanfic sucks. :-/  

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