The Start

This is about me and my 4 best friends and our story to becoming famous


7. 7/28/13 Bailey's P.O.V.

Bailey's P.O.V. So they came and gone, and changed the lives of many girls that came to see them, they made that night special and I'll never forget it, because that was the night that Isi and Bree decided they wanted to follow in the footsteps the boys did. When they asked me to join i was so happy and could not say no to such a wonderful offer, because overall the boys are our inspiration and for that i will never forget the things they do for their fans everyday, not all bands are like that but I'm glad they are and I'm glad all of us girls in our new group fell in love with them I'm glad that we are starting such a wonderful group with 5 bright teenage women who plan working for all that matters, so what i really want to say is thank you Isi and thank you Bree if it weren't for the both of you i wouldn't be as grateful as i am now to have such wonderful friends like you that turned into a loving other family of mine to watch out and protect the rest of the group as I would for you.

So on another note, last night I had a dream, that kind of scared me into thinking this way. So in my dream, I met Niall, and he was great until we were standing in front of a bunch of girls. So i went to talk to Niall and he flat out blew me off and never listened and it got me to thinking if he is really that way, then i told myself no he can't be i just know it. So as the dream went on i started realizing that he was picking up on every girl fan he had and pretty much using them and then would move on. I kept following him to watch and he never changed he kept doing the same thing to every girl he saw, which was use them and move on and i didn't like that so when i stepped in to talk to him once again he looked at me and never really listened to the things i was telling him, the whole time i was telling him to change and thats not the way he has to be, i told him to stick to one girl and keep her and hold her tight. So he finally listened and then the dream got better because he did what i told him and it made the rest of the dream go smoothly. So i woke up pretty happy but it still scared me and oh did i forget to mention that when he stuck with one girl, that girl was me, I'm sorry Bree and Charity it's just how the dream turned up, but I still love you both hahah!!!




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