The Start

This is about me and my 4 best friends and our story to becoming famous


8. 07/28/13 Isi P.O.V.

 Isi P.O.V.


so now Bree and Baily have written. What do you guys think of them? I love them and as Baily said we are family maybe not by blood but we are family! On a side I do sometimes go by Charity as you saw in Baily's post. On another side note i was at work today at bed bath and beyond and i was not feeling too good today(still not great). Anyways i love my co workers soo much that i cant even begin to describe how awesome they are!! So as i said i was not feeling good and i told my manager and my fes this and my fes had been trying to send me home from 1:30 on. I finally got to go home at 4:33 and i would have stayed all day if they would have told me to but i am happy that they saw that i was not feeling good. Bed bath and beyond is a really good company for always taking care of the customers and the employes. So is anyone else super excited for the One Direction movie This is Us!!!! I am so excited I really hope that all 5 of us girls can go together. so In a couple chapters ago i asked people for name ideas and i got no responses :( that made me really sad but i guess we will live. I know that i would really love to have some of your guys thoughts. As a last note i would also like comments on hearing from the other two girls :) thanks guys i would really love that.


<3 Isi 

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