The Start

This is about me and my 4 best friends and our story to becoming famous


6. 07/28/13 Bree's P.O.v.

Bree's P.O.V.

I went to bed late last night. I don't know why I couldn't sleep, but I couldn't. Then, I woke up later than usual. And I don't know why, but I feel down today. Like, I woke up and felt fine, but as the time of me being awake went on, I started to feel more and more down. And now, I'm not sure exactly how I feel. I'm not sure if I can feel anything else today, but I hope someone will come and turn my mood around. It's hard to get through the day when only a few couple people make you smile, and 5 of them don't even know you exist. And all you wanna do is curl up in a ball and cry, but instead you stay strong and do what you can to put a smile on everyone else's face. Maybe it's because it's glummy outside. I hate bad weather.

We finally have a meeting date. I basically just said who ever can come, come. Who ever's not there, we'll call occasionally for inputs. Even though we look up to One Direction and Little Mix, I still don't want to come off as a 'wanna be'. I want us to have our own music, with our own feelings behind the songs. I want to make a difference in someone else's life, by accomplishing our own goals. I want us to inspire those in need, and inspire ourselves, knowing we've made it so far, but this is just the beggining, and we can only pray for the best, and prepare for the worst. But if we believe in ourselves, and thank god everyday for allowing all of this to be possible, we can make it. And if the others believe in us as much as I do, who knows how far we will end up. But one thing I definitely want to keep constant, is this blog, and videos of questions and answers, no matter how big we get. It'll prove to our fans that we're still the same people we were before fame. I hope everything works out. <3

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