The Start

This is about me and my 4 best friends and our story to becoming famous


5. 07/26/13 Isi Pov

Isibella's P.O.V


I cant help but think about the concert and we did a group hug before Bree and i left and to me it was like we were being One Direction but girls and that is when i got the idea to make us a band. It all seems so close and so far away and even more so because we still can get our schedules to match but we are trying and that is all that matters. I love these girls and i am glad that we are all in this together. I really don't think anybody else could have picked more dedicated, hard working, caring, loving and beautiful girls. I may be the oldest but that doesn't mean a thing as Louis from One Direction has showed the world. I know how much One Direction has changed our lives, I just want to be given the chance to do that for someone else. One Direction has saved so many lives and they don't even know it. I want to be able to say that. I want to matter to more then my small group of friends in Colorado. With any luck we will get there. Also i Love you too Bree and we all made it what it is i was just the one with the crazy idea. So WOO go ADD



Authors Note

If anyone has an idea of what we could be called please please please comment on what you think that should be i am having a hard time thinking of a name so thanks


<3 Isi

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