In Love With the Nerd

I never saw myself with her.
I never saw myself like this.
I never realized who I was until I got the girl.
The guy who I was is still inside me and can come out anytime.
I just want to keep her happy and be me at the same time.


4. Shocking Discovery

Sabrina's P.O.V.

Urgh! The nerve of Mason and those dumb jocks!

Marcel was a sweet innocent guy. He never deserved to be beaten up every day. This was the first time I ever saw Marcel get beaten up. I'm glad I was there.

I sat in the back with Marcel while Logan drove. "Where too?"

"Turn right out of the parking lot and I'll tell you from there." He nodded and we pulled out from the school parking lot.

"Sorry for not coming to your rescue every time you got hurt. This was my first time see that."

"Oh it's fine. Turn left here."

"Let me see your stomach." He unbuttoned his shirt. He was toned but black and blue covered his stomach. The ice pack was starting to turn into water.

"Turn left." I traced my fingers over his stomach.

"Does this hurt?" I moved lightly and got a little harder. He jumped.

"I think you might have a broken rib. Logan go to the hospital." Marcel didn't say anything.

"Wait we can't mom will kill us." We got a stop light. "Turn left."

He turned and we there were huge mansions. "The house with the mailbox that says 'Styles'."

Logan turned and turned the car off. "Stay here."

I jumped out of the car and noticed this was the biggest house of them all. Man, they were rich. I got to Marcel's side and helped him out. "You have a key?" Logan asked. "In my book bag." "It's still in the car right?" I asked. He nodded. I sat him on a chair and ran back to the car.

His keys were in the bottom of his bag. I ran back.

When I got to the porch, I saw Marcel smile. His white teeth shun from his bruised face.

"What are you laughing about?"

"What you did to Mason." I laughed along walking to the door.

"Well someone hast to teach that douche a lesson."

Cold air hit my face as we helped him up.

"Wow this place is amazing." I scanned the marble floor. "My mom works at Chase bank in downtown. And yeah."

"Ok I'm going to help you up the stairs. Logan take these bags and refill them with ice and come back up." He nodded and went to the kitchen. "Come on, lets get you upstairs."

It wasn't as hard as I thought to get Marcel up the stairs. "Which room?" He pointed to the door at the end the of the hallway.

I opened the door and my mouth dropped. His room was full of band posters. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder and so many more. He limped to his bed and sat on it.

"Here get changed first. I won't look." He nodded and I turned facing his wall. We both have the same taste in music. "You can look now." I turned around and looked at him. He had plaid pajama pants on and no shirt. I didn't care. I turned the covers over to revel white sheets. Before he could sit down, I tried to get his hair to where he would be comfortable. "Here lets get that gel out of your hair." "You know you don't haft to do that." I didn't listen and took him to the bathroom. It was huge!

"Try to get on your knees." He held my hand and got on his knees. That wouldn't work. "Roll your pants legs up and get in the bath tub."

He furrowed his eyebrows. "Just do it. Hand me your glasses." He did what I told him and he bent down.

I turned the water on and grabbed his shampoo. I couldn't help but laugh as his head drooped down when it touched the water. He laughed to then touched his chest.

I ran the shampoo through his hair and laughed as I got it to stand up. I found a small mirror. "Look." He looked up and laughed. "Press the button on the side." I listened and it clicked.

"Did that just take a picture?" He nodded. "The world of electronics." Marcel put his hair back under the faucet and I rinsed the shampoo out.

"I got the ice! Uh Sabrina?" It was Logan. "In here!" I shouted over my shoulder. Harry was running the towel through his hair when I saw him leaning on the doorway. "What were you two doing?" "We got the gel out of his hair." I turned around and he flipped his head. His hair was curly. Oh my God. Could he get anymore cute? Logan went back into the room with me and Marcel following.

I patted the bed and he laid on the bed. I wrapped the blankets to his waist when I set the ice on his stomach. Logan had gotten a cold rag and I set it on his eyes. "Want me to turn the TV on?" He nodded and grabbed his remote. Wipeout was on.

"Thanks for everything. Means a lot to know that someone cares about me." My heart shattered into a million pieces. I regretted this question. "What happened with you, Louis and the guys? I remember you saying 'when we were friends.'" He sat up with his elbows. The rag still over his eyes.

 "We all were good friends but Niall joined the football team, Louis became popular, Liam joined the AV club and Zayn joined the bad boys. They kinda forgot about me. They were my only friends." Tears fell from the rag. "Well it seemed like they cared about you in the office." 

"Yeah, I felt better when Niall called me a old pal."

Man even his friends ditched him. What is wrong with people?

"Well I know what it's like to be ditched by your friends. Has happened to me too many times."

He laid back down. "I've longed for a real friend. I thought that they were. But that I was wrong."

I wasn't a emotional person but hearing the sadness in his voice and hurt made me cry. Luckily he didn't see me. I sat beside him.

"It's ok Marcel. Me and Logan will never ditch you. Now get some rest. It's been a crazy morning."

"Wait what if I need you?" I saw a pen and paper on his nightstand.

"Here text me or call me. This is mine and Logan's number." He nodded and took the rag from his face.

"Thanks for everything." I hugged him.

"Anytime. Things will change Marcel. Trust me." We broke apart and I closed his door. Logan was waiting in the car. I hopped in the passenger seat.

"You did a good thing Sabrina."

"Thanks lets just go home. Marcel's close and if he needs us we can get there quick. I can explain things to mom later." He nodded and drove out of the neighborhood.

Oh Marcel. Me meeting him. Getting beat up everyday. Having your friends ditch you for the populars. Marcel is so sweet, kind and cute. I never felt this way about someone before.

I'm in love with the nerd.

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