In Love With the Nerd

I never saw myself with her.
I never saw myself like this.
I never realized who I was until I got the girl.
The guy who I was is still inside me and can come out anytime.
I just want to keep her happy and be me at the same time.


26. Back to Normal?

They rolled Sabrina out of the room and I was getting more worried by the mili-second. 

"I miss you already!" I shouted. "I miss you more!" I heard her shout back. I smiled real wide and laid my head back. 

"She'll be alright Marc, she's made it this far." Gemma smiled rubbing my arm. 

"I know just this night was supposed to be perfect. Me and her. She told me she loved me and I said it back. But of course everything had to go wrong! I screw everything up! I hur-" 

"Marcel, you don't screw everything up. You heard the doctor, there was no dodging him. I know you want nothing but the best for her, but sometimes bad things happen. She's gonna be fine and so will you." Edward stopped me. 

I started to take large breaths to try to calm me down. I didn't have Sabrina to calm me down. I looked at her parents. 

"Mr and Mrs. Miller, I am so sorry. There is no level of how sorry I am. I never meant to hurt her and ever cause her all this pain. All of her injures is from me and I am so sorry." Her mom came to me. Her dad following behind. She hugged me. 

"Marcel please calm down." She smiled. "I know you would never do anything to hurt her. You never meant for all of this to happen or for you and her to ever get hurt." She hugged me. 

"Sabrina told me a lot about you and this wouldn't match the person she described. We get that you're sorry and this was a complete accident." Her dad smiled. 

"Oh yeah, don't call us Mr and Mrs. Miller. We're not that old." She laughed. "Call me Marta and my husband Josh." I smiled and nodded. "Ok Marta and Josh." 

"Are you hungry Marcel?" Logan asked me. 

"Yeah a little." 

"Hang on." He said and left the room. 

"Does anyone know about this at school?" I asked Ed. 

"Yeah. Half of the school knows. Louis and the guys are coming tomorrow to check on you." I smiled. 

"I guess they actually care about me." 

"Well of course they do Marc. Maybe you guys can go back to they used to be?" She shrugged. I shrugged back and Logan came back in with a nurse. 

"Well since it's almost midnight two things, only two people are aloud to stay with each patient for the night and the only thing I can give you is some cereal or ginger ale." 

"I'll take the cereal." I sat up slowly. "And has Sabrina Miller come out of her surgery yet?" She flipped threw her clip board. Her smile faded. 

"Uh honey, Sabrina Miller died during surgery." My heart dropped and tears filled my eyes. 

"What!" I shouted. "No! No! No! She can't be dead!" I screamed. Everyone was looking at her. Logan was crying, her parents and Jamie was crying. 

"Do you mean Sabrina Lee Miller?" Logan choked out. 

She flipped threw the papers shaking. 

"Wait Sabrina Lee Miller?" She paused while we all screamed yes. 

"Oh I thought you meant Sabrina Marie Miller down the hall. Now your Sabrina should be back in a few minutes. Be prepared, she is loopy and she is pretty funny." She chuckled. 

I started to cry tears of relief and laughed of relief. Everyone did the same and soon we heard a girl laughing. 



ello peoples!! :D heres a short chapter for ya and a little heart stopper XD and i used my middle name. well the shortened version :) so the next chapter is gonna be pretty funny. its gonna be a mash up of when me and two of my other friends were on wacky gas when we got teeth pulled out. It is pretty funny so it will be up probably wensday night if i can write :) so enjoy and see ya later :*


Lots of love



P.S. and holy crap 938 reads!! :D :D :D omg thank you all!! :D :D :D 62 more reads and we'll reach a 1000 reads!! :D :D please, give me a shout out or show this story to your other fans and get the word out!! this was one of my first books and ive worked really hard on it and it would mean the world to me!! I love you all!!! :* :D :*

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