Counting Stars

16 year old Lela Hemmings has never felt real love. Her father died when she was 15 and her mother died giving birth to Lela. Lela lives with her Aunt. She is depressed, insecure, and shy. She walks the halls with her head down and her mouth shut. She is bullied though. Pushed. Laughed at. Judged. Due to her shyness, she literally doesn't talk to people. At all. As a result, she is afraid to stand up for herself. Then someone walked into her life. She didn't want them to stay, but she didn't want them to leave. Can someone as simple as a person, as simple as a boy, change her life?


26. Sorry?



I stand still.

Her mother died. I know just by the look on her face and the fact that they had to pack there moms stuff after a funeral.

But, sorry? Does she want me to say 'Oh its okay!' and act as if nothing happened


"Listen, I understand, your going through a lot, but sorry doesn't make the pain go away. Sorry doesn't make the rumors away. Sorry sure as hell doesn't mean I HAVE to forgive you. I cant just forget what you put me through." I say.

"Fine." She says as she stomps off.

"Wait!" I yell. She turns around.

"I don't want to fight anymore. I want this all to end. Can we just forget any of this happened?"

"Sure. Forget everything. All of it." She says and then walks away. I kiss my hand and touch the head stones.


I step into the house and pull be jacket off. As I'm about to take my shoes off, I hear my aunt.

"Lela! Come here! Quick!" I run into her room. She points at the small tv that's in front of her bed.

"Jessica." I whisper.

I read the words below her picture.


The word has me stuck.



She killed herself.

I cover my mouth and slowly sit down.

"This is my fault." I whisper.

"Sweetie, no. Its not your fault."

"Yes it is. I saw her not even half an hour ago. Now she is dead." I stand up and run back out the door.

Its darker now.

I run. Without stopping. Just running.

"So much death. So, so much death." I mutter to myself as the tears stream down my face. I stop and look around.

I can hardly see.

I start stumbling.

I see head lights.

I stop and sit down on the ground. I hold my knees to my chest.

"Excuse me? Do you need help?" I hear a girl say.

"We can help you." Another girl says. I look up and see two blurry girls standing in front of me.

"I'm Karly. And my friends name is Bella." She says.

"I- I'm Lela." I mumble through my cries.

"Lela. Its okay. Do you need a ride? We can take you home."

"Home is the last place I want to be. Take me to the hospital on 6th avenue." I say calming down.

"May I ask why?" Asked who I'm assuming is Bella.

"There is someone I need to see." I say. They both shrugged and we all got into the car.


A/N: I am sorry I haven't been updating much. Its called school. It sucks. I mentioned Karly finally and I  added Bella too! Hope you all are still reading this! I was afraid that I would lose inspiration. If this seems to be anymore boring than it already is, let me know!

Thanks guys!


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