Cyberbullied (One Direction Not Famous)

Samantha, Louis, and Niall have been the best of friends for like, ever. But what will happen when bullying comes in the picture? Will they stick together or will they go their separate ways? Read to find out.

(P.S this is NOT based on a true story, yes I used my name but it is not based on me. Just to clarify any questions)


36. Thorn

~Harry's house.~


When we entered his house, everybody was there. Niall, Jasmine, Liam, and Zoe, but no Louis.. I guess a little party? I greeted everybody and I girl came out of the kitchen had hugged Niall from behind.


"Hey Samantha, this is my girlfriend, Catherine. Babe, this is my bestfriend." Niall said introducing me and Catherine. 


"Hey it's very nice to meet you, you can call me Cat" she said giving me a greeting hug.

"Hey, I'm Samantha, but you can call me Sammy, but speel it with a 'y' " I joked.


We all sat down at the table talking about what have been going on lately. 


"I don't mean to be rude, but, why are we all here?" I asked.

"To celebrate you babe" Harry said as he kissed me on my cheek.

"For what?" I asked curiously. 

"For standing up for Taylor silly" Zoe said with a huge smile.

"Oh" I answered, with a smile as well.

I started to become for quiet because I wasn't as used to being around as many people. After a few hours of talking, someone knocked on the door. I stood up and answered it, leaving everyone else alone at the table.


I opened the door and I saw a tall, girl with long black hair.

"Yes?" I asked nicely.

"Hi, I'm Sabitha. And I wanted to see if Liam would be here?" She asked nicely.


"Yes, come in" I said inviting her into the house. Jasmine came to check to see who it was , I'm guessing.


"LIAM!!! SABITHA IS HERE!!!" Jasmine shouted as she stared at Sabitha. 

Liam walked towards us, and hugged the girl. 

"Girlfriend? " I whispered into Jasmine hair as Liam and the girl started hugging.


Jasmine answered in a simple nod.

Liam and Sabitha started talking quietly and then left without saying goodbye to the others. When they did Jasmine started bursting out laughing, causing me to laugh, she has a really contagious laugh by the way.

"What's so funny?" I asked, while I laughed.

"Jist the way they left" she answered, tryin to catch her breath. I giggled, and we both walked back towards the table. 


"Where's Liam? And who was that?" Harry asked me laughing from a joke they must of told when I left the group.


"He and a girl had to go" I answered, sitting next to Harry. He simply nodded and we all continued talking untill everybody had left for different reasons.


____Two hours Later____

At this point, me and Harry were alone in the living room watching the 'telly' as Harry called it many times before. 

"What do you wanna watch?" Harry asked me as we began to cuddle.

"Can we watch monsters Inc.?" I asked.

"Yea, cource. Let me look for it." He chuckled. After searching for the movie Harry finally found it and place it on.


When the movie and reached to the part where 'Kitty' was saving Boo from Randle, the middle part of the movie, Harry started talking.


"So I never really, asked you properly to the dance" Harry began.

"Oh yea..." I said, turning my face towards Harry.

"So I'm am going to do it today! Right now!" Harry said standing up. He ran to the other side of the front door, the outside. 


He then knocked the door as if he was a guest. I opened the door, still confused. 


"Harry? What are you--" I began to talk as he cut me of in the middle of my question. He held a rose in his left hand, sat on one knee and began to speak.

"Samantha, will you do me the honor-- of being my date, to winter dance?" Harry asked with tears in his eyes.


"Yes" I answered about to pull him into a hug.

"Are you still crying?" I asked pulling away.

Harry nodded, with the rose still in his hand.

"You poked yourself with a thorn, didn't you?" I asked, trying not to laugh.

"Yes" Harry answered.

I took the rose carefully out of his hands and hugged him as he and I boh laughed.


_______Author's Note______

Hey squishies! How do you all think about the way Harry asked Samantha to the dance? Funny? Romantic? Let me know! I just wanted to say sorry for both Catherine and Sabitha for taking a while for placing you both in the story. I just needed to find a perfect timing. Also, since I start school next week, I will not be able to update as usual. I will try to update as much as i can on the weekends. So yea! Sorry for the wait. 


Love you all!


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