Cyberbullied (One Direction Not Famous)

Samantha, Louis, and Niall have been the best of friends for like, ever. But what will happen when bullying comes in the picture? Will they stick together or will they go their separate ways? Read to find out.

(P.S this is NOT based on a true story, yes I used my name but it is not based on me. Just to clarify any questions)


38. Morning

 I woke up this morning (sunday) to the sweet smell of pancakes. I got up from my bed, I didn't bother brushing my hair, or changing. I guess you can say I went downstairs in a morning mess. I made a quick stop to the bathroom and then continued to go towards the kitchen.
  "Morning" Gabby greeted me as she layed plates onto the table.  

"Hey" I greeted back. My mother was having a phone call, I guess from work? I sat down at the table across from Gabby and we ate some of the pancakes that were made. Me and Gabby were talking about what had recently happened. She mostly talked about some crazy dream she was having.  

"And then there was like 5 people and they were in a band, and then th-they won a contest a-and they were famous!" Gabby stuttered in excitement, telling me of the dream she had.  

"And then what?" I asked taking a sip of my apple juice. "I woke up" Gabby giggled.

"You think that it can happen?" She asked with her mouth full.

"Maybe. Anything is possible" I smiled.
"Good. And who are you going to the dance with?" She asked.

"Harry." I answered with a smile. 

She smiled at herself and giggled.

"What's so funny?"
"Can I say something?" She asked. "Cource" I replied.
"Harry is hot!" She bursted out while hiding her blushing face.

"Yea he is" I laughed.
After Gabby and I finished our one-on-one conversation my mother had joined with us at the dinning table. She told us of how important the call was and asked of how the food was.   

"So what are some plans for today?" She asked.

"Well I was wondering if I could go over Sabina's house?" Gabby asked my mom. My mom nodded as she looked over towards me.

"You?" She asked, raising her eyebrow.

"Some of my friends and I were going to go to the mall and buy some dresses for the dance." I answered about to take another bite of my food.

"And who are they?" My mother asked suspiciously.

"Jasmine and Zoe." I answered. My mom simply nodded. We all continued eating while Gabby talked about her 'band dream' to mother.                           

<><><><><>3 hours later<><><><><> 

Jasmine and Zoe had picked me up and we were driving to the mall.

"So how are things with you and my brother?" Jasmine asked. "Couldn't be better" I answered.

"That's good. You know he hasn't stopped talking about you since I found out about you two" Jasmine explained while I was trying to hide the fact that I was blushing.

"So do you have any ideas for a dress?" Zoe asked both Jasmine and I.

"I have one" Jasmine answered, looking for a parking space.

"Um..I don't really know. I never been to a dance, or had someone to go with. So I guess you girls can be my dress judges?" I said getting out of the car.

"Yay!" Jasmine and Zoe clapped in excitement.

"I know what Harry likes on a girl" Jasmine said as we passed the mall doors.

"And I am really great in choosing outfits" Zoe added.
"Alright then. Lets go by us our dresses!" I said in excitement. 

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